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Welcome to Seafield Class

Welcome to Seafield Class, collectively known as The Seafielders! We are creative, friendly and are always keen to share our ideas. We are taught by Mr Genders, Mrs Allen and Mrs Hickin.

Origami bookmarks.

Team Building.


Last day

What a wonderful term we have had ,lots of learning, new adventures and exciting things to look forward to in the future.

A huge good luck at Middle school to our amazing Year 4 Leavers, and to our Year 3's have a great time in Year 4.

We hope you all have a happy, and safe summer holiday .

Wellbeing Week

Wow! What a busy well-being week we have had. We’ve enjoyed strutting our stuff and perfecting tumbles and flips with the dance and tumble track , whilst in PHSE we thought of ways to overcome anxieties and worries linked to our class text. Sports Day was great fun and Mrs Allen was very impressed with our team spirit and resilience when competing. Year 3 completed their final Swimming session, they have showed great maturity and ambition throughout. Mr Adams really enjoyed taking the children for physical theatre on Wednesday afternoon and we were also WOW-ed by their great supportive attitude and wonderful enthusiasm whilst using the climbing wall. We then ended the week with a wonderful whole school ramble.                                                    

Coding and Touch Typing

As part of our computers this half term, Seafielders have been using coding to solve problems and create a range motions, looks and events. The children followed some steps, tested often and had fun 'tinkering' and 'experimenting'. We were really impressed with how the children collaborated and supported each other.

The children have also been using a range of software to help develop their touch typing fluency. Thinking carefully about where to rest their fingers and the keys within the 'Home Row'.

Maths Investigations

As part of this terms maths topic, the children have been converting measurements, planning and designing our own floorplans and using these to discover perimeters. We've also had fun using precisely measured shapes to create our own mathematical artwork.

Investigating Magnets and Static Electricity in science

We literally had a hair raising experience using balloons to investigate static electricity , we learnt all about positive and negative ions and charge and designed a simple experiment to make paper move.

Meanwhile the Year 3 children investigated the question "Is the largest magnet the strongest ? "



Molly's Winning Football Kit

We’re delighted to share that Molly's kit competition winning design has now been turned into an actual kit by AU Sport. Molly’s design was so good that Lioness Girls Football decided to sponsor her design. A big thanks to all those who voted for Molly's design back in the summer.

We had fun in class mocking up a photo of Molly receiving her kit. (Thanks to Remy for donning a moustache for our photo).

Design Technology- Our Healthy Energy Bars

We put our food technology skills to the test after sampling several energy bars out in the shops at the moment ,we decided to create our own .

We chose to make a low sugar healthy energy bar ,researched the nutritional value of lots of different foods in our science lessons, and then picked our ingredients and created  names for our new bars.

After chopping, slicing, mixing, and combining they were ready for setting in the fridge.

Finally it was time for our favourite part -TASTING and scoring our bars.

Times Table Games

We have had fun thinking up some possible game ideas to help make learning our weekly times tables even more varied. The children had a go at playing '4 in a Row', a copy of this game has been attached for you to adapt and play at home.

Biography Writing (First up Julia Donaldson)

In preparation for our exciting whole school trip to the Cinema next week, the children have begun to research children's author, Julia Donaldson. The children enjoyed sharing ideas as a class and then using the Chromebooks find out additional information. As part of our computing lesson we talked about evaluating reliable sources. All our information was discovered her official website:

Remembrance Poetry - 11.11.2022

As part of this terms topic, Seafielders have really wowed the staff with their wonderful poetry ideas. Using this short animation as our reference, the children spent time planning and considering what makes effective poetry and used a range of poetic tools such as: personification, onomatopoeias, similes and alliteration to create some thought provoking and emotive poem verses.

They then performed their poetry to the rest of the class. Here is a beautiful example by Molly:


Joyful like a poppy,

Flowers growing in the light.

Trees growing in the wind,

Poppies peering from the ground.


The last snippet of light disperses,

The frantic murk taking over.

Heart-breaking souls in the dark,

Bombs crashing in the wind.


Kind, respectful snails,

Colourful, pretty flowers.

Green trees hovering in the wind.

Poppies stretching for the sky.

Times Table Mountain Climb

After only a couple of weeks practise it's great to see the progress that the class are making up the ‘Times Table Mountain Climb’. Some of the children have already completed several camps and it's great to hear about all the different and creative ways that the times tables are being learnt at home. 

