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Welcome to Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class! We work together to make learning fun for each other. We are the Cherry Champions who are taught by Mrs Sweeney, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Marshall.

Week beginning 13th June 2022

There has been great excitement in the Cherry Classroom this week! We are looking after the incubator that Mrs Marshall has kindly organised so that the school can watch chicks hatching! This links directly to our Science work on life cycles, but also to our work on animals. Thank you Mrs Marshall! We were also thrilled to receive a parcel containing five new books for our book corner as a thank you from the Chair of the UKLA Book Awards. We will be reviewing them over the next couple of weeks! We have been busy posing questions for our topic on Australia and have produced some incredible Aboriginal Art that required great resilience.

Week beginning 6th June 2022

It was heart warming to see the excitement on the children’s faces as they proudly showed their parents the fruits of their hard work on Wednesday. We are sure that you are all very proud of their achievements and the confidence that they had to discuss their learning with you. This week we were very excited to receive a letter from Sophie’s Mummy and some of her students at the University of Birmingham thanking us for our help with some book research. We were pleased to hear that the students had the same favourites as us! We are very proud of the ambition and resilience that the children have demonstrated this week. Well done children.

Investigating position and direction in Maths

Week beginning 23rd May 2022

What a busy week! This week we have been stream dipping, learning about fractions using pizzas and biscuits to help us and celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with the rest of the school! This included making an unusual version of the first class stamp, which we shared with all of our peers!

We would like to congratulate the children on all of their hard work. We are extremely proud of you all and know that your parents will be too when they come to see your work next half term! We wish you all a relaxing break and a lovely extended bank holiday weekend!  

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Our First Class Stamp allowed us to demonstrate participation and kindness as we worked as a class to create it and then shared it with the rest of the school.

A Tuesday Morning Spent Stream Dipping

Investigating Fractions

A Class Book Celebrating Our School Trip

Week beginning 16th May 2022

This week we bid a fond farewell to our froglets and remaining tadpoles. They are enjoying their freedom in the ponds of Mrs Marshall and Mrs Sweeney! Updates to follow. Outdoor Learning and Science this week involved looking at parts of plants and planting seeds. The Cherry Champions are now fully prepared to transform your gardens! We have continued to work on our portrait masterpieces and look forward to the 'big reveal' next week! Congratulations to the Cherry girls, who tool part in a football festival with the Moss girls this week. We are very proud of the way you represented our school girls!

Combining 'fractions' in Maths and Art to begin our detailed portraits. 

Constructing our own versions of 'Compton Verney' using a variety of resources in DT. 

A Grand Day Out to Compton Verney!

Friday 13th May 2022

Amir Khan asked for a child’s hand to be included in his portrait to convey his kindness. Can you spot it?

We were quick to spot that this is a rock star! Can you see the clues?

This portrait was created without taking the pencil off the paper! Can you spot the animal?

This sculptor, Willard Wigan produces tiny sculptures that would fit on a pin head! He uses a human eyelash to paint them!

This actress’ hair is blue because it’s her favourite colour!

This artist uses tiny pieces of electrical tape to create his art and we are very proud of him!

Week beginning 2nd May 2022

The snake’s skin that Mrs Marshall kindly brought in this week was a fascinating addition to our studies of reptiles in Science. We discovered that only one type of lizard sheds its skin in one complete piece. Please ask us if we can remember which one! We now have several froglets, so we are redesigning their environment to ensure they don’t escape! We have enjoyed being part of an exciting project where we have been asked for our opinions on some inspiring texts. More news to follow! Congratulations to the children who designed some fantastic cardboard models. Some excellent examples of our incredible imaginations!

The books for our exciting project...

This week's pond discoveries. Please ask us all about them!

Observational drawings of the parts of plants. See if we can name them all!

Frank, one of our twelve froglets. 

Week beginning 25th April 2022

Did you know that if you could hop like a frog, you would be able to cross a football pitch in just four jumps? Cherry Class have demonstrated how they’ve come on in leaps and bounds this week, by settling quickly to their learning and helping each other. The froglets have now started to grow arms and legs and have been enjoying munching on broccoli! They inspired a pond dipping session with Mrs Marshall today. Please ask us about our discoveries! The book ‘I Saw Anaconda’ by Jane Clarke gave us ideas for some creative writing and helped us sort various animals into groups. Congratulations on a wonderful week Cherry Champions!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Problem solving in PE.

Pond dipping with Mrs Marshall.

The tasty spinach that we have grown ourselves!

