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Welcome to Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class! We work together to make learning fun for each other. We are the Cherry Champions who are taught by Mr Genders, Mrs Allen and Mrs Marshall.

Week beginning: 22nd January 2024

In maths this week, we’ve begun to look at understanding numbers to 20. We used class resources to show how we could represent numbers in different ways and have been creating and matching stem sentences to the numbers 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

As part of our weekly reading we’ve been enjoying sharing the ‘Monster Sprouts’ ebook. This book was also sent out as part of each child’s weekly read.

As we continue with this half-terms history topic, we’ve been looking at creating a timeline for Neil Armstrong, and have continued to research more facts about the moon landing. We also discovered that trainee astronauts train underwater when on earth.

In art, the class have created their own painted moon landscape. We had fun applying the paint and PVA glue in a different ways, as well as using our custom made ‘Splat Protector’ to help us create our individual night sky. The completed pieces were very impressive.

Week beginning: 15th January 2024

What a fantastic week we've had! We have been treated to a wonderful visit from Mr Allen (no relation to Mrs Allen) and his mobile planetarium. We discovered lots about Neil Armstrong, space and the stars and are excited to recall some of this knowledge at tonight’s stargazing event.

As part of our maths, we’ve been revising our shape facts as well as looking at ‘understanding 10’, which has including creating our own fun table top game. We were able to create our own copy of the game so that we can play it again at home.

Our recommended book this week was, 'It's Only Stanley' by Jon Agee. We thought that it is "a very, very, very silly and funny book with great pictures." - We also enjoyed sequencing the events of the story.

In art, we've begun to investigate different ways that we can create different forms. This week we experimented with the Chromebooks and learnt about layering to help create more detailed pictures.

As Cherry scientists have researched the five different animal groups and learnt lots of facts whilst sorting animals into mammals, birds, fish amphibians and reptiles. In PE we started our yoga lessons and impressed Mrs Allen with our monkey inspired stretches and balances. Whilst in gymnastics we have continued to focus on floor work and have considered the importance of body control.

Week beginning: 8th January 2024

Happy New Year! The children have come back full of fun and enthusiasm. We’ve begun 2024 with a bang, and have been working hard on using our phonics skills to help write some sentences about hopping hens, messy dogs and fearful adventures. We've also had fun exploring our new online eBook library of letters and sounds through the Oxford Owl website. 

In maths we’ve been investigating shape, by learning some of their names, identifying their properties and using them construct and sort. We even used cylinders, cuboids, cubes and triangular prisms to create a tower that touched our ceiling.

As part of this week’s PSHE we’ve used the book, ‘Today I’m Strong’ By Nadiya Hussain and Ella Bailey to talk about  finding our inner strength, we discussed all the things that we love about school, we had such a wonderful variety of ideas. We then learnt to draw our own tigers that feature in the story.

Whilst in P.E. as we begin gymnastics, we’ve practised balancing on our patches (large body parts, like our front, back and shoulders) and our points (small body parts, like our hands, feet and elbows). We then created some routines and performed to the rest of the class.

Week beginning: 27th November 2023

The Christmas spirit was definitely in the air this week. The children got to paint their own Christmas tree on the classroom window and watch CBeebies's unique stage adaptation of the classic poem 'The Night Before Christmas'. They sang-a-long, danced, booed and cheered as the characters endeavoured to stop The Wish Taker from ruining Christmas. After the performance, as part of this week's 'Star Write', the children created letters of gratitude to the cast.

We also learnt about advent and began to open our own book advent. Over the last week every child has been bringing in copies of their favourite books. These have been wrapped and numbered and each day we get to share a story with the class as part of their 'Beoley Bookworm' activity. We are very excited to discover what wonderful stories the children have chosen.

We've also begun to create some AMAZING artwork based on author and illustrator, Jon Klassen. Unfortunately, we're are unable to share the completed pieces until 15th December, as they are part of their surprise Christmas boxes.

