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Welcome to Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class! We work together to make learning fun for each other. We are the Cherry Champions who are taught by Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Marshall.

Week beginning 17th January 2022

This week we've been creating paper flames as part of our new History topic. Can you guess what it is? Please ask us about the facts, rhymes and songs that we've learnt so far! 

We've been studying how birds build their nests in Science and used our weaving skills to create some fabulous nests using egg boxes and natural materials.

We travelled to India in Music and enjoyed listening to Bhangra whilst learning about Indian musical instruments.

We are very proud of the beautiful handwriting being produced across the class and celebrated this by displaying our 'morning writing' all week this week.

Week beginning 10th January 2022

It's been another busy week in Cherry Class. We've been studying the seasons and have created some beautiful winter trees using twigs and clay. After observing the trees outside, we then recreated them. We've also noticed all the beautiful colours in the skies at the moment and celebrated these in some 'wintry artwork' using watercolours.

Our Science topic this half term is 'animals' and this week we focused on 'birds'. Mrs Marshall brought Sarah the school chicken in and we were able to study her closely. We also produced observational drawings of a real birds' nest. The programme 'Secret Life of Pets' on ITV also featured some interesting facts about birds. Test us to see if we can remember any of them!

Week beginning 3rd January 2022

A very Happy New Year to the Cherry Champions and their families!

The children have returned full of ambition and have settled into their routines very swiftly. We are extremely proud of them. 

Mr Veness continues to introduce new games to the children on a weekly basis. We have noticed a considerable improvement in listening skills, following instructions and teamwork as a result. Thank you Mr Veness.

These 'teamwork skills' were clearly evident in Maths this week as we continued to explore the hundred square by playing Snakes and Ladders and devised tricky number clues for our friends.

December 14th 2021

We couldn’t be more proud of the Cherry Champions’ creativity and ambition after watching their performance this morning! WELL DONE EVERYONE! YOU WERE ALL AMAZING!

We wish the Cherry Champions and their families a peaceful Christmas and would like to thank you all for your ongoing support. 
See you in 2022!

Week beginning 6th December 2021

We have been designing and making food holders for Rodney the Reindeer in DT this week. Our design brief was to create a container that hung around Rodney's neck and held his food. As you can see from the pictures, he has been well fed! Well done children. Excellent folding, measuring and cutting skills. 

Tinsel Man has continued leaving us problems to solve this week. These included:

Somewhere you would put something if you wanted to be kind to someone.

The name of something we do in PE that involves cartwheels and forward rolls.

He's certainly making us think! We wonder where he'll be next week! 

Week beginning 29th November 2021

This week Traction Man introduced us to Tinsel Man! Each morning he is hiding in a different place in school and we have to solve a problem in order to find him. This week's clues were...

You use this to open doors, but there are also lots of these on this instrument.

This animal keeps us safe.

What are five lots of five?

One of the Cherry Champions very kindly brought in a Christmas story to share with his friends this week. We all loved the story and were very grateful for his kindness.

We've been investigating the waterproof nature of various materials in Science this week. Traction Man needed a new waterproof jacket, so we tested a number of materials to see which would be best. As you can see, the testing was very thorough!

We have been learning how to compose and present letters this week. The children linked this to their PHSE work and came up with three wishes for Christmas. These were linked to the true meaning of Christmas and we discussed the fact that 'Christmas is in our hearts, not under the tree.' The content of all the children's letters and standard of their handwriting was so impressive that they were all awarded a 'Writer of the Week' certificate. Congratulations Cherry Champions!

Week beginning 22nd November 2021

As part of our PHSE work and linked to this month's value of 'friendship', the children created a 'Friendship Rainbow' to welcome people into the classroom. We discussed the attributes of a good friend and then voted according to the ones we considered the most important. Top of the list was 'kind', closely followed by 'helpful'.

We have been reminding ourselves how we stay safe in school and use our 'Keeping Safe' board in the classroom to prompt our thinking. This display shows our talking pegs, the zebra crossing, a hand to remind us of our five people who we can talk to, the 'Stop Rule' and our school attributes and values which guide us each day.

Week beginning 15th November 2021

This week we took part in a whole school narrative writing activity using the same stimulus. Have a look at the picture below. What would the setting of your story be? How would you describe the characters and what would the dilemma be? How would it be resolved? The children have learnt about nouns, adjectives, settings, dilemmas and story openings and endings and produced some fantastic pieces of narrative writing which will form part of a whole school display. Well done Cherry Class!

The text inspired a troll 'draw along'. What brilliant observation skills!

We've been busy building brilliant bug hotels! Mrs Marshall gave us lots of marbles for our teamwork.

Our batting skills are developing well thanks to Sam the cricket coach. Some excellent strokes this week!

We were delighted to receive our 'friendship cards' linked to our value of the month and PHSE work. It was wonderful to see the time and care taken by the children for their friends. We also have a 'Gratitude Board' in class set up by Miss Hanson. This enables us recognise what we are grateful for in each other.

Week beginning 8th November 2021

Remembrance enabled us to revisit the value of 'respect' this week as we discussed the significance of poppies, medals and the two minutes silence. The children were extremely respectful when observing the silence and made us very proud. 

We produced a collaborative poppy using our fingerprints and some individual flowers using a range of media. These are proudly displayed around the school. 

One of the Cherry Champions inspired us to create our superhero alter-egos! We thought of names for ourselves and created the three superpowers that we would most like to possess! Look out for 'Red Ninja Turtle' on the playground. He can turn into metal, climb and has super strength!