Wishing the Cherry Champions and their families a restful Easter break! Thank you for all your hard work children. We are extremely proud of you all.

We have been using the text 'Pip and Egg' by Alex Latimer and David Litchfield to support our Science work on life cycles. This beautiful story about friendship has also helped us to learn more about the life cycles of eggs and seeds.   

The tadpoles have moved house! They now live in a new container and are being cared for by Mrs Taylor over the holidays. She has discovered that they love to eat broccoli!

We bid a fond farewell to our wonderful Mrs Davy in church on Friday. (More pictures in the 'gallery'). Thank you for everything that you have done for the school Mrs Davy. We will miss you very much, but are excited for your new adventures!

Week beginning 28th March 2022

We welcomed yet more visitors into Cherry Class this week – our friends, the tadpoles, along with the text ‘Tadpole’s Promise’ by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross. We have been fascinated by the changes that we’ve noticed in them in just a week! We are wondering what they’ll look like on Monday morning! Many thanks to Mrs Taylor for organising this. We have been learning about capacity in Maths, thinking about the volume of liquid in various containers. Our selection of playground games continues to grow thanks to Mr Veness. We have been enjoying playing ‘Swim, Fishy Swim’ this week, currently named ‘Swim Tadpole, Swim’! 

A huge thank you to Seafield Class who gave us a gift recently - a book! What a brilliant way to demonstrate the value of kindness.

Week beginning 21st March 2022

We put our listening ears to the test this week by identifying various types of music. Jazz, Latin, Rock and Bhangra were on the menu and we were very successful! Well done children! We have enjoyed making predictions in Science as we decided on the best method of releasing our polar bears from their ice cubes. Please ask us about this experiment! Our beautiful handwriting has been put to good use as we created something special for Sunday. Enjoy celebrating the children’s progress when you see their creations! Our alligators from last week’s ‘draw along’ with Mr Genders are now on show on the windows. We hope you are impressed!

Unfortunately Cherry Class were unable to attend a dance festival this week, so instead we held 'Cherry Fest' in school! Congratulations for teaching the whole school some groovy moves Cherry Champions! 

Science experiment - what is the quickest method to melt an ice cube?

Exploring 'mass' in Maths

Week beginning 14th March 2022

Google Earth has been helping us to explore the world this week as we begin our new topic on Polar Lands. We have been learning about penguins and polar bears. Can you guess which land we began with?

Our dance is almost ready for the dance festival next week. We are extremely excited about the performance! Look out for another performance on the website!

We have also been practising to be ’Kindness Superheroes’, inspired by the book ‘There’s a Superhero in Your Book’.

We revisited the ways in which we stay safe in school and made a display of them in the corridor for everyone to see. Please ask us how many ways we can remember.

Mr Genders very kindly led a 'draw along' on Red Nose Day linked to the book 'Alan's Big Scary Teeth' by Jarvis. Look out for a display on our windows! Huge thanks to Mr Genders.

'Supermoving' to revise 'measure'

Still image for this video

Red Nose Day Draw Along Fun with Mr Genders

Pupil Voice - Staying Safe in School

Week Commencing  7th March 2022

Spring has almost sprung, so this week in Science we searched for signs of Spring around the school grounds. Ask us what we spotted and how we knew that they were 'signs of Spring'.

We had two new Cherry Champions this week - two Giant African Land Snails who arrived with Mrs Taylor one morning! We learnt that they are hermaphrodite and that the largest one produced the smaller one all by itself!

Another 's' to add to the list is our new text 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. We have enjoyed writing descriptions using adjectives to describe the various characters. Congratulations on some fantastic writing this week children!  

Week commencing 28th February 2022

What a busy week! The Cherry Champions have got off to a flying start this half term! We’ve been learning about ‘measure’ in Maths, consolidating our understanding of terms such as ‘longer’, ‘shorter’, ‘longest’ and ‘shortest’. World Book Day was a perfect celebration of all things ‘book’ with some incredible decorated potatoes and outfits. We used this special day as an opportunity to explore new texts and shared them with each other. Our DT work this week involved designing and making Tudor houses using sheet materials. We have constructed some very sturdy structures. Well done children!

World Book Day

Designing and making Tudor houses in DT

Identifying 'longer' and 'shorter' in Maths

'Potting on' in outdoor learning

Week beginning 7th February 2022

We've been celebrating our progress in writing this week by comparing our very first pieces of Year 1 writing with the most recent ones. Wow! Each and every Cherry Champion can clearly see how hard they've been working on both their phonics and handwriting as well as the content of their work. What ambitious writers they all are!