Week beginning: 20th November 2023

Within this week’s Floppy’s Phonics, we have been using book 16 to focus on the sound /ow/ (as in owl) and /ear/ (as in ear). As well as book 17 to focus on /air/ (as in hair).

This week we also took our maths outside, as the class confidently created some ‘first, then, now’ stories and matched them with their number sentences.

In the classroom, we were then able to use ten frames and rekenreks to help solve a range of addition problems. Including this tricky one:

Kim is playing a game.
She needs 10 points in total to win a prize.

  •   On her first go, she scores 6 points.
  •   On her second go, she scores 3 points.

How many more points does Kim need to win the prize?

We were really impressed with how the class used and explored their chosen maths manipulatives to solve these problems.

As part of our English we been reading the brilliantly dark-humoured, 'I Want My Hat Back' by Jon Klassen. The children have been using their sequencing, inference and predicting skills to investigate the story further, as well as showing their understanding of using a range of punctuation within this week’s ‘Star Write’.

Week beginning: 13th November 2023

Within this week’s Floppy’s Phonics, we have been using book 15 to focus on the sound /ur/ (as in purse) and book 16 to focus on /oi/ (as in oil can).

We've also welcomed three headteachers from local schools into our classroom. The class were excited to talk to them about our learning. They were able to show them our great comprehension skills within our Beoley Bookworm activity, our confident approach to phonics, our wonderful knowledge when using question marks accurately in our writing as well as the ways we can investigate number bonds to 10 within maths.

The children have also enjoyed using a newly updated ‘Maths Zone’. Some have been using the investigation tray to create their own maths games whilst others have used the working wall and the wall whiteboard to practise using part-whole models and bar models.

On Friday it was interesting to find out about the wonderful work that BBC’s Children in Need does supporting children with disadvantages around the UK. We had fun taking part in the SPOTacular spot game, we designed a new bandana and even learnt to draw our own Pudsey Bear.

Week beginning: 6th November 2023

We’ve had a lovely first week back at school, within this week’s Floppy’s Phonics, we have been using book 15 to focus on the sounds /ar/ (as in arm) and /or/ (as in fork).

Our mini history topic has been based on Remembrance. The children have been learning that Remembrance means to remember people or events that happened in the past, we’ve also discovered why we wear poppies and have been history detectives as we found out about The British War Medal. We were able to pay our respects by taking part in a whole school remembrance assembly as well as creating some remembrance rocks within class. 

Meanwhile in English, we have been reading the ridiculously funny book, The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie. We’ve been using the book to understand how to use exclamation marks accurately, recognising that they can be used for commands or for surprise, anger and excitement. The children have had fun performing some sentences with exclamation marks as well as writing their own sentences during this week’s ’Star Write’.

In maths we have been writing number sentences by looking at addition fact families. The class have begun to recognise that the order of an addition sentence can be varied. We used part-whole models, ten frames and bar models to help us solve some questions as a class.

Week beginning: 23rd October 2023

Within this week’s Floppy’s Phonics, we have been using book 14 to focus on the sounds /-oo/ (as in cook) and /oo/ (as in spoon).

This week we had our final visit from Katie, the Police Community Support Officer, who has been in talking about her role within the community as well as listening to readers. She surprised us with a special visit from the police van. The class got to look around it, were allowed to be 'locked' away in the holding cage at the back (which they all found very exciting) and got to press the button to start the siren. What a wonderful treat.

In maths the children have loved using their new rekenrek resource. These will help the class visualise and learn essential maths principles. A huge thank you to Mrs Bartlett for helping source them for our class.

As part of this term Geography topic, the class have had fun (despite the weather) using fieldwork and observation skills to study different areas within our school.

The teachers are really proud of the effort that the whole class has put in to their first half-term in Year 1. We hope you all enjoy a well earned rest.

Week beginning: 16th October 2023

Within this week’s Floppy’s Phonics, we have been using book 13 to focus on the sounds /ee/ and /-igh/ (as in knight) as well as book 14 to recap the sound /-oo/ (as in cook).

