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Welcome to Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class! We work together to make learning fun for each other. We are the Cherry Champions who are taught by Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor.

Happy Holidays Cherry Champions! Arrrrrr!

Wellbeing Week

Week beginning 12th July

Please ask us about our wellbeing learning activities!

Mindfulness colouring for a competition to help raise funds for the Brighter Beginnings Eco Project.

Practising meditation!

Learning to recognise how our outdoor environment contributes to our wellbeing. 

A 'daily mile'.

Cherry Champions' Sports Day. Thank you Mr Veness and Mrs Allen!

Focusing on colour, texture and detail using the book 'Whose Eyes Are These?' as a stimulus. 

Gymnastics and cheerleading with Sophie from SJ Academy.

Gymnastics on the Tumble Track.

Boccia and archery with Mr Veness.

Demonstrating ambition and resilience with the help of the Redpoint climbing tower.

Making medals to celebrate our achievements this week.


Week beginning 5th July 

This week we celebrated England's victory by composing postcards to Gareth Southgate and his team discussing the team's performance and our excitement about Sunday's final! We have been practising our shooting on the field at playtimes and Mrs Sweeney has even scored a few goals!

We've been conducting some floating and sinking investigations in Science and enjoyed checking our predictions and recording our results in teams.

We've also been measuring and recording the heights of our bean plants. Our Science experiment is certainly developing our Maths skills.

Continuing our study of the Great Barrier Reef, we have been making observational drawings of coral and fish. The latter helped us to think of some ambitious adjectives using our sense of smell!

Week beginning 28th June

We would like to let the Cherry Champions know how enormously proud we are of them. This week we have noticed the children going out of their way to help and support each other, demonstrating ambition in their learning and showing kindness by making cards and pictures for each other, sometimes in their own time at home. Well done children. You are amazing.

We are extremely proud of one of our Cherry Champions who is taking part in the Brighter Beginnings Eco Project to rejuvenate an area of land near to his house. Well done! What a creative and ambitious project!

We've continued to learn about directional language in Maths and Computing this week, using the Bee Bots to practise programming various routes around our treasure map.

We worked together to create authentic pirate treasure maps, hiding the treasure and then directing our friends to it.

Week beginning 21st June

Ship ahoy! We've been learning about the life of Captain Cook this week. We were amazed by the number of words that we could use for his travels - 'expedition', 'journey', 'adventure' and 'voyage'. We enjoyed being creative and ambitious when drawing and painting these detailed portraits.

We've been using directional language to move around the playground. We challenged each other to follow chalked out routes, working out the directions and number of steps needed.

Sharing skipping tips...

Week beginning 14th June

We've been busy making shelters for Traction Man out of sheet material this week. After carefully designing the shelters, we selected appropriate materials, including joining materials and conducted evaluations after construction. Some of the shelters will be tested in the woodland area overnight. We will be asking Traction Man for a report as to their suitability!

We've been busy planting and planning a growing experiment this week. Please ask us all about it and also what we predict will happen!

Our persuasive writing skills were very important this week, as we were challenged to create a leaflet that would persuade the Seafield children to go back to Bishops Wood to take part in the same activities as us. Our leaflets were sent anonymously and were judged by the Seafield children. Business and sales careers here we come! 

Our 'Enchanted Wood' Adventure at Bishops Wood

We had a wonderful time learning about trees, leaves, mini beasts and animals with habitats in the woods in the glorious sunshine on Wednesday. It was so lovely to be out on a school trip! Please ask us about Magic Sky Mirrors, fairy gardens, natural artwork and 'smelly cocktails!' 

Congratulations to our talented artists, Golden Certificate winners and Writer of the Week!

We are so proud of one of our Cherry Champions who donated ten inches of her hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that use real hair to create wigs for children who have lost their hair due to ill health or medical treatment. What a wonderful act of kindness! 

We’ve been measuring everything in sight this week! We found lots of items in the classroom to measure in centimetres and were challenged to create ‘snakes’ of various lengths.

We also created a class snake that was longer than the longest snake in the world! The reticulated python is 625cm long and the ‘Cherry Cobra’ was 665cm!

The ‘Cherry Cobra’...

Traction Man now has a variety of backpacks to choose from for his rainforest adventures courtesy of our DT lesson! We folded and glued nets to make the backpacks and then decided how to attach the straps. The design brief was that the backpack had to stay on Traction Man’s back. 