Buddy Reading

It was great fun meeting up with Cherry Class today, as we begin our weekly opportunity to share stories with the younger class. This gives all the children a chance to share their comprehension skills and build strong positive relationships with books. Holly really impressed us with her vivid, animated and engaging re-telling of her book. We have also linked these Beoley Bookworm sessions to our monthly value by range of books around the theme. This month we are looking at courage, so it was a great opportunity to share 'The Lion Inside' by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. You can listen a reading of this story here: The Lion Inside

Letter Writing

We have had fun planning, drafting, writing (adding a little pizzazz) and posting our celebrity letters. Hopefully our classroom will soon be awash with replies from serious A-listers. Keep an eye on this post to check for any replies.

Wellbeing week 4th -8th July 2022

Shelter Building

Stressbox Training

Redpoint Climbing Tower

Sports Day

SJ Academy -Dance and tumble track


Seafield Scientists

Year 4 had a hair raising experience whilst investigating static electricity in our latest investigation.

We had to devise a hypothesis, create an investigation then use prediction and observation skills before recording our results.


Meanwhile Year 3 children challenged each other to see who could attract the longest string of paperclips to their magnet. The results led us to consider why? and how?, before finally devising our own magnet strength  investigation.

Ukelele Lessons

We are really enjoying learning the ukelele, we are learning the basic chords and harmonies and playing together in time.

Writing Together

Inspired by our class book, Brain Freeze, the children have  been collaboratively drafting sentences ensuring that they included varied and rich vocabulary. The final pieces were then performed and we were amazed.

Analogue and Digital Clocks

With the help of some very special guest teachers, Seafield Class have been investigating time. We created some useful resources, worked collaboratively to support each other as well as used the new Chromebooks to access a range of online games to support our learning. Some of these games have been added to the 'Websites' section of our class page.

Symmetrical Portraits

We’ve enjoyed using the school’s new Chromebooks and combined our computer skills with maths and art to create some hilarious symmetrical portraits. We were really impressed with how they look and we had a lot of fun sharing them with the whole class.


This week's PSHE lesson was all about friendship, which is also our value of the month. The class considered the qualities of each other and then had lots of fun secretly writing words to describe one another. There was a lovely reaction from all the children when they got to read all the positive things that their friends had written about them.

Malvern Residential

Year 4 had such an amazing time at Malvern before half term , that they have spent some time this week reflecting on their experiences and the skills that they learnt.

Below is a summary of their memories.



Favourite activity

The Zip wire because it was fab and made me scream with fear at the same time.

Getting onto the quad pole platform and standing up there for 20 minutes .

The climbing wall because I reached the top.

The zip wire because it was a fantastic view.

Being lowered from a tree in the high bridges activity.

Funniest moment

In the dark tunnel it was so black and I fell flat on my face.

Seeing everyone in their red telly Tubby suits .

S leading her partner in the blind trail saying “follow the wiggle “

Laughing my head off all the way down the zip wire .

Most difficult part

Blind trail as we had to rely on our partner steering us in the right direction sometimes with hilarious results.

Finding my way out of the pitch black tunnel.

Problem solving because it as mind wracking.

Getting to sleep because of the different noises and the excitement.

Overcoming my fear of heights and tight spaces .

Scariest moment

On the hills at night when it was so dark .

Getting the dormitory ready for inspection.

Whizzing down the zip wire as it was soo high.

Skills we needed

Climbing skills, strength and bravery.

It is ok to be nervous but still persevere, share my ideas and look out for other people.

What we have learnt

That if you challenge yourself it can be fun as I improved my climbing on the second go.

Perseverance and bravery because almost everything was difficult.

Bravery, strength and courage –OP

To make my own sandwiches-SB

Favourite activity

The Zip wire because it was fab and made me scream with fear at the same time.

Getting onto the quad pole platform and standing up there for 20 minutes .

The climbing wall because I reached the top.

Funniest moment

The zip wire because it was a fantastic view.

Being lowered from a tree in the high bridges activity.

In the dark tunnel it was so black and I fell flat on my face.

Seeing everyone in their red telly Tubby suits .

S leading her partner in the blind trail saying “follow the wiggle “

Laughing my head off all the way down the zip wire .

Most difficult part

Blind trail as we had to rely on our partner steering us in the right direction sometimes with hilarious results.

Finding my way out of the pitch black tunnel.

Problem solving because it as mind wracking.

