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Welcome to Seafield Class

Welcome to Seafield Class! We are creative, friendly and are always keen to share our ideas. We are taught by Mr Genders and Mrs Allen

Happy Mother's Day

We revisited a project that we started in September, when we had a go at redesigning famous album covers for David Litchfield's 'The Bear and the Piano'. We used this idea to help us create some album cover inspired Mother's Day cards. An idea which was originally created by an online charity art group, that Mr Genders has previously worked with.

To say thanks for letting us 'borrow' the idea, we have made a donation to the Redditch Foodbank on behalf of Seafield Class. Happy Mother's Day.

Fantastic Fractions

Mrs Taylor visited our class this week, and the children were able to WOW her with their impressive adding of fractions. They are now able to confidently add fractions with the same denominator as well as beginning to add fractions with different denominators.

Ancient Egyptians

We were historical detectives this week looking at a variety of unusual artefacts to find evidence of the past. We correctly worked out that the link was Egypt and so we kick started our new exciting topic!

We worked on maps of Ancient Egypt, chronologically ordered a timeline and created reference grids detailing the facts we had found out from different artefacts.

Finally our problem solving skills were inspired by the Pyramids of Giza when we had a STEM challenge to find the best way of making a strong pyramid. We tested paper, sticks and dough, Lego and sugar cubes. Check out our photos to see how we did.

Congratulations Grace

We are really proud to reveal that Reverend Irving has notified us that Grace was the overall winner of the recent 'Snowdrop Weekend Story' that was run by at St.Leonard’s Church.

Chess Club

We have enjoyed lots of very busy lunchtime chess club's this term. Mr Genders has particularly enjoyed games against Ashton, Ryley, Daniel and Thomas.

Maths Challenge
We continue to have an lively, active and creative approach to maths. We have enjoyed challenging each other with true and false fraction statements.

Drawing Masterclass

Inspired by the whole school draw-a-long session at the end of last week, Freya and Ryley led two drawing masterclasses within Seafiled. Ryley taught the class to draw Jim Field's 'Oi Goat' whil Freya taught us to draw this incredible parrot. Check it out:

Forge Mill Textile Group

Year 4 children have begun their long term project with Forge Mill Textile Group this week. The children began by getting to know the members of the group and then were taught some ways to create custom made textiles which they will stitch in next time. The children can't wait to meet up again at the end of February.

TT Rock Stars

Seafield have launched 'Times Table Rock Stars' this week, a fantastic online way to develop knowledge of times tables and division facts. Times tables are recognised as essential to access many mathematical concepts and knowledge.

When it comes to times tables, speed AND accuracy are important – the more facts your child remembers, the easier it is for them to do harder calculations. Times Table Rock Stars is a fun and challenging programme designed to help children master the times tables.

The children have really enjoyed creating their own avatars and now fully equipped with their login details for weekly sessions in school and regular practise at home.

Fraction Fight

We have been showing off our wonderful understanding of fractions this week, this started with some 'Fraction Fighting' in the hall (don't worry it's a game). Keep an eye out on the playground in the coming weeks as we'll be filling them with equivalent fractions.

The Great Beoley Bake Off

We were hugely impressed with Cherry Class this week, as they taught us how to create some delicious Christmas biscuits. The Year 1 children took the full lead during this process and the results were scrumptious.

12th December - Election Day

To coincide with the General Election, and as part of our ongoing work in promoting ’British Values’, we organised a timely vote for a range of  children’s picture books.  Advocates from Seafield Class delivered  speeches to promote several books and a secret ballot was held to promote some key aspects of democracy.  Congratulations to Emma Yarlett (author and illustrator) whose book   ‘Dragon Post’ was a clear favourite amongst our pupils.  Emma Yarlett will be written to by Seafield to share this news.