A huge thank you to all of the adults who were able to attend this week’s Year 1 reading and phonics inspire workshop. It was very well supported and we really appreciate your contribution. The new yellow phonics folders will now be going home daily to help support your child’s learning, and don’t forget to use the online Floppy’s Phonics resources through the Oxford Owl website to help revise and revisit sounds.

Our focus in English this week has been on handwriting. The children have been working hard to form their letters correctly as we aim to rewrite Joe Banana’s letter to Mr Big, but in our best handwriting. We also had a virtual visit from Mr Big author and illustrator, Ed Vere, as he taught us how to draw Joe Banana. The collection of drawings were OUTSTANDING (you can see a couple below). Here is a link to video if you’d like to have another go: Draw with Ed Vere

Mr Genders had a rest from reading stories to Cherry Class as one of the children took over and read her copy of Boo! by Jonathan Litton to her friends. She read with lots confidence and expression we were very proud.

As part of this week’s maths, Cherry class have been successfully using table-top games, giant resources, a range of written puzzles and an online activity to help use the part-whole model to see how numbers can be split into parts.

Week beginning: 9th October 2023

Cherry Class has thoroughly LOVED reading our new text, Mr Big by Ed Vere. We have danced, waggled and cheered our way through the story. The children then contributed lots of ideas to help fill up our working wall and have used conjunctions and adjectives to help sequence a retelling of the story in this week’s ‘Star Write’.

In maths we have been creating number lines outside and showing how to find ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ as well and demonstrating how many jumps there are from one number to another.

As part of this week’s P.E. lesson, the children had a go at trying to take ‘sweets’ from the monster (Mr Genders) in a game of ‘Monster Tag’. The children had to quickly change direction, jump, run and dodgy the woggle in order to collect the most ‘sweets’ for their team.

This week we also met Katie, our local Police Community Support Officer. She spoke to the class about her role and responsibilities, shared some of the equipment that she uses and talked about when to dial 999 (our emergency number). The children had LOTS of questions and we’re lucky that she has volunteered her time again over the next two weeks to help support our class with their reading. Every child will have the opportunity to read with her and I’m sure that they’ll learn more interesting facts about her role.

Week beginning: 2nd October 2023

As we continue to delve deeper into ‘Our School’ geography topic, we used Google Maps to locate Beoley First School within the UK and then went on a virtual walk where we discovered that the our classes are named after lanes and roads around the village. Our class has taken its name from Cherry Pit Lane.

We have also been really impressed with the wonderful effort and attitude towards our writing challenges. As a class, we are using our working wall, our weekly WAGOLL as well as our “Clever Year 1 writer checklist” to help us create some great pieces of independent writing.

Within our PSHE lessons, we talked about our families and Mr Genders shared images and information about his own family (and of course he was keen to share that he and his wife are former UK Piggyback Wife Carrying Champions). We then considered the importance of friendships and used a pyramid to rank which qualities we consider to be the most important. Our opinions were very similar.

We've also had LOTS of fun having a game of 'Grumpy Gorillas' on Friday afternoon.

Week beginning: 25th September 2023

We began our week with a wonderful Science VR experience as we used virtual reality headsets to travel through the human body and discover about the circulatory system, our skeletons and the digestive system, which involved travelling through a slimy river of poo.

LOTS of Beoley Bee’s have continued to be given out, including one for a beautifully painted rainbow that was created at home and then gifted to Mr Genders. Such a kind and thoughtful gesture.

In maths we’ve been practically counting forwards and backwards as well as finding “one more” and “one less” from a given number.

Whilst in PE, as part of our fundamental movement lessons, we’ve learnt the rules to ‘Baseball Tag’. A fun, quick paced game where you have to stay alert. Unfortunately, it was far too quick for Mr Genders who was caught lots of times.

Week beginning: 18th September 2023

Once there was a break in the bad weather, Cherry Class went on their first class trip. Unfortunately, it was only several yards down the road to post our letters to children's author, Karl Newson. We did however take this opportunity to continue to discuss the ways that we stay safe in school.