Getting to sleep because of the different noises and the excitement.

Overcoming my fear of heights and tight spaces .

Scariest moment

On the hills at night when it was so dark .

Getting the dormitory ready for inspection.

Whizzing down the zip wire as it was soo high.

Skills we needed

Climbing skills, strength and bravery.

It is ok to be nervous but still persevere, share my ideas and look out for other people.

What we have learnt

That if you challenge yourself it can be fun as I improved my climbing on the second go.

Perseverance and bravery because almost everything was difficult.

Bravery, strength and courage.

To make my own sandwiches.

Meet the author: Tom Fletcher

In preparation for our new class text, ‘Brain Freeze’ by Tom Fletcher (who has currently swapped writing for the samba, as he’s a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing) we’ve been watching his dances, using our paddles to give him scores and then writing our own judges critiques (most of it was very positive).

We've also had fun drawing his portrait and finding out facts about him. We're really looking forward to reading his book next week.

A Wasps Nest

After a member of class brought in a wasps nest to share, Mrs Marshall kindly talked to the class about how it is constructed. We found out that wasps are common throughout Britain. They are social insects forming colonies inside nests specially constructed in soil, barks, roof spaces and in cavities in trees and walls.

Year 4 - Malvern Residential

Year 4 had a wonderful time on their residential trip to Malvern. All the staff were extremely proud of them. The children will be updating the website after half-term with more photos and tales of their adventures.

Static Electricity Experiment

Year 3's found out that when you run a balloon through your hair, invisible electrons (with a negative charge) build up on the surface of the balloon. This electrons have the power to pull light objects (with a positive charge towards them. We tried it out with aluminium cans. We had fun class races and carried out an investigation to see if the size of the balloon would change the power of the pull.

Andy Warhol Collage

Year 3 children have been busy creating some incredible Andy Warhol inspired artwork. Inspired by the Campbell's Soup cans, the children drew detailed pictures which they then built up with coloured paper to create the screen printing effect that he uses. We really liked how the artwork looked as a collaborative piece.

Roy Lichtenstein Artwork

Whaam! Blam! Boom!... Seafielders have had a fun art day studying American pop-artist, Roy Lichtenstein, and creating some comic book style onomatopoeias. The children began by using their stencils to create a page of Ben-Day dots. They then used coloured paper to build up layers that including bold letters and fancy shapes.

The children then discovered some facts about the artist and created their own fact file in their sketchbook

Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference between these two pop art photos?

Gratitude Poetry

This week the class has created their own poems based on ‘Gratitude’. The children thought carefully about things that they are thankful for and linked these ideas to the five senses to create some detailed planning. They then used repetition and personification to create some very emotive, three verse poems. The class will be sharing these poems at the school’s Harvest service, next week.

Inverse Operations

We have been creating number sentence jigsaws to help us use inverse operations to solve tricky division facts.

Writer of the Week

Each week Seafield Class will pick a writer of the week. Their work will then be displayed proudly on the class door for the whole school to see. We have been so impressed with the quality of writing that some week’s we’ve “cheated” and awarded more than one winner.

We already had eight winners of the award, and they were given for many different reasons; one produced some side-splittingly funny alliteration to hook the reader whilst another used their planning brilliantly to help draft and create an emotive poem.

Mr Veness at the London Marathon

Seafield Class are hugely proud of Mr Veness, who ran in the London Marathon last weekend whilst raising money for Primrose Hospice. Mr Veness, who teaches our class PE, is a huge music fan so as Dave Grohl would say, “There goes my hero!”

Times Table Mountain Climb

Today we began our ‘Times Table Mountain Climb’, which allows children the opportunities to progress up Mount Seafield as they confidently complete their weekly times tables.

Beoley Bookworms

The day begins with our ‘Beoley Bookworm’ activities which are fun, engaging and get our brains working. Here are some of the tasks that we do every week:

  • Spell ‘n’ Roll – A spelling game which lets the class practise, write and check a range of different spellings in fun and silly ways, like; with their eyes closed or as fast as they can.
  • Handwriting – Children create jokes thinking carefully about how they are forming each letter. Although, some of the children are not happy about Mr Genders’ terrible joke choice.
  • Comprehension – A short reading task followed by a chance to answer some questions and complete a short grammar task.
  • First News – Each week, with Mr Genders, we will share and discuss a range of news stories from the latest issue of First News. Recently we discovered the world record for the most ice-cream scoops balanced on a single cone.
  • Reading Hidey-Hole – Each week every child will have the chance to visit the ‘Reading Hidey-Hole’ and read one-to-one with Mrs Hickin. 