We were extremely excited to learn about 'curling' in PE this week! Thank you to Mr Veness for teaching us some brand new skills! 

We have been honing our performance skills by performing to an audience (Moss Class) in Music. We have also been exploring Latin dance and music.

It was 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday, so we spent time discussing how to stay safe online using the song that Buddy the dog taught us. See if you can remember it children.   

Safer Internet Day

Beoley Bookworms


Our seascape!

Week beginning 31st January 2022

Something fishy has been going on in the Cherry Classroom this week! We've been studying real fish and have created some fantastic observational drawings. Many thanks to the children who have brought in some wonderful 'fishy texts'. These have greatly enhanced our learning, as have the incredible fact files that some of the children have produced at home. 

We received a letter from the real Rainbow Fish who asked us to create some fish for his shoal.

A 'real life' visit to Pudding Lane inspired a fact filled lesson that was lead by one of the Cherry Champions. This enabled the children to explore their inquisitiveness by asking some probing questions! Well done children.

Week beginning 24th January 2022

Another busy week for the Cherry Champions!

This week we've been creating a giant seascape linked to our study of 'fish' in Science. The book 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson also provided inspiration for this.

We've continued using the Chrome Books and have learnt how to 'log in' in preparation for some work on 'Purple Mash'.

We are extremely proud of our 'bird' and 'tree' displays which showcase our fantastic artwork as well as our knowledge of birds.

Our learning about the Great Fire of London has been enhanced by some fabulous music and drama work linked to the topic. The children have excelled at singing and acting! Well done Cherry Champions!

Week beginning 17th January 2022

This week we've been creating paper flames as part of our new History topic. Can you guess what it is? Please ask us about the facts, rhymes and songs that we've learnt so far! 

We've been studying how birds build their nests in Science and used our weaving skills to create some fabulous nests using egg boxes and natural materials.

We travelled to India in Music and enjoyed listening to Bhangra whilst learning about Indian musical instruments.

We are very proud of the beautiful handwriting being produced across the class and celebrated this by displaying our 'morning writing' all week this week.

Week beginning 10th January 2022

It's been another busy week in Cherry Class. We've been studying the seasons and have created some beautiful winter trees using twigs and clay. After observing the trees outside, we then recreated them. We've also noticed all the beautiful colours in the skies at the moment and celebrated these in some 'wintry artwork' using watercolours.

Our Science topic this half term is 'animals' and this week we focused on 'birds'. Mrs Marshall brought Sarah the school chicken in and we were able to study her closely. We also produced observational drawings of a real birds' nest. The programme 'Secret Life of Pets' on ITV also featured some interesting facts about birds. Test us to see if we can remember any of them!

Week beginning 3rd January 2022

A very Happy New Year to the Cherry Champions and their families!

The children have returned full of ambition and have settled into their routines very swiftly. We are extremely proud of them. 

Mr Veness continues to introduce new games to the children on a weekly basis. We have noticed a considerable improvement in listening skills, following instructions and teamwork as a result. Thank you Mr Veness.

These 'teamwork skills' were clearly evident in Maths this week as we continued to explore the hundred square by playing Snakes and Ladders and devised tricky number clues for our friends.

December 14th 2021

We couldn’t be more proud of the Cherry Champions’ creativity and ambition after watching their performance this morning! WELL DONE EVERYONE! YOU WERE ALL AMAZING!

We wish the Cherry Champions and their families a peaceful Christmas and would like to thank you all for your ongoing support. 
See you in 2022!

Week beginning 6th December 2021

We have been designing and making food holders for Rodney the Reindeer in DT this week. Our design brief was to create a container that hung around Rodney's neck and held his food. As you can see from the pictures, he has been well fed! Well done children. Excellent folding, measuring and cutting skills. 

Tinsel Man has continued leaving us problems to solve this week. These included:

Somewhere you would put something if you wanted to be kind to someone.

The name of something we do in PE that involves cartwheels and forward rolls.

He's certainly making us think! We wonder where he'll be next week! 

Week beginning 29th November 2021

This week Traction Man introduced us to Tinsel Man! Each morning he is hiding in a different place in school and we have to solve a problem in order to find him. This week's clues were...

You use this to open doors, but there are also lots of these on this instrument.

This animal keeps us safe.

What are five lots of five?

One of the Cherry Champions very kindly brought in a Christmas story to share with his friends this week. We all loved the story and were very grateful for his kindness.

We've been investigating the waterproof nature of various materials in Science this week. Traction Man needed a new waterproof jacket, so we tested a number of materials to see which would be best. As you can see, the testing was very thorough!

