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Our Christmas boxes sent home to share

Christmas Jumper Day


Over the past few weeks we have been exploring our Design Technology topic of Moving Monsters; the children have identified what linkages, pivots, inputs and outputs are within different objects and toys. This week we designed and built our Moving Monsters which took a great deal of resilience and patience to achieve. The children surveyed their designs with each other to establish the which should be constructed and then whilst building it realised the adjustments required in order for it to work and meet the design criteria. 

After reading Hibernation Hotel by John Kelly we had a discussion on Hibernation and bears. We used this interest to complete research and create our own information posters. Have a look at the links below and see what fantastic facts you can find on the different types of bears.

Walter Tull

We have been Historians this week investigating and questioning who is in the image. 

The children asked many questions linked to clues they found in the picture. 


The young man in the picture is Walter Tull, the first black British Officer in the Army. A courageous and talented young man who we researched in class. 


Follow the link below to learn more about him.

Hit the Button

This week we have been reading Winnie and the Midnight Dragon. We love Winnie as a character she is funny and crazy. We have been writing character descriptions, expanding our vocabulary and remembering our sentence structure and handwriting.


Have a read of the book online.


Winnie's Midnight Dragon

Thank you to all those who attended the Reading Inspire Workshop today. If you were unable to attend, please look out for the pack in bookbags.

The Squirrels who Squabbled


Can you think of 5 people you can talk to?

This week we have been revisiting the strategies in school to support us. Children have been able to name adults they can talk to, talking pegs and the 'Stop Rule'. We have also spent time asking the children how they know they are doing well in school. Children discussed the Achievement cards, Beoley Bees and also what successful may look like in their books. Lots of lovely confident discussions. 


We have also spent time going over our Rules when using the technology in school. All children have logged into Edshed to support our assessment and initial vocabulary activities. Please encourage your child to access these free resources at home, they will be part of home learning. Links to websites can be found on our 'Website' pages.


All children have reading books to take home toady. We have selected books for children to confidently read, these will become more challenging over time. We encourage you to comment on reading at home letting us know of difficulties and strengths.  We will hear children read on a Monday when books will be changed. 


Holt Class 'Plastic Pollution' Assembly 


Monday- We started off the week with our bookworm thinking about our friends and what makes them super duper! We created our own Super Duper poster and celebrated our amazing friends. 

We were then part of Sophie James' Dance workshop. We completed a warm up before taking part in a catwalk demonstrating our amazing moves and poses. We ending our session on the tumble track which the children loved! A fantastic start to the week. 

Tuesday- Today was our Sports Day. We started the day talking about how we can keep calm and and recapped strategies to help with achieving the feeling when needed. Our focus in PSHE was encouragement- some of us needed reminding of how amazing we are and that as long as we have a go, we can do it! Children were supportive of their peers during the day and in front of the school community during the event.

Wednesday- Today was all about the climbing wall. The children displayed ambition and resilience as they attempted to climb the wall. All the children had fun and many even climbed further than they did last year. Lovely to hear all the positive signs of encouragement and support. 


Following our INSPIRE workshop and discussion on the schools handwriting scheme. Free resources can be found on the website.

Outdoors- A day in the garden area

In maths, we have returned to the topic of time. Please remember to access the links on the website page to consolidate learning at home.

Yr 3 Science- Rocks and Soil

Yr 3 children have been investigating soil types and the retention of water within them. The children were inquisitive and made connections with what they know. An excellent investigation.

Art work in progress

This term our art theme is collage. Holt class looked at a range of collage pieces and discussed colour texture and media. We then looked at these producing our own piece exploring how we cut/tear and layer. Our work will be working towards a class collage.

Holt Class at the Dance Festival- A great performance, watch this space for a video.

Our new Geography topic is looking at a European country. We have chosen Italy. We have started by looking at our knowledge of continents and oceans using the atlas, globe and google maps.

We discussed new vocabulary before looking at some key information about Italy.

We had a lovely afternoon tasting some food linked to Italy- pasta, pizza, mozzarella and olives.

Another fantastic World Book Day! The children had some lovely costumes and had thought about their adjective. The day was full of wonderful book and word based activities including some team work in the afternoon. 