What's in the News?

The class have been sharing news stories from different issues of First News, in the process they have found out about world records, green dogs and US Open champion, Emma Raducanu.

They've then been researching the different features that are needed to make a good article, in preparation for an exciting class project that we'll be revealing soon. WATCH THIS SPACE.

Mr Genders' Dirty Beard

Inspired by an extract from Roald Dahl's, 'The Twits' the class has been busy using alliteration to describe some of the disgusting things that might be found hiding in Mr Genders' beard. The children thought there might be; horrid ham, soggy sardines, foul fish and decaying Double Deckers.

Note: Mr Genders would like to reassure you that his beard is washed daily, unlike Mr Twit's.

Welcome Back

It's been great to see familiar and new faces in the class this week. We are also very lucky to welcome Mrs Hickin as an official Seafielder this year as well.

All the adults have been so impressed with the great attitude and effort that the class has shown.

Year 4 Leavers Assembly

We were lucky that the weather enabled us to have a whole school socially distanced assembly to celebrate our leavers' time at Beoley. Each child had prepared a script of their favourite memories of school life and the staff were VERY  impressed at how eloquently they  shared their memories.

We laughed at the funny anecdotes and enjoyed singing our chosen songs "Best Time of our Lives" and "The Final Countdown".

Good Luck Year 4 Mrs Allen and Mr Genders will miss you, but know that you will continue to be amazing at your Middle Schools.

Have a great summer everyone.

Well Being Week

Wow what an amazing week we had starting with the daily mile and an orienteering challenge in teams.

The week continued with sports day, mindfulness colouring for Brighter Beginnings Eco Project, creating new and imaginative games with our playground equipment as well as lots of PSHE work about how our wonderful school grounds help our health and well being.

Boccia and Archery with Mr Veness

Jump Rope UK Skipping Workshop

The Climbing Wall

Our resilience, determination, climbing skills and  a few nerves were put to the test on Thursday when we conquered the climbing wall. Some of us even surprised ourselves with our fearless skills!

Bishops Wood Trip

We had a fabulous time on the trip, learning lots of woodland survival skills. If we are ever stranded Mrs Allen would feel very confident with our abilities to provide shelter food and water.

Year 4 Bike ability

Year 4's were very excited to bring their bikes into school before the holidays to take part in Bikeability training.

Our Sports Premium Budget funded the training for this really valuable skill and all of the children did really well and had a lot of fun along the way. The instructors were super impressed with the children's skills and determination.

Georges Seurat Inspired Portraits 

We have begun the painstaking process of creating some portrait silhouettes inspired by the French pointillism artist, Georges Seurat. This involved applying hundreds (possibly thousands) of coloured dots to the paper to generate different patterns and images.

A Midsummer Night's Dream 

We have had lots of fun during our 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' English topic. Which led to the class writing some beautifully emotive pieces of descriptive writing from a characters perspective. Here is just one:


As I awoke from my slumber the sound of children laughing and glistening dancing dandelions had disappeared out of nowhere. A sad, emotional, never-ending darkness followed me.

As I moved forward I stepped into crumbly soil and little wild flowers.

Trees seemed to point spears at me, as they whispered, “wither wander you?”

Nervous. Puzzled. Why was Lysander gone?


We have been used our inference skills to interpret some of the Shakespearean text, as well as playing games based around Batman and Yoda.


Mr Genders, Mrs Allen and even Mrs Sweeney and Mr Irving have all enjoyed being part of the lessons and have been wowed by out contributions, understanding and quality of writing.

Y4's Ukulele

Year 4 are very lucky to have started their ukulele music lessons with Mrs Jones and Mrs Marshall. We are looking forward to listening to the piece of music they have been working on at the end of term.

Our New 'Writer's of the Week'.

Well done to our most recent writer of the week's who all created some brilliantly narrative writing based on 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

Shakespearean Insults 

We have had lots of fun introducing Shakespearean language and creating our own humorous insults, which led to having an "insult-off". The winning team were able to fire their insults at Mr Genders.

Writer of the Week

Well done for writing some brilliantly funny April Fool's ideas.

We Love Books

Check out some of the work that we created on, The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine. The book that we have reading as a class. We thought the book was hilarious with quite dark humour and some unexpected twists.

