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Home Learning 2020

Staff have been reviewing the huge range of online resources currently available to assist you with home learning. You will find a selection of our recommended ones in the 'Websites' section of the class page.

Links to websites relevant to weekly planning will be available on each weekly learning sheet in order that they can be easily accessed.

Responsible Internet Use and Esafety

As children may now be accessing the Internet and online activities more frequently, please take the opportunity to share the 'acceptable use' rules we follow in school. These can be found below. Please read and discuss them with your children and explain what they should do if they come across something that makes them feel sad or angry. The children have taken part in Internet Safety Day. Parental guidance, documents and links are available on the website under 'Esafety'. 

Coronavirus - A Book for Children

Here is a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler.

Department for Education's free online learning resources
The staff have scoured the world wide web to find some of their favourite activities as well as including some of their favourite home learning ideas.

Ideas to Support Reading at Home

Thursday July 16th is Reading Together Day!

Follow the links below to find out about Reading Together Day. There is a schedule of online

activities for the day, along with a reading treasure hunt and some ideas to support learning at home. Have fun!

Congratulations to those of you who took part in the Beoley Virtual Sports Day! 

Have a look at pictures of your friends below. Please remember to email us your photos so that we can add to the slideshow. Don't forget to print off your certificate! Well done everybody! 

Week beginning Monday 13th July

We hope you enjoyed taking part in the Beoley Virtual Sports Day Cherry Champions! We can't wait to see your photos. Make sure you check our home learning page to see photos of your friends! Lucy and Molly really enjoyed the 'cups of water race'. It got very competitive!

Last week Molly managed to achieve something that she's been trying to do for the whole of lockdown - she completed a Rubik's Cube (with a little help!) This week's home learning is all about celebrating everything that makes you a Cherry Champion. We would like you to think about all your achievements during your time in Year 1 and to celebrate them. We are all extremely proud of each and every one of you and can't wait to see you all again soon.

Mr Genders has put together a Summer Fun booklet with lots of ideas from the teachers for you to try out in the holidays. We hope you enjoy it. Look out for it on our home learning page.

Stay safe and have fun over the summer Cherry Class. Thank you for being such a wonderful class.

Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor

The Beoley First School Virtual Sports Day!

11th and 12th July 2020

Get training ready to participate at the weekend! Choose some activities from the bingo sheet and off you go! Encourage family members to take part and send us photos of what you've done! Email photos (you only) to with CHERRY SPORTS in the subject box. Look out for your photos on the website!

Once you've taken part, download the certificate below to celebrate your achievements!

Have fun!

Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020

Hello everyone! This week we're going to be busy training for the Beoley Virtual Sports Day! We have our skipping ropes, balls, rackets and trainers at the ready! Don't forget to send your photos to with CHERRY SPORTS in the subject box. We can't wait to see what you get up to! It's lovely to think that we'll all be participating in something at the same time.

Last week Mrs Taylor took Herbie for his haircut! He returned looking very smart with a yellow bow around his neck and is now much cooler!

Mrs Taylor has also spotted two piles of soil in her garden and is wondering what they could be. Perhaps pirates digging for treasure or maybe an animal. What do you think? Some of her vegetables are almost ready now. See if you can be leaf detectives and work out which vegetable is growing in the picture.

Last week Lucy and Molly baked an unusual cake. They decided to create a green one! Lucy instructed Molly and they were very pleased with the results. Even though it was green, it still disappeared quickly!

We spent some time looking through old family photos and the girls asked myself and Mr Sweeney about our childhoods. This discussion brought back lots of happy and funny memories!

Enjoy your Sports Day!

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sweeney

Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020

Hello Cherry Champions! We hope you've had an interesting week and that you've been able to try something new. Lucy and Molly experimented with porcelain pens for the first time to create coasters for birthday gifts for someone special. They were easy to use and the coasters had to be baked in the oven in order for the ink to set. They also painted some mini plant pots in the shape of birds and fish. Talking of fish, the fish in our pond have been busy sunbathing this week right at the top of the pond! Our three frogs however haven't been too keen! Why do you think this is?

