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Today we enjoyed our Beoley Positivity Games. The children and staff enjoyed the physical and  PSHE activities. The day began with some football and hockey dribbling and goal attempts followed by a positive and inspirational video. We discussed our own characters and the strengths we hold. We used these positive words on our own rosettes. 

After lunch we continued with our PSHE and praised our peers in a positive comments activity. After a clam start we were back in the sunshine for our field games which included throwing, running and jumping. 

A fantastic day in the sunshine.

Our new text has been inspired by our Awesome Summer Reading certificates which featured 'There's a Lion in my Cornflakes' by Michelle Robinson. The children loved the story and has got our imagination going. We have already used the book to write sentences and we even created our own cereal packets. We discussed the ingredients in cornflakes and home we wrote these down. 

This week we are thinking about which animal we would like free in our cornflakes. Watch this space for more exciting Holt class news.

There's a Lion in my Cornflakes

Welcome to Holt Class

We have been spending time getting to know our class mates and learning new routines at school. Although some things have changes, the children have returned with lots of enthusiasm and are excited to learn. 

Our first text has been 'The Colour Monster' by Anna LLenas. We found the story helped us to talk about our feelings. We recapped on our talking pegs and other ways we can communicate our feelings at school.

World Book Day 2020 has been full of excitement and fun! We firstly looked at each other's costumes and took pictures. We thought about our favourite character and created bunting to hang.

After we had a book hunt! We found books we had forgotten about which has encouraged us to rotate the books in our class library.

We have listened to stories and watched authors read and answer questions online.

To finish the morning we listened to Michael Rosen's Chocolate Cake.

In the afternoon we chose some of our new books to read, we went to the hall and played lots of fun games.

World Book Day is the best day!

Holt Class Children


Investigation: Can you make a pyramid with an irregular base?


Pancake day

A great day talking about our identity, what makes us unique and how important it is to 'Be free to be me!'. Excellent discussion about who we can talk to if something worries us or makes us sad, recapping our rules when online. Holt class also talked about celebrating our individuality. 

"It is important that if you like something you can, you shouldn't not like it because you’re a boy or a girl". 


This is me!

Safer Internet Week.

We start our week with an assembly and in beginning to look at our identity. 

As a class we shall review our rules for when we access the internet. Children use a number of apps and the internet to access many learning resources. It is important that children to know what to do if they are ever upset or confused about anything they see or hear, whether in or out of school. Encouraging children to feel safe and engage in conversation with adults is very important. 


For parents information and guides, click on the link below.

Using clay to create our very own Hermelin

We have produced a selection work related to Hermelin. Here is a sample.

Children's Mental Health Week

This week we will focus on mental health and wellbeing in our Social, Emotoinal and Mental Health (SEMH) lessons this week. We talked about how we keep not just our body healthy and relaxed but also our minds. Many of us relax listening to music, reading, building Lego or colouring. We also like the outdoors where we can walk, play and look at nature. We used the 5-a-day website to chill. A 2 minute exercise which helped us to breathe deeply and switch off our mind. We then spent. A quiet 10 minutes listening to relaxing music and creating our mindfulness colour squiggle.  Each day we will cover a different aspect of mental health. Our main focus is to 'Find your Brave' which we will explore in assembly and class.

More information can be found on 

Mental Health Week

Spring is around the corner! As we look for snowdrops around our school we start to think about new life and the plants we would like to grow for this year. Holt class spent the morning planting tomato, courgette, spinach, cosmos and rubeckia. When not planting and tending to the garden beds children developed their orienteering skills which included problem solving. A cold but lovely morning in the outdoors.

As part of our computer topic this term we have been using purplemash to improve our tying skills and develop our coding. Children have been using iPads and laptops which has helped to build our confidence across technology hardware. 

You can access Purplemash at home and complete your 2Do's.

Typing skills

Excellent work today looking at maps of the world and the United Kingdom. We have been working hard to remember the continents and oceans of our world but also the four countries of the United Kingdom and capital cities. 

We have looked at foods named after the places they were created just like Hermelin who was named after a local cheese. The children used the iPads and google maps to zoom in on the area the product is from and then locating them on the map of United Kingdom. Great work which encouraged questions and made us feel very hungry. 

Map work

Today we have been on our new subscribed websites.

Spelling Shed is linked to our spelling scheme and will consolidate spellings taught in school and offer recap of words sent home. All children will have login details sent home and differentiated tasks to complete.


Times Tables Rockstars will also complement the curriculum for maths and also prepare children for the year 4 testing. A parent letter and logins will be sent home over this term.

Spring Term

This term our topic is linked to a book. The children were introduced to a variety of items linked to the text and were asked to use the clues to predict a character and possibly theme to the story. The clues included cheese, notebook, pencil, sweet and match. We had some excellent predictions before actually reading the book. The children were excited and the story didn't fail on providing entertainment and discussion. 


Hermelin the Detective Mouse by Mini Grey


We had a very busy end to the Autumn term. We continued our work on Victorians comparing items from the period to today's alternative. This lead us to discuss many great inventions during and after the Victorian era. Our class book 'Oliver Twist' was a real hit and lead to many discussions within our PSHE topic. Children worked very hard to learn songs and put together a shortened version of the story for both the school and parents. A very proud moment for us all as many children spoke out with confidence and took on character roles with great detail.