Parents and relatives were invited into school today to work with children and explore resources linked to times tables. Parents were introduced to strategies and resources we use in school and how these can be accessed at home. The opportunity for parents to work alongside children with staff on hand to answer questions was a positive experience. 

All websites can be found on our class website page.

On Friday 3rd February we took part in Number Day and Dressed up for Digits , all in aid of raising money for the NSPCC. We had a great day and joined in many different number activities  in our school teams. Take a look at our fabulous dressing up outfits.

Here are some of our prayer scrolls we made ,we think that some of them looked like the Torah.

In RE we have been learning about the importance of praying and finding out how and where Jews pray .We have learnt that many of their scared prayers are written in Hebrew, on scrolls. We made some of our own scrolls to record some of our  prayers. We spent time discussing what is a prayer and how people from all faiths pray.

This week we have had been working on our gymnastic skills and sharing our ideas with each other. 

Friday 13th January

Today we had the opportunity to try out the new musical instruments that arrived this week . We are excited to be able to continue building on the knowledge we learnt through playing the ukelele ,with our new glockenspiels.


Following the successful trial of Times table Mountain in Seafield class, we are running the program across Year 3 and Year 2. This will be a scaled down version but with the same format and layout essentially preparing children for the Year 4. Children in Year 2 will work towards their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and Year 3 securing their 2, 5, 10 and then move towards 3, 4 and 8. These are the required times tables as stated in the National Curriculum. The children will have a quiz on a Monday to assess learning and will have a new target set if needed. Further information can be obtained in school.

You can also find online games to help with speed of recall and typing on Top Marks and Times Tables Rockstars (website links on the website page).

Our current maths topic is division- the children are focusing on understanding and applying the correct terminology, building confidence practically and finally recording. I shall be adding some of our favourite activities and games over the next couple of weeks.

Our DT this term has been investigating wheels and axles. We finally finished our egg box cars , each of us created our own design and using our planning sheets detailed all the equipment and tools that would be needed to carry out the task of making it. Take a look at all our creations .

We made many adjustments, as we were building our models, to ensure our eggs had the smoothest ride possible. We spent time evaluating our cars and finding out which was the best and why .

We have been learning the ukulele for ten weeks and had our final lesson today . We decided to share all our hard work with the school by performing a mini concert to Seafield, Moss and Cherry classes. Thank you for coming to watch us ! We loved performing even though we were nervous , but we soon relaxed and started to enjoy ourselves. Thank you to Severn Arts for helping us learn so many new skills and giving us a taste of what it is like to learn an instrument. 

Design Technology

Design Technology

In D.T. we have been designing and making yo-yos. We have learnt many new skills including how to handle woodwork tools. We each had a planning page where we had to list what equipment and  materials we were going to use, and also draw our yo-yo design. We then set to work assembling our yo-yos, using our planning sheet to guide us.  Once we had produced our yo-yos we then had time to play with them and evaluate how successful they were. We shared our toys with each other so we all had a chance to feedback, to find out which yo-yo we thought was the best in the class. We discovered that the length of the string and the distance between the two wooden wheels had a significant impact on the success of our products.

PE Invasion Games

In English we have been looking at the poem In Flanders Field. We began by looking at the vocabulary, finding words which we thought were meaningful or words we did not know the meaning of. We then reflected on what vocabulary or phrases meant something to us and created our own blacked out poetry.

Our discussion took us to poppies and why red? We then explored the different coloured poppies and investigated purple poppies which represent the animals who took part in the war. We researched and explored the different animals and how they helped our armed forces. From carrying first aid to sniffing explosives; from carrying soldiers to pulling arms; from carrying messages between regiments to flying across seas. We found them all very interesting and used this to centre our poetry around. The children pulled on their knowledge and vocabulary to create some wonderful pieces.

Remembrance History

As part of our topic and reflecting on our value this month 'courage', we became historians. Historians ask questions to find information about the past. The children went home and asked questions about relative who fought in the war or volunteered. We had lots of information and old photographs come into school and children relished in the opportunity to celebrate a relatives courage.

It was lovely to have all our parents in to school today, taking part in an INSPIRE Workshop on Reading. The children loved spending time with you, sharing books and developing vocabulary while eating biscuits. Thank you to all the grown ups who attended. I have add the links to the parent page and video links below.