We have been nurturing our tomato and cucumber plants, making sure they have enough water and our bean plants are still doing well. We're hoping to see some beans soon! I'll have to find a recipe!

One of our special friends sent us a picture of their artwork - a 'winking owl' last week. Perhaps you could have a go at creating some natural artwork outdoors.

We had some help with this week's jokes. Remember to let us know if you have any that will make us chuckle!

What did the duck say to the waiter?

"Can I have the bill please?"


Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?

Because they spend so long at 'C'!

Enjoy your week Cherry Class and don't forget how proud you're making us.

Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor

Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020

What wild weather we had last week! We had a flood in our garage and we were also treated to a rainbow in the Sweeney household! There are some ideas for creating your own 'alternative rainbows' in this week's home learning.

Last week we tried out some new recipes for tea. Lucy did a great job of instructing Mrs Sweeney to make a sweet and sour chicken dish! We've continued the 'games' theme and used playing cards to help us with our Maths (we also had a few games of Snap!) The three frogs in our pond are growing larger by the day and still sing to us at night. It's very soothing! We're now trying to think of names for them. Perhaps you could help us. Molly was very excited to receive a letter from a friend. It made her day! Is there anyone you could send a picture or a letter to?

Try to think of some jokes this week if you can. They can be ones that you've heard before. We'll put a couple on the website each week to make you laugh. This week's are:

Which subject does a pirate enjoy most in school?



What did one wall say to the other wall?

I'll meet you at the corner!

Have a fun-filled week and don't forget to send an email to before Monday to request some extra reading books for the following Thursday if you need some.

Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor

Week beginning Monday 15th June 2020

Hello Cherry Champions! We hope you've enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. It cheered us up after the rain last week!

Last week we carried out a 'walking water' experiment. We started with no water in the middle glass and ended up with water that was a mixture of the two colours. It was fascinating to observe. We left it for as long as possible to see if the water would change colour over time, but then another experiment began involving mould!

We've also made a lava lamp and a giant cardboard house. The girls wanted to sleep in it, but it's a bit too cold in the garage! Perhaps you could have a go at making something out of cardboard or carry out a Science experiment this week.

We hope you've had time to write a 'Proud Letter' to someone to tell them have proud of them you are. Try writing one this week if not.

We'd like you to tell us your favourite joke this week please. Please let Mrs Halliwell, Mrs Taylor or Mrs Sweeney know.

Take care and have fun trying new activities!

Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor

Week beginning Monday 8th June 2020

We hope you've all had a lovely weekend despite the weather! Mrs Taylor has been noticing how the rain has made everything in the garden grow and is very pleased that her vegetables are springing to life! She has been missing her music lessons, so decided to start playing the piano again and has been practising her singing. She knows she needs to practise her piano every day to get better and is looking forward to a sing song with the piano. 

Last week in the Sweeney household we had a sort out of all our board games. They've been helping us to use our brains in a different way as well as reminding us about reading instructions, taking it in turns and having resilience and patience! Perhaps you've got some games that you haven't played for a while that you could play with your family.

I'm really pleased with how my flowers are blooming and our bean plants are shooting up the poles! I might be cooking with some runner beans soon!

We love our animal encyclopedias and have been learning about two or three new animals a day. Our favourite so far is the axolotl, which is an amphibian that doesn't change as it grows, it regrows its body parts. 'Axolotl' means 'water dog'. Perhaps you could do some research on some unusual creatures this week. Have fun discovering new things!

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sweeney

Week beginning Monday 1st June 2020

Hello Cherry Champions! We hope you and your families are all well and keeping busy. We have lots for you to learn this week and an interesting story about emotions. Remember to access EdShed and Hit the Button every day and to read as often as possible. Well done for working so hard. We are proud of you. 

