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Welcome to Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class! We work together to make learning fun for each other. We are the Cherry Champions who are taught by Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Taylor.
This week we've been using the 'bee bots' to help us with our mapping skills. We practised moving in different directions outside first... 
...and then used these directions to program the 'bee bots' to move around our plans. We had great fun thinking about the routes that they could take! 
We've developed our estimating and measuring skills by first guessing the lengths of various items in the classroom and then measuring them. We made some accurate estimates! 
Practising odd and even numbers on the hopscotch grid...
We rounded off a very successful half term with marshmallows and stories around the fire pit. The children enjoyed sharing their favourite experiences so far in Cherry Class and discussing our hopes for after half term. Many thanks to Mrs Marshall for organising this for us.
Wishing the Cherry Champions and their families a peaceful half term. Congratulations on all your hard work Cherry Class. You've been amazing!
We’ve been showing off our creative skills this week, using leaves to give ourselves new hairstyles and to create ‘leaf creatures’. We discussed the different types of leaves, their colours and the trees that they fell from. We were interested to see the veins on the leaves, comparing them to our own.
We had a surprise gift this week...a book from Seafield Class! 'Mrs Mole, I'm Home' by Jarvis is a story about a mole who loses his glasses and has some amusing adventures trying to find his way home. We decided to type some thank you letters to Seafield and used 'Word' on the laptops. We also drew some pictures based on the text and each signed a letter. Mrs Sweeney then delivered our package! We are very grateful for this kind thought.
We've been finding out if we're all the same in Science this week by comparing eye colours and heights. There are lots of blue eyes in Cherry Class!
Mr Veness worked with a group this week on various yoga poses. The children concentrated brilliantly. Practise these at home children!
We enjoyed our time on the wooden play equipment this week. Some of us found that we're even more brave now we're in Year 1 and attempted challenges for the first time. Congratulations Cherry Champions!
Some of the fabulous work we've produced so far this term...
We have further strengthened our computer skills this week by learning how to access Numbots. The children all enjoyed practising their number skills. Please continue this at home Cherry Class. Your user name and password are the same as your Edshed ones.
We've also been finding different ways of making five and ordering numbers...
Can you order the numbers from greatest to smallest and then smallest to greatest?
From jelly last week to cake and spider sandwiches this week! The 'food' theme continues! We have been designing our dream cakes (Mrs Sweeney enjoyed this one!) and creating lists of ingredients for disgusting sandwiches - please don't try them at home!
We're not only Cherry Champions, but Super Movers too! We've been enjoying the alphabet song and the 'Full Stop Bop'. Please ask your children to show you their groovy moves!

Our Class Poem based on ‘Don’t Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly!’

Still image for this video
This week we used the text 'Don't Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly!' to compose a class poem! We thought about names and words that would rhyme with them and then used the lines in the text to help us create our own poem. Everyone wrote some words and it is now displayed proudly in the classroom. We are very happy of the result. Mrs Sweeney is so proud that she is going to send a copy to Nick Sharratt! Brilliant rhyming Cherry Class!
We have learnt how to access and use EdShed to help us with our phonics and spelling this week. We really enjoyed using the laptops. Please check your reading diaries for your user names and passwords so that you can keep practising at home. New tasks will be set each week.
We loved the Beoley Positivity Games! 

The children had a wonderful day on Tuesday and demonstrated lots of positive team spirit!

The day began with making positivity rosettes. The children were asked to draw the most positive aspects of school and these were used to create rosettes in their team colours.

Cherry Class then participated in a number of team games and activities including relay races, javelin throwing and football dribbling races. They worked together to earn points for their teams. 

We discussed 'challenges' and the positive ways to overcome them. The children all had some fantastic ideas. Congratulations on making the day a complete success Cherry Class! You thoroughly deserve your certificates!

"Positivity means always having a go with a smile on your face."

A very warm welcome to our new Cherry Champions! 

'Positivity' is our first value of the month this academic year and we couldn't have wished for a more positive group of children returning to school after an unprecedented period. We are incredibly proud of the way in which Year 1 have settled into new routines and embraced their learning. Congratulations Cherry Class! 