Week beginning 1st November 2021

The second half of the Autumn Term started with a bang as we learnt about onomatopoeia and all the words that can be used to describe the sound of fireworks. This was followed by discussion about Guy Fawkes' connection to Coughton Court and some beautiful firework art created with pastels and chalk.

The 'Cherry Stores' shop is open and has been helping us to learn about money and the values of the various coins. The children have enjoyed 'buying' various items and working out how much they cost.

We reorganised the class library into the sections of 'fiction', 'non fiction' 'annuals and magazines' and 'newspapers'. This has helped to strengthen our understanding of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Our Science learning has involved sorting various materials and discussing their properties. Have a go at sorting materials at home. How many can you name?

Week beginning 18th October 2021

There was magic in the air this week as Cherry Class created recipes for their own spells. We used a variety of ingredients to create some interesting mixtures and then used our senses to describe them using a range of adjectives. These included 'stinky', 'gooey', 'fresh' and 'lumpy!' Thankfully we didn't have to use our sense of taste! Our Maths skills enabled us to count the number of spoonfuls required and to order our spoon sizes from largest to smallest. Many thanks to Austin for providing the potions!

We have used our DT skills to create windmills from 'The Little Red Hen' story. We also enjoyed using the Lego and Duplo.

Happy Half Term to all of the Cherry Champions and their families. We hope you have lots of fun! 

A selection of 'Beoley Bookworms' morning activities...

Week beginning 11th October 2021

The children were Cherry Champions in every sense of the word as they walked up the hill to St Leonard's on Thursday and sang beautifully in our whole school Harvest Celebration. It was lovely to hear the school singing as one.

The story of the Little Red Hen has been our focus for our Harvest work this week. We have enjoyed creating artwork and puppets connected with the story.

We discovered carrots in the garden with Mrs Marshall and posed some inquisitive questions connected to our Science work.

Mr Veness has been teaching us more playground games to improve our teamwork. We have played 'Swim Fishy Swim', 'Rainbow Circle', Hopscotch, 'Colour Corners' and 'Poison Tree'.

Week beginning 4th October 2021

Introducing...Traction Man! Each week someone will be chosen to take Traction Man home for the weekend! We encourage the children to complete some writing about his adventures and to take/draw pictures of them. We look forward to seeing what he's been up to this weekend!

We continued to learn about and explore our senses in Science as we tasted and smelt various fruit and vegetables. Ask you child if they can remember some of them!

Nina the archaeologist came to talk to us about the dig that has been taking place in the village. We learnt about the materials that could survive underground for hundreds of years and discovered that the village is three to four hundred years old!

We have been developing our knowledge of number using the hundred square to identify odd and even numbers.

Each week we are learning a new playtime game. So far we have played 'Grandmother's Footsteps' and 'Stuck in the Mud'. The children have demonstrated excellent teamwork and have made us proud by encouraging each other.   

Week beginning 27th September 2021

This week has been thought-provoking, busy, scientific and musical as we've been using adjectives to describe toys and characters in our writing. 'Also an Octopus' has inspired our creativity and helped us to begin to plan stories.

Our Science work has developed the language of measure in Maths as we compared the lengths of our hands and feet as well as our heights.

We have explored our school using our large map and the Bee Bots and have discovered how to debug them if they travelled in the wrong direction.

We also made a new friend...more to follow next week!

Week beginning 20th September 2021

Do your parents recognise the landscape below? Can you remember which artist we're studying at the moment?

This week we've been exploring our skeletons with Mrs Taylor and learning about the important jobs that our bones do. We then put our skeletons to the test in PE whilst taking part in Mr Veness' Outdoor Adventurous Activities!   

News from two different households has inspired some report writing this week and also enabled us to fine tune our listening skills as we discovered all the facts. 

We have enjoyed designing and beginning to set up our new outdoor learning area with Mrs Marshall. More to follow!

Week beginning 13th September 2021

This week we have been exploring the school grounds using directional language and instructions. After studying our local environment, we produced some fantastic landscapes in the style of David Hockney. We used these to create our own mini gallery and discussed our favourites, giving reasons for our choices. 

We loved learning more about cricket this week and particularly enjoyed playing 'volcanoes and craters' as part of our ball skills session.

Don't forget about the 'belonging' Values Homework! We have enjoyed discussing the various groups and clubs that we belong to in PHSE. 


'David Hockney' landscapes

Exploring our imaginations with the help of 'Just Imagine'

Sharing dinosaur jokes with Mrs Marshall

Gymnastics with Mr Veness

Congratulations on a fantastic first week Cherry Champions!

Week beginning 6th September 2021

Wow! We have been so impressed with the way in which the children have quickly settled into life in Cherry Class. We have enjoyed a jam-packed week of writing, reading, number work, artwork, gymnastics, ball skills, map work in Geography and singing, all the while reminding ourselves of our school routines and attributes. Has it really only been five days?!

Congratulations on working so hard and demonstrating such resilience children! We can't wait for next week!

This week's text...

Each week we have two 'Writers of the Week'.

Happy Holidays Cherry Champions! Arrrrrr!

Wellbeing Week

Week beginning 12th July

Please ask us about our wellbeing learning activities!

Mindfulness colouring for a competition to help raise funds for the Brighter Beginnings Eco Project.

Practising meditation!

Learning to recognise how our outdoor environment contributes to our wellbeing. 

A 'daily mile'.

Cherry Champions' Sports Day. Thank you Mr Veness and Mrs Allen!

Focusing on colour, texture and detail using the book 'Whose Eyes Are These?' as a stimulus. 

Gymnastics and cheerleading with Sophie from SJ Academy.

Gymnastics on the Tumble Track.

Boccia and archery with Mr Veness.

Demonstrating ambition and resilience with the help of the Redpoint climbing tower.