Writer of the Week

Well done for producing a wonderfully descriptive diary entry in the style of author, Anne Fine.

Creating Foodie Characters

We have really enjoyed reading "When Jelly had a Wobble "by Michelle Robinson. It inspired us to think about situations that may make us a little anxious and how we overcome this, and also inspired us to create some fantastic foodie characters and write our own stories based around them.

Mrs Allen was VERY impressed with our work.

Mayhem at the Vet's

Mr Genders has been truly WOW-ed by the quality of writing this week. The children have been expanding on some ideas in 'The Diary of a Killer Cat', and producing some wonderful narrative pieces of writing entitled, 'Mayhem at the Vet's'. The children were really keen to share their ideas with the rest of the class and it was a joy to listen to them read and perform their work with such pride. We will be posting copies of all the stories to Anne Fine, the author of the book.



Solving Problems

Year 4 have been busy solving correspondence problems that involve multiplying and dividing groups. They have also been using branch diagrams to help find possible combinations.

Cubism Portraits

As part of 'The Great Big Art Exhibition', we have created some cubist inspired, silly, self portraits. We looked at the work of Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso and used mainly geometric shapes to create these distorted images. We then held a private viewing of our exhibition before it was open to the public at the end of the school day. We loved how the portraits turned out but all agreed that they work brilliantly collectively.

Tricky Maths

Mr Genders has been really impressed with the maths work this week, as the children had a go at solving tricky multiplications including 777 x 7. They showed great resilience and we had several 'lightbulb' moments.

The Diary of a Killer Cat

The children have really enjoyed starting our new text, The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine. We have been busy creating character profiles, predicting what scenarios might occur and even creating some fun imaginary interviews with the author.

Happy to be back

We are all very happy to be back together in a busy classroom. It has been lovely to see our friends and teachers again and to hear everyone sharing such great ideas as well as a few laughs along the way.

We have been exploring our new class playtime equipment, and having great fun inventing new games to play together.

Parthenon Designers

This week we enjoyed finding out about Ancient Greek architecture and researched facts about The Parthenon.
Our research continued with a Parthenon inspired STEM challenge and then we designed our own temples in a similar style.

Look out for our construction work here next week!

Writing Competition Winners

Mrs Allen and Mr Genders are really proud to announce that we won a recent writing competition against a Year 5 Class from a school in Derbyshire. All the children were challenged to create a description of Medusa.

Birmingham based head teacher, Mr Harrison who judged the competition said, "I am really impressed with the quality of all the writing that I have read. All of them used lovely figurative language and exciting adjectives, well done."

We've already discussed having a re-match in the new year.

Greek Theatre Masks

We have continued work on Ancient Greece, a topic that we are really enjoying. This week we learnt about the myth of, 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. This led to us looking at the origins of Greek theatre masks, which resulted in a messy art day, where we have begun to create our own papier-mâché designs. They are currently drying, so we'll be sure to share them with you once we've finished.

Feelings in Dance

In P.E., Mr Veness helped us to create dances based on feelings about events this year, he was extremely impressed with out motifs and transitions.

Marvellous Mirrors

In science this week we have been very inquisitive in our  investigations with  mirrors and predicted how the number of reflections would change depending on the angle of the mirrors.

WE had some very interesting theories as to why this occured.

Daily 10

This week we have been using the online game, 'Daily 10' to help us recall number facts at pace. We also talked about how this game, along with Times Table Rock Stars could be adapted so that we aren't spending too long looking at computer screens.

Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa

This week we have begin studying the Greek myth, 'Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa'. The class have really enjoyed learning about the gods and beast in the story and have produced a wide range of wonderful writing.

We've also accepted a writing challenge from a Year 5 class based in a different county. Mr Genders' old colleague, who works at a primary school in Derbyshire, has also been studying 'Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa', and they've decided that they'd have a writing competition to see which class could write the best character description. Check out the website next week to find out which class won.

Seafield Scientists

This week we took our science investigation outdoors to focus our skills on predicting and recording.

We enjoyed finding the lightest and darkest places in our school grounds and measuring the amount of light  using data loggers.

We were surprised with some results as they were not always as we predicted.

Back in the classroom we enjoyed creating our own theories for some of our alternative results.