Seafield Class have been working hard researching the Victorians, they then created informative presentations that covered different areas and aspects. Mrs Allen and Mr Genders were really proud with how they then presented their presentations to other classes

Redditch Library Visit

Our trip to Redditch Library with our buddy readers from Cherry Class was a great success. We had a tour of the library, which included an inquisitive trip down into the basement to look at the archive of treasured books and old copies of the Redditch Indicator newspaper; some from two hundred years ago! Hannah read us 'Where The Poppies Now Grow' as part of our Remembrance topic and we had the chance to be creative and discover new books to share with our peers. Make sure you let us know which books you've been borrowing with your library cards! 

Can you remember why you were interested in these books?
Our chosen books...


We have been working hard on mastering telling the time over the last couple of weeks. Mr Veness and six Year 4 children led an extremely active lesson where the children became hands on a clock face, to help solve lots of tricky time puzzles.

Chess Book

This week, we have been working together to create a whole class book that teaches you how to play chess. One copy was gifted to Mrs Marshall, who is keen to become a chess 'Grandmaster'.

First News - Newspaper Exchange

To encourage us to read an even wider range of texts, each child in Holt and Seafield Class have been gifted a First News newspaper to keep. These can be read and explored alongside their reading books at home. Children are then able to freely exchange their copy for other issues within class.

Be More Bernard

After sharing the wonderful picture book, 'Be More Bernard', with Cherry Class. We used the story as stimulus to help us celebrate what makes us unique from everybody else, and recognising why it is good to be different.

Active Maths Presentations

We have been using iPads, planning sheets and laptops to create our own active maths games, we then presented all our ideas to Mr Veness.

He was really impressed with the original ideas, as well as the great use of adverbs, imperative verbs and time conjunctions in our writing.

He was asked to choose his favourite, and after much deliberation he finally chose 'Super Hooper' by Tilly and Lucia. You can check out the game by clicking on this link.


We have been learning to play chess in Seafield Class. We have found that it's really good at improving our problem solving skills and our decision making. Although, if you look closely, it doesn't look like it's going very well for Noah B.

Writing to David Litchfield

We were amazed to discover that David Litchfield, the author and illustrator of 'The Bear and the Piano', had been tweeting about our gigantic class letter and song reviews.

His post even got a 'like' from award winning author, Karl Newson. Cherry Class can tell you all about his books, as they've been reading 'I am a Tiger'.

Banksy Inspired Artwork

After Noah T. found a newspaper article about artist, Banksy. We decided to create some graffiti inspired art based on street names in our village.

We also began to debate whether graffiti was art or vandalism. Our class couldn't decide. Some thought that graffiti added colour and interest to boring buildings, while others thought that most of it was ugly and it cost too much money to clean it off public buildings. What do you think?

Planning Poetry

Inspired by Roald Dahl's, 'Dirty Beasts', we've begun to plan and create our own poems. We used a range of picture books to help generate ideas and to help us recognise rhyming couplets. We are really looking forward to sharing these with everyone.

Performing 'Dirty Beasts'

We have really enjoyed rehearsing and then performing some of Roald Dahl's 'Dirty Beasts' poems to Cherry Class. We worked hard to think about we would really entertain and engage our audience.

Symmetrical Portraits

We used our computer skills in mathematics this week to create symmetrical portraits of the whole class. Some of the results were hilarious.

Dance Mat Typing

We have begun to practise or touch typing as part of one of our morning activities. We've discovered that touch typing is the fastest way to write and that many people quickly learn to touch type faster than they can write with a pen.

We have begun by thinking about the home row keys, thinking carefully about the positioning of our fingers. As well has remembering not to rush and rest our wrists on the desk.

Here is the link, for you to practise at home.

The Bear and the Piano

WOW! What a busy first week in Seafield Class. We have really enjoyed sharing books and newspaper articles with each other. After studying David Litchfield's 'The Bear and the Piano' we created imaginary song reviews and a wrote whole class letter which we have sent to him. Look how gigantic it is, we hope we get a reply.