This week we have used the texts 'You Choose' and 'Just Imagine' to inspire our writing. We have created our own characters, discussing reasons for our choices and have enjoyed imagining what it would be like to be as tall as a giant or as tiny as an ant. Nick Sharratt has also helped us to draw some amazing dogs and dinosaurs through his draw alongs.

We have enjoyed learning inside and outside and have strengthened our addition skills with the help of the text 'How Many Legs?'

Congratulations to our first two Golden Certificate winners!
Happy Easter Cherry Class! Freya very kindly brought her Easter bonnet in to show us, so here it is for those of you who didn't get to see it! Sending Easter wishes to you all.
This week a real archaeologist called Jess came to visit us! We asked her lots of questions using our 'question starters' and discovered what tools and clothing archaeologists need. Jess brought in a three hundred year old Tudor brick, some Roman glass and mosaic flooring and a piece of flooring that was over two thousand years old! We now have plenty of budding archaeologists! Many thanks to Mrs Taylor for organising the visit for us.
We've continued our 'time' investigations this week, timing how long it takes to complete various activities to help us understand the difference between seconds, minutes and hours. 
Can you guess which length of time was for singing the alphabet song and which one was for visiting the toilets to wash our hands thoroughly? 
David Hockney has inspired some incredible artwork. We think we need to open our own gallery!
What wonderful creations we've witnessed today! The children have thoroughly enjoyed sharing new stories, discussing book characters and thinking about which books they'd like to read next. Well done to everyone for taking part and being inquisitive about your reading. 
Huge congratulations to Freya, who won a runners up prize in the snowdrop writing competition organised by St. Leonard's Church. We are very proud of you Freya!
Many thanks to those who attended the Inspire Workshop today. We enjoyed sharing insight into our school day. It was lovely to see how confident the children were to share their experiences and speak to the group. The pancakes were delicious. Thank you Mrs Taylor!
Smartie the penguin reminded us how to stay safe on the internet this week. Mrs Halliwell also lead a special assembly as part of Safer Internet Day.
We've been brushing up on our ICT skills to create animal artwork with the help of Seafield Class! The children have really enjoyed working together and sharing their skills.
Creativity, ambition and resilience have all featured in our gymnastics sessions with Mrs Taylor. We've been 'finding our brave' and pushing ourselves to see what we can achieve. Well done Cherry Class! 
We have an extremely exciting entrance to our classroom at the moment! The Cherry class dragon, inspired by Umeya's artwork welcomes us each morning. Thank you to Mrs Taylor for helping us create such a 'roarsome' success! Our ambitious handwriting and dragon descriptions stand proud on the board for all to see.
Thank you for your thank you Logan! The children were very excited to receive a lovely message from Logan, thanking them all for his bravery medals. We're pleased you liked them Logan!
This week we co-operated and shared ideas to create some group animal fact file posters. Excellent teamwork Cherry Class!
A huge thank you to Jacob who organised a cake sale to raise funds for the school! Congratulations on all your hard work Jacob! It certainly paid off as Jacob raised £84.50 for school funds! We are all extremely proud of you and the cakes were delicious!
We all loved visiting Mrs Preece in the library this week! We chose some interesting fiction and non fiction books and discussed how the library is set up and where to access various texts. Thank you for our stickers and bookmarks Mrs Preece!
This week we've been looking at non fiction texts and discovering lots of animal facts. We used these to create our own fact files. Ask us how many teeth a dolphin has, what the most popular pet in the UK is and which pet lives the longest!
We've been planting beans with Mrs Taylor. Watch this space!
Happy New Year! Cherry Class have returned and are raring to go! We introduced our new topic and book 'Dragon Post' this week and constructed our own dragons. We had fun testing their flying skills, linking this to 'length' in Maths. 
We had a reply! We were all very excited to receive a response to our letter!
Merry Christmas Cherry Class! Well done for working so hard this term! We are all extremely proud of you and look forward to seeing you in 2020! 
Congratulations to our runner up and winner of the 2019 Christmas Bauble Competition!
We used our creative skills this week to prepare for the Christmas Fayre. Melting Snowmen biscuits and Christmas sweet jars are now our specialities!
Mrs Sweeney then set us a challenge! We had to teach the Seafield children how to make the biscuits without any help from an adult. An excellent use of time connectives and your oracy skills Cherry Class!
We really enjoyed taking part in the Beoley Book of the Year vote this week. We voted in private and went to post our voting slips in the Seafield ballot box. We are excited to discover which book won!
This week we've used our values of gratitude and awareness to help us compose an 'alternative letter to Father Christmas'. The children discussed what it is important to consider at this time of year and how we should put others before ourselves. Fantastic oracy work Cherry Class! Fingers crossed for a reply!
This week we've been weaving and using base ten to demonstrate our knowledge of tens and ones within numbers. Remember to practise counting in twos, fives and tens at home!
Our trip to the Black Country Living Museum provided lots of inspiration for future learning. Look out for links to measurement, inventions and materials in the coming weeks. 
Congratulations to Cherry Class for showing great awareness and posing some impressive questions. We are very proud of you. 
Mrs Chadwick, Mr Sweeney and Mr Phillips very kindly joined us for our Remembrance Assembly this week. Mr Sweeney and Mr Phillips spoke to the children about the Navy and RAF and the importance of remembering those who fought for our country and are still protecting it. Many thanks to them for the invaluable information.
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Redditch Library this week. We had a tour of the library with Seafield Class as part of our 'Buddy Reading' sessions. This included an inquisitive trip down into the basement to look at the really old books! Some were two hundred years old! Hannah from the library read us 'Where The Poppies Now Grow' to help us learn about Remembrance and we were creative in choosing new books that interested us, sharing them with our reading partners. Some of us who didn't already have a library card signed up for one and became members. Happy Reading everyone!
We've been investigating materials in Science and have been inquisitive when looking around school to discover which materials have been used. We enjoyed visiting our new toilets and looking at the flooring in the corridor to help with this. Can you find any different materials at home?