Last week the Sweeney family celebrated Oscar's twelfth birthday! Lucy and Molly made him a hat and a pinata with a ball inside it! Maybe you could organise a tea party for your favourite toys this week. You could write invitations and menus and make the party food with the help of a grown up.

We've been making dens to keep cool. See if you can spot Molly relaxing in hers in the photos. We have also managed to rescue a bee - Mrs Marshall was very proud of us! It was very weak when we found it, so we gave it some sugar water and off it flew!  

Mrs Taylor has been spending lots of time in her garden noticing how busy all the birds and insects are. Can you spot what is collecting nectar from the flowers in the photos? One of the insects reminded Mrs Taylor of the musical last year. We wonder if you can remember any of the songs? Herbie has been enjoying walks in the Lickeys, it's nice and cool for him there. Mrs Taylor has spotted some trees with enormous roots! 

Keep smiling and know that we're thinking of you all.

Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor

Week beginning Monday 25th May 2020

We have put together a 'Creative Bingo' sheet to give you ideas for some interesting half term activities. Don't forget the 'Beoley Reading Bingo' and certificate. Have fun! You will find some links to help you below.

Week beginning Monday 18th May 2020

We want all of you to know how proud we are of you for helping your families at home and trying your best. Keep up all your hard work Cherry Class.

Last week Mrs Taylor carried out some DIY on her shed roof by putting some new felt on it. Roofing felt is very heavy, so she needed some help getting the rolls up the ladder. She has also been busy making some shorts for a teddy. Can you guess which ones?

I've been helping Lucy and Molly to conduct a bubble experiment - we made bubble blowers from pipe cleaners and then used products around the house to see which ones made the best bubbles. Make sure you ask an adult to help you if you have a go at this! 

I've really enjoyed doing the Beoley Reading Bingo and am almost ready for my certificate! I'm very excited! The whole family have really enjoyed Mr Genders' and Mr Veness' Music Challenge and have shared lots of new songs.

My flowers are blooming. This makes me feel happy, so I must make sure I remember to water them! Remember World Bee Day on May 20th!

Mrs Mernagh's daughter Lauren has very kindly painted some rocks for all the classes in Beoley First School and added them to the 'Redditch Positivity Rock Line' that she started. See if you can spot them if you visit it!

Have a creative week and stay safe. Thinking of you all.

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sweeney.

Week beginning: Monday 11th May 2020

Hello Cherry Champions!

Some of our very kind neighbours gave the girls some runner bean plants last week, so we have been busy looking after them and making sure they have enough water. Another thoughtful friend delivered some plants and compost, so we've been busy planting. You might want to make a mini greenhouse for a plant this week like Mrs Taylor (details on your home learning sheet). Mrs Marshall has been conducting a very interesting experiment (see if you can spot what she used in the photos).

Molly made a Mudwaffler from the Mudwaffler Club, so we've been using him to create some drama by acting out stories. He seems to be a very mischievous creature! We've also enjoyed playing Pictionary. I think Mr Sweeney and I need to brush up on our skills! Oscar's had his haircut. See what you think!

Herbie will be having his haircut soon, but his hair was too thick for Mrs Taylor's clippers! He's been investigating the hay bales in the field next to his house and having lots of fun! Mrs Taylor went for a lovely bike ride on VE Day.

Enjoy your learning this week and remember to try and create something to be proud of each day, no matter how small it is. Have a look at the books we've been reading for the Beoley Reading Bingo.

Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor 


Beoley Reading Bingo

We hope you are all enjoying using the physical activity challenges created by the All Active Academy.

Don’t forget if you have any photos or videos of you taking part in the challenges and would like to share them on social media you can do this using #Stay In Work Out.Always ask an adult to do this.