Remembrance and Rev. Irving

We were lucky enough to have a virtual class assembly with Rev. Irving. The theme was the importance of remembrance and he shared some thought provoking ideas with the class. We also enjoyed contributing to a whole school piece of artwork for Remembrance Day.

Georgia O'Keeffe Fact Files

As part of this week's art lesson, we've been finding out more information about Georgie O'Keeffe, and then creating out own fact files in our sketchbooks.

Did you know that 'White Flower No.1' (pictured below), painted in 1932 was sold for £33.6million in 2014 which made her the most expensive female artist ever. You can find out more information on Georgia O'Keeffe at the Tate Kids website.

Our Virtual Archery Competition

This week Mr Veness has been training us up for an virtual archery competition against Abbeywood. We'll be sure to share the results with you next week.

Georgia O'Keeffe inspired Poppies

After beginning to look at the work American artist, Georgia O'Keeffe we created our own artwork inspired by her incredible paintings. We sketched our designs then used watercolours and oil pastels to create some beautiful poppies, thinking carefully about the hue, shade, tint and tone within our designs.


This week we were inspired by reading the poem "Keep the Faith" by Moina Michael.

After reading and discussing the powerful vocabulary we composed our own class war poem.

Mrs Allen was very impressed with our powerful vocabulary and images.

We also tried some silhouette artwork to depict a soldier on the battlefield, and discussed the reasons why we feel it is important to remember.

The Battlefield


Blood, dark and drippy oozing everywhere.

Enemies firing guns, and bullets gliding through the air.

People screaming in battle,

Engines beating a terrible tune.


Stinky, disgusting mud and misty smoke.

Bombs making ravines in the earth.

Helmets and boots spattered and soggy in the ravine.


Scared of never going home.

Sad and emotional amidst all the madness.

We remember the soldiers who died for us.

Remember to wear your poppy.

Lest we forget.


By Seafield Class

Maths Games

Some of the Year 4 children learnt how to play some card games that will help them with their adding and subtracting at speed. You can find a copy of the games in the useful information section of our page.

The Twits 

The class have been enjoying watching Unicorn Theatre's theatrical readimg of Rolad Dahl's much-loved 'The Twits'. Here is a link if you'd like to watch the performances at home:

Unicorn Theatre - The reading of The Twits.

Harvest celebrations in Class

We were thinking about the meaning of Harvest and how it has been recognised and celebrated over the years in the UK and overseas.

We decided to show our thanks for the food that we have by writing Harvest acrostic poems and then took turns to read our poems aloud in our class celebration.


Science Decaying Teeth Results

We were very excited to observe our investigation this week and found out that despite most of us predicting that Coca Cola would cause the most decay on our "egg shell teeth", it was in fact vinegar which dissolved the shell completely leaving only a membrane.

We then continued to investigate the different types of teeth and their functions by creating them ourselves with our own individual bags of playdough.

Mrs Allen was very impressed at our different interpretations and how well we all knew the names and functions by the end of the lesson.

Seafield Shooting Skills

We were practising and perfecting our dribbling and shooting skills using hockey sticks this week.

Mrs Taylor said we were all really good and very competitive trying to score goals. The England team may need to watch out!

Seafield Scientists

Back in the classroom we were thinking about our teeth and designed an investigation to find out which liquids cause the most tooth decay. Instead of our own teeth we used egg shells to test with different liquids. We will update you next week with the results.

To Our Friends in Cherry Class

After being recommended a book, by Cherry Class, for one of our class assemblies, one of the children suggested that we posted them a little 'thank you' letter through their class door.

Steve Backshall Letter

This week we received yet another reply from the letters that we wrote a few weeks ago. A lovely reply from nature presenter, Steve Backshall. The recipient of the letter was so excited look at how they opened the envelope.

Monster Performances

The staff were really impressed with the wonderful monster descriptions that Seafield Class created this week. We were able to share and perform our writing to our friends and then discussed ways to perform them to an audience to bring the writing to life.

Telling the Time

We have been looking at telling the time with even more confidence, looking at a variety of skills including; converting from analogue to digital, past and to, comparing 12-hour and 24-hour clocks as well as solving tricky time problems.

Do Not Enter The Monster Zoo

We had lots of fun reading Amy Sparks and Sara Ogilive's wonderful picture book, 'Do Not Enter The Monster Zoo'. We then used the format of the book to plan and write our own stories. We even planned a whole class story, which very quickly had lots of similarities to Jurassic Park (except for the T-rex liked to play fetch with a beach ball).