As part of our Science we worked in teams to create life sized body diagrams which we then labelled before discussing our Science question of the week; "Which body parts do we rely on to survive?"

We've also continued to look at how to login to our school Chromebooks and had fun this week using Chrome Canvas. We'll be using this software to create some digital versions of our landscapes.

Week beginning: 11th September 2023

The children have been working hard to create some thank you letters for ‘I Am A Tiger’ author, Karl Newson. As well as creating some of their own mouse characters. We’re looking forward to our trip to the post-box next week to send them all to him.

Within maths, following an assembly on democracy and after holding a whole school vote on whether they would like a school cinema night, Cherry Class were challenged to group and sort the polling slips into groups of 5.

Whilst in art, inspired by the work of Lebanese-American, Etel Adnan (who was known for her vibrantly coloured, abstract landscapes) we have been experimenting with different compositions as well as the use of colour.

Finally, in PE we have begun our fundamental movements and have enjoyed incorporating several games into our learning including ‘Danger Zone’ and ‘Follow the Leader’.

Week beginning 4th September 2023:

We are excited to be back and ready to have lots fun. On Wednesday, we were welcomed with a mysterious package addressed to Cherry Class. We were then thrilled to discover that best-selling children's book author, Karl Newson had sent us a lovely signed copy of his book, 'I Am A Tiger'. We loved sharing the story and it has inspired this week's art and handwriting.

We've also been finding out about our school's achievement cards and our newly adapted 'Beoley Bee' awards as well as how we can use the talking pegs in the classroom and the stop rule if we need to. A super busy and fun week.

Week beginning 3rd July 2023

Orienteering with Moss Class in Outdoor Learning

Week beginning 26th June 2023

Wellbeing Week

This week has certainly done wonders for our wellbeing! We began the week working with Sophie, who showed us how to use the tumble track and helped us to become creative cheerleaders. Tuesday was Sports Day where we all demonstrated resilience and ambition. Well done children, you were all Cherry Champions!

On Wednesday we continued to show resilience and ambition as we climbed up the Redpoint climbing tower. Thursday saw us singing with Mr Wingfield and the rest of the school as we performed ‘Wonderful World’. It certainly felt that way when you were singing children! We rounded off the week with a whole school ramble led by Mrs Bartlett where we asked lots of inquisitive questions about our surroundings. We hope your children are relaxed and content as they enter the weekend!

Week beginning 15th May 2023

We’ve been travelling all over the school this week as we explored ‘position and direction’ in Maths. The children have enjoyed marking out routes for their friends on the playground and giving each other directions to follow. This tied in with our recent work on fractions, as we incorporated ‘whole’, ‘half’ and ‘quarter’ turns into our instructions. We’ve also been honing our dance skills by using the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ to reinforce ‘left’ and ‘right’. Our ’Clever Writing’ is in full flow as we focus on our new ’Clever Writing Rules’ and remember these each time we write. This week we are using the prefix ‘un’. Please ask the children what it means and if they can give you any examples.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Position and Direction in Maths

Creating cliffs in Outdoor Learning

Painting landscapes in Art

Week beginning 8th May 2023

It was wonderful to see family members writing with the children at the Inspire Workshop yesterday. Thank you so much to those who attended. We will be using your ‘I Spy’ clues over the next couple of weeks! Packs have been sent home in book bags for those who didn’t receive them. We hope you can see what resilience and ambition your children have and why they come home tired out each evening! We have been focusing on our handwriting across the curriculum this week and have been given some secrets for improving it. If you’re very lucky the Cherry Champions will share them with you!

In Maths this week we have continued to explore 'division' using concrete resources to reinforce this skill. The children have been able to use previous work on 'arrays' to help with this.

Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Taylor and Moss Class worked with us to produce some beautiful 'natural crowns' in Outdoor Learning. We're sure you'll agree that they're fit for any king or queen!