Via Facebook- @allactiveacademy

Or Twitter-@all_cic

 Each month the school with the most posts by the end of the month will win equipment vouchers for their school,

Week beginning: Monday 4th May 2020

We hope you've enjoyed the message from everyone at school and Mr Irving's letter. We're all thinking of you every day and looking forward to when we can learn together again.

Mrs Taylor has been taking her dog Herbie on lots of walks down the lane. Herbie loves the pond and spotted a swan's nest on one adventure! He loves getting muddy and needed a wash with a hosepipe when he got home! Mrs Taylor is going to give him a him a trim with some clippers this week and she'll take a photo of the results for you!

I've been busy painting stones, rocks and shells with the girls ready for when we can visit the Redditch Positivity Rock Line started by Mrs Mernagh's daughter Lauren! We got creative with the Play Doh and also used it to help us with our number sentences. We also found a nest whilst trimming the conifers in the garden. We are going to research which species of bird might have made it and have put it back safely for the birds.

Have a look at Mr Genders' Beoley Bingo Reading Challenge' and see how many books you can read. There will be a certificate for you to print off soon! 

Mrs Chapman has created a beautiful collage of her family, using adjectives that remind her of them. You might want to try doing something similar for someone special as part of your home learning this week. Have fun!

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sweeney

Certificate coming soon for when you complete the bingo challenge!

Week beginning: Monday 27th April 2020

We hope you enjoyed your learning last week Cherry Class! This week I've been getting creative with the girls by designing outfits, doing draw alongs and painting salt dough shapes. I've really enjoyed reading every day. My favourite things to read this week have been poems and you can have a go at creating some nonsense poetry with Karl Newson as part of this week's learning.

Mrs Taylor has also been using her artistic skills by creating cards using fingerprints. She got so carried away she even made some fingerprint robin cards ready for Christmas!

Keep up all your hard work. We're both really proud of you all.

Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor 

Week beginning: Monday 20th April 2020

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter Cherry Class, but not too much chocolate! 

Mrs Taylor has been busy planting vegetables and herbs in her garden. She now needs to remember to water them! Whilst digging she managed to find some interesting objects and felt like a real archaeologist! 

I've been practising my skills in the kitchen, but they've mainly been baking skills! I've made a lemon cake and meringues, but I have no idea where they've disappeared to, do you? Someone also dressed up as an Easter lamb. Can you guess who?

Keep practising all your skills at home. We hope you enjoy this week's activities.

Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sweeney

Weekly Active Challenges

The All Active Academy who provide all of our festivals and competitions, are launching a 

"Stay in, work out at home" campaign with activities for each day of the week ,as well as competitions for families to enter via Facebook and Twitter.

Below is a full explanation and the activity grid for this week.

A new grid will be added each week. Enjoy!

PE W/C 20/4/20

6th April 2020 - Easter Ideas

The staff at Beoley have put together some ideas that you might like to try over Easter. Remember, do any craft and baking ideas safely and with the supervision of an adult. The next home learning sheet will be added on Monday 20th April. Have a wonderful Easter.

Week beginning: Monday 30th March 2020

Welcome to week two of home learning Cherry Champions! Last week I really enjoyed drawing the frog and mouse from 'Oi Frog' with Jim Field in his 'draw along'. (See link below). Oscar's also been getting plenty of exercise in the garden - he's worn out!
Mrs Taylor has been out in the garden looking for signs of Spring. She noticed birds collecting twigs and moss to build their nests.

Look out for some eggcellent Easter activities for you to have a go at that will be posted on April 6th!

Week beginning: Monday 23rd March 2020

Welcome to the first week of home learning. Please remember that these are purely suggestions and that there is no expectation for everything to be completed. Don't forget to log in to EdShed each week. Joe Wicks is also streaming live PE lessons at 9am each morning. These may be useful a couple of times a week, or every day, depending on how keen your child is!

It may be helpful to put a timetable in place, but this needs to work for your family's situation. Very best wishes to all of the Cherry Champions and their families.