We have been developing our knowledge of place value this term before moving on to addition. Children have been building numbers using a variety of resources including accessing the Base 10 and arrow cards. Having concrete resources has help cement our knowledge before moving on to 2 and 3 digit written calculations.

As part of our Geography project this term 'Our village', we have looked at the human and physical landscapes. Children began with our village and then moved to cover the United Kingdom. We have explored each nation before finding key landmarks deciding if they were physical or human, noticing the affect on our landscapes. 

To our surprise, we then heard a rumour of a petrol station being built on the village hall and car park site. This posed an excellent debate on how this would benefit but also have long term effects on our community and the environment. 

The children created petitions, formed speeches to deliver to their peers and made stickers and posters as part of their 'Stop the Petrol Station' campaign. Children then wrote letters to the local council to express their concerns raising arguments for both sides. 

A HUGE thank you to all who have helped with discussions at home. 


Our Ukulele lessons begin!

Holt Class 2022-23

We have had a fantastic day back in school. We have met our new classmates and found out all about each other's summer. Lots of us made scrapbooks and diaries to show and some of us had postcards from our trips. 

We also had a PSHE session to talk about our Reward cards, Talking Pegs, Beoley Bees and the Stop Rule.

We have all logged on to Edshed and have been reading new books. What a busy start to our new school year! 


This week we had a visit from the Worcestershire Wildlife Fund who spoke to us all about Bees. We were all very interested in the wonderful world of bees and the importance of them for the planet.


What can you do to help?

Our Wellbeing Week was a huge success! From yoga and meditation to dance and climbing all children demonstrated resilience and ambition throughout the week. With Sports Day in the middle, parents had the opportunity to be in school and support all success. A wonderful week in which the children can feel very proud. 

We have been busy this week in preparations for the Queen's Jubilee. We watched a short animated film and wrote the story to go alongside. Following on from our work on portraits, we completed portraits of the Queen. We created chatterboxes to share some of our Queen facts at home. Finally, we finished the week with our very own tea party. The children enjoyed eating cake, making party hats and dancing before finishing with a celebration tree planting in our 'Jubilee Garden'. Thank you everyone who donated cakes and plants. The children had a wonderful afternoon.

Our school trip to Compton Verney was a huge success. The children had a wonderful day exploring portraits, the different galleries and the wonderful grounds. The children were extremely excited to see Mr Gender's art within the exhibition. 


Some of our favourite portraits and exhibits at Compton Verney

This week we took our maths outside. We had a wonderful time exploring measure, measuring in standard and non-standard forms. The children problem solved, predicted and measured with accuracy. Our Year 3 enjoyed similar tasks and developed their knowledge of perimeter. 

Lights On Cotton Rock

Our new text 'Lights on Cotton Rock' by David Litchfield has really got our imagination going! The children have loved the story which has sparked many conversations about space travel and life in outer space. The children have been very creative with expanded noun phrases this week, creating beautiful setting descriptions.

Queen Elizabeth II

As part of our history topic and in preparation for the Platinum Jubilee, we have been researching information about our Queen. We have found out some amazing facts about her whilst creating our own fact file about her Majesty. Watch out for facts!

As part of our work we looked at our own family tree. Children have been busy finding information and asking questions about past family members. We are hearing lovely stories and discussing similarities in generational names.

Our maths topic this week has been on money. Check out the website links for some games to play at home.

This week we have been focusing on time. We checked our understanding of o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Once secure we moved onto reading the time to 5 minute and duration of time. 

This week our topic in maths is Fractions. We have been working out fractions of shape and number finding 1/2 1/3 1/4 and moving to finding equivalent fractions. Great practical work and use of games on Purple Mash and BBC Bitesize. The children have a 2Do on Purple Mash and I have linked Karate Cats Maths below.


This week in Geography we looked at UK landmarks. Some of them we recognised and others we had visited. The children discussed if they were human or physical landmarks before sorting them.


Our optional homework this week was to spot local landmarks. Can you guess which one will be the most popular?

Human or physical landmarks

We had our very own Willy Wonka in school

Holt class had a real treat today when Willy Wonka visited with a special box of treats. The children each chose a treat one of which contained a Golden Ticket! The owner of the ticket must let Willy Wonka know by returning it to school tomorrow and collect their prize. 

Thank you Willy Wonka and your helpers for our treats.