A huge thanks to PC Sweeney and Sergeant Phillips for joining us on Monday. It was very interesting to hear about their careers and what inspired them to join the service. We spent some time talking about aircraft from the past and present. Sergeant Phillips recommended the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford. With free admission it is the perfect opportunity to see some of our iconic planes. 


We have started this half term with a 2 week topic linked to Remembrance Day. In Holt class we linked this to Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British Army. The children have thoroughly enjoyed being inquisitive learners asking purposeful questions and wanting to expand their knowledge. This continued to home with children asking questions about relatives that experienced or served in the war. 

Great work writing fact files, discussing feelings, designing medals and stained glass windows. Excellent work. 

Walter Tull and Remembrance Day

Great books inspired by our Flat Stanley topic.

A great PE session with our year 2 children today. They have shown great team work and developed their skills with the ball.

Fantastic discussion about where food comes from. What's in your spaghetti bolognese?

Great shape work today yr3, identifying right angles in 2D shapes.

Designing our healthy plates after discussion on a balanced meal.

Flat Stanley has arrived!

Science this week for year 3 were looking at skeletons.

Fantastic shape work Holt class.

The dilemma in Holt Class. Should we build a swimming pool?


After spending time discussing our school and village the children decided that it could be improved by adding a restaurant, swimming pool or a zoo. After much consideration the children decided that a swimming pool would be the most suitable. 

The benefits being:

Health- we would all become great swimmers and be very fit after a morning swim.

Safety- we would all be aware of the dangers of water and be able to swim to a good standard.

Environmental- currently we use a coach to get to the swimming pool and with no travel needed we would not be polluting the air around us.

Finance- we could allow members of the community and other schools use of the pool for a small fee therefore raising school funds.

Holt class were very excited and quickly got to work writing persuasive letters to Mr Irving noting all the benefits of having a swimming pool onsite.

It was not until we looked at the grounds that the children realised the consequences of building a swimming pool.

Our green space would have to go, with that the chickens and the pond as well as our garden.

The roads around school could get busy with traffic and may have to be altered to accommodate the traffic. 

With more traffic and heating in the pool pollution would most certainly increase and the cows would not be able to feed in the field.

But most worrying, our little friendly, caring school would change.

After all we said describing our school and village would we want it to change?

It did not take long to realise this was not what we wanted and quickly stopped our letters getting to Mr Irving.

What a dilemma! 

A great couple of days work with some lovely discussions, Swimming pool designs and letters.



Our BFG dreams.

Mr Genders did a drawing workshop on Mr BFG. The children loved it!

The BFG by Roald Dahl



This week we watched extracts from the film The BFG. We used these to help us generate words to describe characters and setting. The children though of their own dreams and what they would be. We listed ingredients before creating our own dream jar.

What makes our school special?

We have been spending some time thinking about what makes our school so special. We looked around our school and thought of different words to describe it. This is what the children had to say.


'It is the best school in the world because we have chickens. We are eco too because we don't like plastic in the ocean'. Willow.


'Beoley First School is an amazing place because we have a great garden and a weather station'. Tillie-Mae.


'I like to play on the slide, we have lots of fun playing'. Dylan.


'Our school is amazing because we have a pond with newts, dragonflies, tadpoles and pond snails'. Billy.


'The stage is so big we have a climbing frame on it'. Coral.


'You will get to make lots of friends and be put in classes'. Oliver H.


'People are kind and creative, helpful and happy'. James.


'We have chickens and they have yummy eggs. The children look after the chickens'. Scott.


'We have a garden with flowers and plants in the flower beds'. Jonathon.


'We like Beoley First School because we have kind teachers'. Wesley.


'I love my friends, we play in the playground'. Ayla.


'I love the playground, it is big'. Brooke.


'We have lots of teachers, they make us do lots of hard work but we have lots of fun'. Kaitlyn.


'Beoley First School is amazing, we have fun and games and have lots to do'. Susie.


'We do lots of PE, we have a shed with lots of footballs inside'. Sonney- Jae


'We have a cool classroom but we play and learn lots'. Harrison.


'Our school is so special because we have a lovely garden that has vegetables and bees' Florence.


'Beoley First School is fun because the teachers are funny'. Amelia.


'There are lots of flowers and lots of trees at our school'. Oliver P.


'In the winter we drink hot chocolate and soup at the fire pit'. Evie D.


' We have lots of lovely flowers and trees'. Delilah.


'Beoley First School is fabulous!'. Mason.


'Our classroom is a happy place'. Lucie.


'We have a garden where we grow vegetables to make us big and strong' Alex.

Our school

Mrs Taylor has begun our topic on 'Bodies'. We have discussed the different body parts before we focus on the skeleton and muscles.

The children had great fun finding out about our heart beat and breathing before, during and after activities. Children designed and recorded response which we will analyse in maths.


The Twits by Roald Dahl


Mrs Halliwell shared her favourite book, The Twits by Roald Dahl. The story is very entertaining and has encouraged us to develop our vocabulary and create some fantastic character descriptions. We enjoyed watching a clip of the story online.


We have had a great start to the new academic year, talking to old friends and making new ones. Our class environment had changed and we will continue to make it ours over the next few weeks.