We have been learning how to compose and present letters this week. The children linked this to their PHSE work and came up with three wishes for Christmas. These were linked to the true meaning of Christmas and we discussed the fact that 'Christmas is in our hearts, not under the tree.' The content of all the children's letters and standard of their handwriting was so impressive that they were all awarded a 'Writer of the Week' certificate. Congratulations Cherry Champions!

Week beginning 22nd November 2021

As part of our PHSE work and linked to this month's value of 'friendship', the children created a 'Friendship Rainbow' to welcome people into the classroom. We discussed the attributes of a good friend and then voted according to the ones we considered the most important. Top of the list was 'kind', closely followed by 'helpful'.

We have been reminding ourselves how we stay safe in school and use our 'Keeping Safe' board in the classroom to prompt our thinking. This display shows our talking pegs, the zebra crossing, a hand to remind us of our five people who we can talk to, the 'Stop Rule' and our school attributes and values which guide us each day.

Week beginning 15th November 2021

This week we took part in a whole school narrative writing activity using the same stimulus. Have a look at the picture below. What would the setting of your story be? How would you describe the characters and what would the dilemma be? How would it be resolved? The children have learnt about nouns, adjectives, settings, dilemmas and story openings and endings and produced some fantastic pieces of narrative writing which will form part of a whole school display. Well done Cherry Class!

The text inspired a troll 'draw along'. What brilliant observation skills!

We've been busy building brilliant bug hotels! Mrs Marshall gave us lots of marbles for our teamwork.

Our batting skills are developing well thanks to Sam the cricket coach. Some excellent strokes this week!

We were delighted to receive our 'friendship cards' linked to our value of the month and PHSE work. It was wonderful to see the time and care taken by the children for their friends. We also have a 'Gratitude Board' in class set up by Miss Hanson. This enables us recognise what we are grateful for in each other.

Week beginning 8th November 2021

Remembrance enabled us to revisit the value of 'respect' this week as we discussed the significance of poppies, medals and the two minutes silence. The children were extremely respectful when observing the silence and made us very proud. 

We produced a collaborative poppy using our fingerprints and some individual flowers using a range of media. These are proudly displayed around the school. 

One of the Cherry Champions inspired us to create our superhero alter-egos! We thought of names for ourselves and created the three superpowers that we would most like to possess! Look out for 'Red Ninja Turtle' on the playground. He can turn into metal, climb and has super strength!

Week beginning 1st November 2021

The second half of the Autumn Term started with a bang as we learnt about onomatopoeia and all the words that can be used to describe the sound of fireworks. This was followed by discussion about Guy Fawkes' connection to Coughton Court and some beautiful firework art created with pastels and chalk.

The 'Cherry Stores' shop is open and has been helping us to learn about money and the values of the various coins. The children have enjoyed 'buying' various items and working out how much they cost.

We reorganised the class library into the sections of 'fiction', 'non fiction' 'annuals and magazines' and 'newspapers'. This has helped to strengthen our understanding of fiction and non-fiction texts.

Our Science learning has involved sorting various materials and discussing their properties. Have a go at sorting materials at home. How many can you name?

Week beginning 18th October 2021

There was magic in the air this week as Cherry Class created recipes for their own spells. We used a variety of ingredients to create some interesting mixtures and then used our senses to describe them using a range of adjectives. These included 'stinky', 'gooey', 'fresh' and 'lumpy!' Thankfully we didn't have to use our sense of taste! Our Maths skills enabled us to count the number of spoonfuls required and to order our spoon sizes from largest to smallest. Many thanks to Austin for providing the potions!

We have used our DT skills to create windmills from 'The Little Red Hen' story. We also enjoyed using the Lego and Duplo.

Happy Half Term to all of the Cherry Champions and their families. We hope you have lots of fun! 

A selection of 'Beoley Bookworms' morning activities...

Week beginning 11th October 2021

The children were Cherry Champions in every sense of the word as they walked up the hill to St Leonard's on Thursday and sang beautifully in our whole school Harvest Celebration. It was lovely to hear the school singing as one.

The story of the Little Red Hen has been our focus for our Harvest work this week. We have enjoyed creating artwork and puppets connected with the story.

We discovered carrots in the garden with Mrs Marshall and posed some inquisitive questions connected to our Science work.

Mr Veness has been teaching us more playground games to improve our teamwork. We have played 'Swim Fishy Swim', 'Rainbow Circle', Hopscotch, 'Colour Corners' and 'Poison Tree'.