Animals and Habitats

Our topic in Science is Animals and Habitats. We have reminded ourselves of the classification within the animal kingdom and discussed our favourite animal and those endangered. We looked at the website below to find out about each category of animal. 

We then sorted them into habitats. Next week we will look at these habitats and how they are changing over time.

In maths we have been looking at shape, exploring the properties of 2D and 3D. We have been remembering shape names and the correct terminology to describe them. We have also been looking at lines of symmetry with year 2 and angles with year 3. 



Our topic of Romans sparked lots of conversation and links to previous knowledge. We have been busy looking at Roman soldiers, the Empire, buildings and significant people. 

Topic board

This half term the children will be working on Design Technology projects making items with axels, leavers, sliders and wheels. The children will be using a range of tools and skills to create a moving toy. Children will be working in small groups to encourage independence and discussion surrounding design and evaluation.

Hermelin The Detective Mouse

This half term we are using the text Hermelin in our English lessons. The children first had to guess the character and produce ideas of the story context from a selection of clues. The children quickly began to piece together clues and become detectives. 

Our first task was to look at the double spread of Offley Street and see if we could predict what was about to take place.

The children are enjoying the text and we have already produced some great work.


Our history topic this half term is Romans. The children enjoyed using the atlas to find Rome and google earth to look at the buildings of interest. To begin our search for information we first looked at our timeline and how long ago the Roman era was. Then the children searched information text for interesting facts and pictures. 

Year 3 Science

Year 3 finished off the forces topic with a STEM challenge. They had to use their knowledge of forces to get a marble into a cup. Excellent discussion and ideas. The children predicted and recorded information with great detail.


This week we have focused on our school value of Gratitude. We have had long conversations about what we are grateful for and how many children around the world do not have the same experiences as others.

This week our maths focus has been on money. Children have been familiarising themselves with coins and values, making amounts and calculating shopping lists. Excellent work. Try and set up a shop or find some coins for children to calculate. Below is an online game which can be differentiated accordingly. 

This week in maths we are continuing to develop our addition of 2 digit numbers. We have worked hard to master horizontal addition using our knowledge of part/part whole and tens and ones. We have now moved on to column addition. The children again have mastered the method and are currently working on carry over. Have a look at the game link below and try to work out the calculations.

Our History focus is around Walter Tull, the first black British Army Officer. We have been researching his life and found out some very interesting facts. We also thought of questions we might ask Walter Tull if he was alive today.


As part of our PSHE lesson we have been discussing friendships. The children made cards for a friend in the class which was very special, the children said 'it was nice to know they meant so much to someone' and that their' friendship is valued'.

We thought about what made a good friend and created our own 'Friendship keys'. 

This week we began to look at forces. We were introduced new vocabulary and made some excellent predictions in our tasks. To finish we made our own 'magic' using a magnet and a paper plate.

Snap Circuits

Science investigation

Our Science Investigation began with a question. 

Which kitchen cupboard item would be the best at cleaning old coins?

The children were first introduced to a sample of kitchen cupboard items before questioning and predicting which item would work the best.

We had some very logical answers.

'The washing up liquid because it cleans dishes'

'Toothpaste because it keeps our teeth clean'

And some predictions of what might happen.

'The ketchup will make it go red'

The children then placed a dirty coin, all similar in colour into a numbered bowl and a substance was added. We decided it would be best to leave them over night. The results were a surprise. Not all coins were shiny, some became clean but dull and others were patchy. We recorded our results and compared them. We had a think about what could have made a difference to some and not others. The children discussed fair testing. We should measure the substance carefully next time to make sure that each bowl had the same amount. That it would be difficult to know exactly how much dirt is on the coin. Finally we looked at the ingredients in our products and found the ketchup had vinegar in it. This opened further discussion and questions. 

A great couple of days with some inspiring scientists. 

Spider cakes and art

Ready for the half term holidays we made spider cakes. The children helped to write a list of instructions and weigh ingredients for the cakes before decorating them. Each recipe book was filled with clear instructions selecting some wonderful adverbs. The cakes were yummy too!

Maths doubles games

To help develop speed with our doubles we played a '4 in a row' game. The children quickly recalled doubles and notice patterns when it came to doubling 20 or 120.

An excellent activity and one you can do at home. 


Abstract Art