A busy final week of the half term ended with our Harvest Service up at St. Leonard's. Beautiful singing Cherry Class! This week we have been experimenting with 3D shapes, directing the bee bots using time connectives and exploring our sense of touch. 

We would like to congratulate Cherry Class on all your hard work this half term - you are all Cherry Champions! Looking forward to lots more learning fun next half term! Have a wonderful break!

We've been revising our number bonds. 'Hit the Button' has helped us to speed up!
Our morning activities give us the opportunity to develop a love for reading whilst practising our skills.
We've had a mystery visitor in Cherry Class this week! They've left some items for us to describe using adjectives. We've had so many suggestions such as 'smooth, shiny, sparkly, pretty and noisy'. We used these to write descriptions. Well done Cherry Class! 

We couldn't contain our excitement this week after receiving an email from a 'real live' author! Karl Newson very kindly took the time to answer all of the questions that we sent to him! We discovered what it's like to be an author, possible reasons for the mouse wanting to be a tiger, Karl's favourite authors and illustrators and a great deal more! Each child has a copy of the email to share at home. Many thanks to Mr Genders for helping us to make contact. 

Our learning around this text has involved role playing animals that we'd like to be, creating elephants and tigers, writing letters, discovering facts about unusual animals, composing emails and much more! 

What a busy week! This week we've been studying shapes and number - finding one more and one less. We're enjoying writing everything from letters to prescriptions and the doctors' surgery is fully operational. We've investigated our sense of smell and have impressed everyone with our reading. Mr Genders gave us a sneak peak of a book that's not even in the shops yet; 'Oi Puppies!' by Kes Gray and Jim Field. We were extremely excited! 

Cherry Class have made an impressive start to their time in Year 1. We have enjoyed reading our new text 'I Am A Tiger' by Karl Newson and are excited that we will be sending him some questions about the book and also about being an author. 

We will be reading with children from Seafield on a Friday and sharing some of our favourite books.

We have been writing about the animals we would most like to be and have used our acting skills to pretend to be these animals with Mr Veness outside. We are preparing for something special!

We've been learning about our bodies and 2D shapes with Mrs Taylor and have been looking for missing numbers in our Maths lessons.