We had a wonderful time learning about Beoley pond life this week! Please ask us what we learnt and if we can remember what surface tension is! 

Can you remember what this plant is called and what it does?

'Surprised!' by Henri Rousseau...

There was an unexpected visitor in the greenhouse this week! Can you spot what it was? The discovery prompted some fact finding and we produced some fact files. Ask us what we can remember! 

We continued exploring fractions with the help of dough this week. We made 'cakes' with the cutters and divided them into halves and quarters.

Our plants are growing and we have been observing them closely to see which conditions create the best growth.

We have been inspired by the Henri Rousseau painting 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' and created our own class collage version. Excellent teamwork Cherry Class!

This Tropical Pitcher Plant attracts insects using the sweet nectar inside its pods. They fall into the pods trying to reach the nectar and are then trapped.

We used the magnifiers to create observational drawings of the plant...

This week we became Detail Detectives, using the magnifying glasses to inspect aspects of nature and including the detail in our observational drawings. Perhaps you could come up with some more detailed creations for this month's optional homework.

We have been using dough to help us understand halves and quarters and now know that each of these sections must be equal. Have a go at finding halves and quarters of items at home (not just cake and pizza!)

The dough came in handy for some beautiful creations. We described these to each other using 'ambitious adjectives' such as 'beautiful', 'imaginative' and 'realistic'.

Congratulations to this week's Golden Certificate winners...

...and our Writers of the Week! Well done everyone. Have a lovely weekend!

Harold the parrot from 'Harold Finds a Voice' has been helping us with our learning this week. We've been writing animal noises with the help of our phonic knowledge and creating our own 'Harolds' in the style of Courtney Dicmas. Have a look on our classroom window and you will see how creative we've been! 

We also wrote instructions for planting a seed this week and used them to help us do just that! We were able to follow our detailed instructions and had great success! We have been checking the pots eagerly each morning to see if anything is emerging! 

Traction Man asked us to go outside on a 'Senses Walk'. We chose 'ambitious adjectives' for things that we could see, hear and feel and then used these in our writing. Congratulations to our three writers of the week!

The text 'Where the Forest Meets the Sea' inspired some ambitious natural artwork linked to our rainforest topic this week. We enjoyed creating snakes with pipe cleaners and then hid them on the pieces of art. See if you can spot them!

It was time to create our own analogue clocks this week! We have been practising telling the time to the hour and half hour. Twelve 'o clock seems to be one of our favourite times of day!

What an ambitious start to the summer term! This week we've travelled to South America and learnt about the animals that live there, we've been breaking world records and learning to tell the time. What a busy week! We've been busy finding out about different types of non-fiction texts. Have a look and see if you can find any at home. Next week will see the start of 'Writer of the Week' where we will choose someone who has made excellent progress with their writing or demonstrated a good understanding of the concepts being taught. Don't forget to access Edshed for your spellings and to keep up with daily reading. Well done Cherry Champions.

Learning about plants with Mrs Marshall...

Getting creative with paper and practising our cutting skills...

Congratulations to this week's Golden Certificate winners. Look out for our 'Writer of the Week' next week!

Happy Easter from the Cherry Bunnies!

Wishing you all a peaceful and enjoyable Easter break. Congratulations on all your achievements Cherry Champions.

You might like to watch a live storytelling event with Michelle Robinson on April 6th. Here is the link to the free event: 

This week we enjoyed creating some Morph models using clay. Some of us were ambitious and created our own characters with the leftovers!
We enjoyed wishing Postman Pete a happy retirement and sang him his very own song in the sunshine! Thank you for all your hard work Pete. We will miss you very much.

We've come to the end of another jam-packed week in Cherry class! This week we've been celebrating our feedback from Michelle Robinson who said that our sausage and banana jokes were 'ace' and that they made her day! Well done Cherry Champions!

Morph has been helping us to produce some creative writing and we've had great fun guessing what he might be saying in his animations! Perhaps you could have a go at home! He also inspired this week's Great Big Art Exhibition which is still focused on humour - he made us laugh a lot this week!

We thoroughly enjoyed our taster dance club session with Sophie and it looks like most of us are going to be signing up!

We've also been busy helping Mrs Marshall to 'pot on' some plants in the greenhouse and have enjoyed studying the different parts of a plant.

Happy Weekend!