Next week we are looking forward to re-visiting the original story and creating descriptions for our own devious monsters. We will share some of them on here.

PSHE - Acts of Kindness

As part of our weekly PSHE lesson, we gifted each of the other classes a picture book. Check out the three books that we gave below. Later in the week we then received a wonderful package from Cherry Class with lots of thank you letters and wonderful drawings.

Our Morning Beoley Bookworms Activities

Mr Genders couldn't resist making a little nod to Aston Villa during this week's Beoley Bookworm activities, following their impressive 7-2 victory over Liverpool last Sunday. He has promised to not to mention it again, which will no doubt please some of the Liverpool supporters in the class.

Celebrity Letters

WOW! We only posted our 'celebrity letters' out last week, but we've already had some replies. Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, Rowan Atkinson and national treasure, Captain Sir Tom Moore a have all sent lovely replies. Mr Genders is still eagerly anticipating his reply from Andy Day (maybe he's on another adventure?)

Blind Contour Drawing

As part of our topic work, we've been looking at how to locate Beoley on a map. We've also been having a go a creating our own blind contour drawings (drawing without looking at the page) of the UK. Check out this wonderful effort:

Amazing Body Science

We were amazed and slightly disgusted to recreate the digestive process in our science investigation this week .It was yucky but helped us learn about what happens to our food after we've eaten!

Meanwhile the Year 3 children were learning all about bones and joints and even made a 3D model of a bony hand.

Letter writing

Celebrities such as Boris Johnson, Rowan Atkinson and Julia Donaldson can all expect a flurry of post this week, as we planned, drafted and re-wrote some letters to our chosen recipients. We then took a short class trip to our local post pox to post them all. We'll let you know if we get any replies.

Speech Marks.

We have had fun learning about using speech marks accurately within our writing, withe the help of Vicky and Captain Troy. Vicky didn't have a great day at work:

"I didn't mean for you to burn the planet down while I was getting lunch!" yelled Troy.

"Relax," muttered Vicky.

Crossnumber Challenge

Some of the Year 4 children have been introduced to 'Crossnumbers' to help with their times table knowledge. They have been solving puzzles and creating their own, these will be used to challenge the rest of the class over the coming weeks.

Leah enjoyed it so much she requested that we put a blank template on this page so that you can download and create one at home. Enjoy!

Roman Numeral Puzzles

Some of Seafield Class have been working through some Roman Numeral jigsaws to test their ever growing understanding. We were amazed at how quickly some children were able to solve them.

Active Grammar

We had great fun revising our understanding of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs by taking part in team relays to collect and create one of each and then create a team silly sentence  

Story settings inspired by "The Journey"

We enjoyed creating fantasy settings inspired by one of our focuses texts "The Journey" by Aaron Becker.

Describing Grandma

We've been having lots of fun creating horrible descriptions of Grandma from Roald Dahl's, George's Marvellous Medicine. We used a rich range of vocabulary to describe how she looks, sounds and smells. We then shared our writing with the rest of the class. Ben's performance was really entertaining. We laughed lots.

Here's an extract from his writing:

'The wicked old hag sat cruelly sipping her tea, grinning at George. She created a horrid aroma which spread like putting a chunk of butter on a piece of toast.'

We also took part in some hot-seating. Children had the opportunity to pretend they were Grandma, answering question from the rest of the class.

Roman Numerals

We have begun to read and record Roman Numerals in class. Can you solve some of these tricky questions?

a. II + V =

b. XII - IX =

c. XX - V =

d. XXXIV =

e. MMXX =

Beoley Positivity Games

What a fantastic day we had ,running ,jumping,throwing,and using our football and hockey skills to compete in our teams for the positivity games.

We surprised ourselves with our stamina and sports skills and we enjoyed commending and supporting our team mates for their hard work.

Back in the classroom we created positivity self talk flowers and collaborated to make a poster of  helpful ideas for when things don't always go as well.

Welcome to Seafield Class

It's been great being back in school and seeing all the wonderful smiling faces in the classroom. We have been working really hard already. In maths we have been working through independent tasks, playing games and using craft to help us with our place value.

In English we have begun our class text of 'George's Marvellous Medicine', we used the outdoor space to help us share some exciting vocabulary about George's nasty Grandma.

We've also been looking at alliteration and having a go at performing some tongue-twisters (Mr Genders wasn't very good at them!) Why don't you have a go? To get the full effect of tongue twisters you should repeat them several times, as quickly as possible, without stumbling or mispronouncing. Good luck!