Week beginning 1st May 2023

We had a wonderful time celebrating the King’s Coronation on Friday! We began the day by meeting the man himself as he posed for photo opportunities. Mr Genders read ‘The King’s Hats’ to us all during ‘Buddy Reading’ time and we also worked collaboratively to create coronation necklaces using pasta and electrical tape. 
The afternoon consisted of more teamwork as we enjoyed a tin can alley, an obstacle course, naming a teddy bear, guessing the number of sweets in a jar and some very tasty treats! A huge thank you to Mr Irving for organising it all for us!

More pictures of the celebrations are available in the ‘main gallery’ section of the website.

Yoga with Mr Veness

The above text inspired some yoga work based on ‘balance’.

Week beginning 24th April 2023

We continued our seaside theme this week by creating some fantastic poetry using the senses. In Maths we used our skills of counting in twos, fives and tens to help us group objects. Don’t forget to practise your ‘Supermoving’ at home!

We have been reflecting on the forthcoming Coronation and researching our new King. 

Two highlights for us this week were watching Seafield’s fantastic ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ assembly and learning more about scripts and exploring the beautiful books that have been very kindly donated by Dr. Wingfield and Sophie. Thank you so much Dr. Wingfield! There’s no better gift than a new book!

Week beginning 17th April 2023

It has been lovely to welcome the children back for their final term in Year 1! We hope you all had a restful Easter break. Our History topic this half term is ‘The Seaside’. We have been discussing seaside vocabulary and now know what a ‘pier’ and a ‘charabanc’ are. Please ask your children for renditions of our seaside songs and tongue twister. At least two of them should be very familiar! Our English work on poetry has involved the comparison of two seaside poems. This lead to some wonderful poetry work inspired by a rest in a deck chair. We have been counting in twos in Maths and used this skill to help us count sets of objects more quickly. Some of us were even able to compose our own word problems!


Wishing the Cherry 🍒 Champions and their families a relaxing and peaceful Easter.

Easter Team Activities

Easter Baking with Mrs Marshall linked to 'weight' in Maths

Week beginning 20th March 2023

Creativity was key last week as we prepared for a special day whilst reflecting once again on last month’s value and assembly theme of ‘kindness’. ‘Animal groups’ have been our focus in Science this week as we grouped and named various sets of animals in preparation for our zoo trip which was a wonderful experience for us all. The giraffes, orang-utans and chimpanzees were amongst our favourites! Thank you to Mrs Bartlett for organising the trip for us.

We Went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Week beginning 13th March 2023

Many thanks to those parents and family members who were able to attend the Maths Inspire Workshop this week. It was wonderful to see the children demonstrating their Maths skills. You will find the online resources in the 'Websites and Games' star above.

Week beginning 6th March 2023

We’re sure you’ll agree that we couldn’t be more proud of the Cherry Champions after their class
assembly this week. They showed incredible ambition by speaking in front of an audience, amazing creativity in their drama work, impressive resilience throughout our rehearsals and a great deal of inquisitiveness throughout the entire process. Fantastic work children! You certainly know how to show kindness to others! We have some new word knowledge thanks to our assembly; see if you can remember what ‘script’ and ‘rehearsal’ mean. It also gave us an opportunity to write a review in English.
‘Outdoor Learning’ was brimming with excitement thanks to the snow on Wednesday!

World Book Day 2023

Week beginning 13th February 2023

Look what we discovered in Outdoor Learning this week! (Thank you Mrs Bartlett!) 

Can you remember what the special name for an animal’s home is? Which other places were homes for creatures in our school grounds?

See if you can discover any more on your travels at half term! Happy hunting!

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to one of our Cherry Champions who was awarded ‘first place’ in the St Leonard’s ‘design a flower competition!’ His design was one of over two hundred entries! All of the Beoley entries were creative and ambitious! Well done children! We are extremely proud of you all!

Week beginning 6th February 2023

Look out for our ‘Recommended Reads’ here on our class page. Please ask us why these books are so fantastic!

We reminded ourselves of our Internet Safety Rules this week as part of ‘Safer Internet Day’. Can your children remember them?

Thank you to Mrs Bartlett and Moss Class who helped us to take part in this year’s ‘Big Schools’ Birdwatch’ as part of our Outdoor Learning. How many different birds can your children now name?

Number Day 2023!

We thoroughly enjoyed Number Day and began by discussing what we wouldn't have if it wasn't for numbers - dates (and more importantly birthdays!), time, sports score lines and addresses were just a few suggestions!

We shared our Maths expertise with the Seafielders by playing a variety of Maths games in the morning and completed addition problems using football shirt numbers. We loved taking part in a variety of number activities in our teams with pupils across the school in the afternoon.

Week beginning 30th January 2023

We’ve been doubling everything in sight this week in preparation for Number Day! Our creative skills have been put to excellent use when making ‘doubles cards’ for our peers. The text 'Supposing’ has inspired some fantastic ‘freeze frame’ work; the photos are so impressive that we have decided to use them to create our own book! Our work on ‘sound families’ in phonics is helping us to spell an increasing number of new words. Well done children! It has been wonderful to hear the children discussing how we can ‘turn a negative into a positive’. This demonstrates a mature understanding of our PSHE work.


Freeze Frames in Drama

Northern Lights inspired artwork in Outdoor Learning

Yoga with Mr Adams

Week beginning 16th January 2023

Our creativity has continued to go from strength to strength this week as we discovered lots of ways to make twenty, five new word meanings and how to make pizzas and terrariums! Mr Adams has also been teaching us some yoga techniques to help us with our listening skills. We’ve all be floating around a calm and peaceful classroom as a result! The text ‘Wildflower’ has inspired some beautiful artwork. Don’t forget your entries for the ‘Snowdrop Weekend’ competition. We were excited to be able to show Mrs Bartlett our Maths skills using some of our new resources and shared some very ambitious thinking. Well done children.

Week beginning 5th December 2022

The elves have been busy at work in Cherry Class this week, flexing their creative muscles! We are sure you'll be feeling very festive when you see our Christmas craft boxes! We have revisited the Christmas Story in English, working hard to order and retell the story. Rehearsals are well under way for our Christmas Service - we are singing like angels! We look forward to seeing you at the service next week.

Our trip to Lower Smite Farm

Week beginning 21st November

We had a ‘super’ time on our first school trip together this week! We were extremely proud of the Cherry Champions’ listening skills and observations on the coach. Our writing is based around the trip and will be a great opportunity for the children to show off their wonderful writing skills. Tens and ones have continued to be a focus in Maths this week and the children have been working hard to say the ‘teen’ numbers correctly. Earthworms have provided us with some fascinating facts in Science - did you know that the longest worm is three metres long and that there would be around two million worms living underneath a football pitch?! We will be worm hunting as part of Outdoor Learning next week!

Week beginning 7th November 2022

‘Courage’ has been our focus again this week as we discussed Remembrance Day and designed our own bravery medals. We had the opportunity to see some real medals and learnt why the ribbons have different colours. Take a look at our beautiful poppy display on the classroom window. Superworm has been busy carrying out lots of activities ending with –ed… he baked, raced and jumped to name just a few! Mrs Marshall showed us how to make healthy eating exciting whilst teaching us a new skill. Thank you Mrs Marshall. We have been very pleased to award lots of ‘ambitious’ and ‘resilient’ stickers these week. Well done children. We are very proud of you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Happy Half Term!

Hubble, bubble... this week we’ve been writing spooky recipes using some revolting adjectives. Our instructions were so clear that we were able to create a potion that would be admired by witches and wizards across the land!

We finally met our Mystery Person! Glenda Glitter is the cousin of Goldilocks and Snow White and has been amazed by the Cherry Champions’ resilience this half term. We were so proud of the children’s singing in church yesterday - a perfect example of this month’s value of cooperation. We would like to congratulate the Cherry Champions on a very successful half term. Thank you for all your hard work children.