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
Where's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?

We've also begun to create some artwork inspired by this piece by Italian artist, Guiseppe Penone. We can't wait to share some of the completed piece with you.

Happy Mother's Day

We revisited a project that we started in September, when we had a go at redesigning famous album covers for David Litchfield's 'The Bear and the Piano'. We used this idea to help us create some album cover inspired Mother's Day cards. An idea which was originally created by an online charity art group, that Mr Genders has previously worked with.

To say thanks for letting us 'borrow' the idea, we have made a donation to the Redditch Foodbank on behalf of Seafield Class. Happy Mother's Day.

Fantastic Fractions

Mrs Taylor visited our class this week, and the children were able to WOW her with their impressive adding of fractions. They are now able to confidently add fractions with the same denominator as well as beginning to add fractions with different denominators.

Ancient Egyptians

We were historical detectives this week looking at a variety of unusual artefacts to find evidence of the past. We correctly worked out that the link was Egypt and so we kick started our new exciting topic!

We worked on maps of Ancient Egypt, chronologically ordered a timeline and created reference grids detailing the facts we had found out from different artefacts.

Finally our problem solving skills were inspired by the Pyramids of Giza when we had a STEM challenge to find the best way of making a strong pyramid. We tested paper, sticks and dough, Lego and sugar cubes. Check out our photos to see how we did.

Congratulations Grace

We are really proud to reveal that Reverend Irving has notified us that Grace was the overall winner of the recent 'Snowdrop Weekend Story' that was run by at St.Leonard’s Church.

Chess Club

We have enjoyed lots of very busy lunchtime chess club's this term. Mr Genders has particularly enjoyed games against Ashton, Ryley, Daniel and Thomas.

Maths Challenge
We continue to have an lively, active and creative approach to maths. We have enjoyed challenging each other with true and false fraction statements.

Drawing Masterclass

Inspired by the whole school draw-a-long session at the end of last week, Freya and Ryley led two drawing masterclasses within Seafiled. Ryley taught the class to draw Jim Field's 'Oi Goat' whil Freya taught us to draw this incredible parrot. Check it out:

Forge Mill Textile Group

Year 4 children have begun their long term project with Forge Mill Textile Group this week. The children began by getting to know the members of the group and then were taught some ways to create custom made textiles which they will stitch in next time. The children can't wait to meet up again at the end of February.

TT Rock Stars

Seafield have launched 'Times Table Rock Stars' this week, a fantastic online way to develop knowledge of times tables and division facts. Times tables are recognised as essential to access many mathematical concepts and knowledge.

When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations. Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help children master the times tables.

The children have really enjoyed creating their own avatars and now fully equipped with their login details for weekly sessions in school and regular practise at home.

Fraction Fight

We have been showing off our wonderful understanding of fractions this week, this started with some 'Fraction Fighting' in the hall (don't worry it's a game). Keep an eye out on the playground in the coming weeks as we'll be filling them with equivalent fractions.

The Great Beoley Bake Off

We were hugely impressed with Cherry Class this week, as they taught us how to create some delicious Christmas biscuits. The Year 1 children took the full lead during this process and the results were scrumptious.

12th December - Election Day

To coincide with the General Election, and as part of our ongoing work in promoting ’British Values’, we organised a timely vote for a range of  children’s picture books.  Advocates from Seafield Class delivered  speeches to promote several books and a secret ballot was held to promote some key aspects of democracy.  Congratulations to Emma Yarlett (author and illustrator) whose book   ‘Dragon Post’ was a clear favourite amongst our pupils.  Emma Yarlett will be written to by Seafield to share this news.


Seafield Class have been working hard researching the Victorians, they then created informative presentations that covered different areas and aspects. Mrs Allen and Mr Genders were really proud with how they then presented their presentations to other classes

Redditch Library Visit

Our trip to Redditch Library with our buddy readers from Cherry Class was a great success. We had a tour of the library, which included an inquisitive trip down into the basement to look at the archive of treasured books and old copies of the Redditch Indicator newspaper; some from two hundred years ago! Hannah read us 'Where The Poppies Now Grow' as part of our Remembrance topic and we had the chance to be creative and discover new books to share with our peers. Make sure you let us know which books you've been borrowing with your library cards! 

Can you remember why you were interested in these books?