Dance with Sophie

Observational drawing of pumpkins

Cooperating whilst playing new board games

Following instructions to create a spooky recipe

Week beginning 3rd October 2022

Our ‘mystery visitor’ continues to inspire our inquisitive natures as they leave more clues as to their identity. We now know they enjoy baking and have goldfish! Some of the Cherry Champions have also enjoyed baking with Mrs Marshall this week as they developed their teamwork skills by creating some delicious cookies. Our investigative skills have been put to the test in Science where we posed some fantastic questions about the body and used the library and our Chromebooks to discover the answers - this prompted some important discussion around internet safety.

Creating Autumn leaves using watercolours...

Can you guess the identity of our mystery person?

Learning about our bodies in Science...

Baking with Mrs Marshall to practise our weighing and measuring skills...

Week beginning 19th September 2022

This week we have been using our Science and Maths skills to answer lots of questions - 'Do the tallest people have the biggest feet?' 'Does everyone with dark hair have dark coloured eyes?'

We compared our heights/lengths by drawing around each other on the playground and strengthened our understanding of 'longer, shorter, tallest and shortest'.

We have enjoyed sharing our favourite books and we look forward to sharing them at the Inspire Workshop next week. 

Week beginning 5th September 2022

What a wonderful first three days the children have had in Cherry Class! The children have

settled quickly into their new routines and have been busy choosing and sharing with the help of the texts 'You Choose' and 'The First Slodge'.

Please remember to send in any certificates and rewards that the children receive outside of school so that we can celebrate these with their friends.

Congratulations Cherry Champions! We are extremely proud of you all.

Week beginning 11th July 2022

Chameleons, bees, chicks and pirates have been the topics of conversation in Cherry Class this week! We have been learning about reptiles as part of our Science topic and Red Mason Bees thanks to Janice at the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. Look out for them - they are smaller than an adult thumb nail! The chicks in our classroom have been growing rapidly and Mrs Bartlett and Moss Class invited us to a ’Pirate Party’ where we took part in; problem solving, creative activities, lots of teamwork and cooking! Thank you Mrs Bartlett! We are extremely proud of the Cherry Champions as they approach the end of Year 1. We have been looking back through our books and reflecting on our incredible progress. Congratulations children!

Wellbeing Week 4th-8th July 2022



Redpoint Climbing Tower

Chick Update!

Still image for this video

Our First Chick!

Still image for this video

Here They Come!

Still image for this video

Week beginning 27th June 2022

Jumping like kangaroos and hiding like chameleons has formed the basis of our learning this week! We have been measuring and comparing our long jumps in preparation for Sports Day and using impressive questioning techniques to discover the whereabouts of various creatures hidden in the school grounds. We conducted an investigation to discover whether the children with the longest feet completed the longest jumps - ask us about our findings! Mrs Marshall demonstrated ‘candling’ with our eggs from the incubator. We are all eagerly inspecting them each morning! News to follow!

Candling the eggs

We have a television star in our midst!

Constructing our own versions of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in DT

Week beginning 20th June 2022

We all demonstrated amazing ambition and resilience on Wednesday at the Agility Festival in Bromsgrove. It was wonderful to see the children interacting with the organisers, attempting new activities and trying their best. Well done Cherry Champions! We have broadened our learning about Australia this week by discovering facts about kangaroos, Australia’s deadliest animals and boomerangs! The children have been busy posing interesting questions and deciding the best ways to find the answers. Please ask us about our fascinating facts!

Moss class very kindly invited us to join their 'Woodland Learning' this week. Please ask us about some of the problems we solved. Great teamwork children!

Some Seafielders shared their fantastic stories with us this week. We thought they were incredible! Cherry Class are going to design some book covers for this space!

Week beginning 13th June 2022

There has been great excitement in the Cherry Classroom this week! We are looking after the incubator that Mrs Marshall has kindly organised so that the school can watch chicks hatching! This links directly to our Science work on life cycles, but also to our work on animals. Thank you Mrs Marshall! We were also thrilled to receive a parcel containing five new books for our book corner as a thank you from the Chair of the UKLA Book Awards. We will be reviewing them over the next couple of weeks! We have been busy posing questions for our topic on Australia and have produced some incredible Aboriginal Art that required great resilience.