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Home Learning 2020

Staff have been reviewing the huge range of online resources currently available to assist you with home learning. You will find a selection of our recommended ones in the 'Websites' section of the class page.

Links to websites relevant to weekly planning will be posted underneath each weekly learning sheet in order that they can be easily accessed.

Responsible Internet Use and ESafety

As children may be accessing the Internet and online activities more frequently, take the opportunity to share the acceptable use rules we follow in school. Read and discuss them with your child and what they should do if they come across or see something that makes them sad or feel angry. Internet safety day occurred last month and all children took part. Parent guidance, documents and links are on the website under Esafety and documents listed below.

Department for Education's free online learning resources

Website suggestions to support learning at home

Coronavirus - A Book for Children

Here is a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler.

Week beginning: 14th September 2020

Hi Seafielders,

Below are the home learning resources for this week.

The staff have scoured the world wide web to find some of their favourite activities as well as including some of their favourite home learning ideas.

Thursday July 16th is Reading Together Day!

Follow the links below to find out about Reading Together Day. There is a schedule of online

activities for the day, along with a reading treasure hunt and some ideas to support learning at home. Have fun!

Congratulations to those of you who took part in the Beoley Virtual Sports Day! 

Have a look at pictures of your friends below. Please remember to email us your photos so that we can add to the slideshow. Don't forget to print off your certificate! Well done everybody! 

Week beginning: 13th July 2020

Hi Seafielders,

This week, Mr Genders has loved spending time designing your 'Top Trumps' cards and then trying them out with his wife and son. He lost!

He also took Bertie to see the dinosaurs at 'All Things Wild' in Evesham. Mr Genders has never seen someone so excited to go somewhere. Bertie was ready to leave by 8:30am, despite their entry time not being until 10:30am. They ended up spending an hour just sat in the car on their drive whilst Mr Genders' wife was still getting ready.

Bertie's favourite dinosaurs at the park were the allosauruses and the pterodactylus (although according to Andy Day they weren't dinosaurs they were actually pterosaurs).

Mr Genders has also enjoyed watching episodes of 'Finders Keepers' to research one of the home learning activities that he has devised for you.

In the Allen household they have been creating photo collages to brighten up the house,and Mrs Allen has had several rounds of Uno Flip trying to beat Katie.She hasn't managed it yet!

Mrs Allen has also been experimenting with some new savoury dishes, the favourite being a Thai green curry and the whole family have taken part in the Beoley Virtual sports Day with Mr Allen gaining the highest score across the board.

Have fun with this week's home learning suggestions and if you are looking for the class Top Trumps set you can find them below this post.


Keep an eye out at the end of the week as we'll be uploading an activity booklet with lots of ideas for you to try over the summer.

9th July 2020 - Seafield Class 2019/20 - Top Trumps Set

A little something from Mr Genders and Mrs Allen


We hope that you are all well and safe.  We are sad that we haven’t been able to teach you during these very unprecedented times. However, we wanted to gift you something that would help you remember being part of such a brilliant class.

We have created a class set of Top Trumps that you will be able to print out and keep, they based on your symmetrical portraits that you created in class.

Attached you will find a set of 36 playing cards (front and backs) as well as a tuckbox to store your cards in.

We recommend that you print the playing cards and tuckbox out on A3 card. For double sided playing cards refeed the printed ‘Front’ JPGs when printing the ‘Back’ JPG.

Just so you are aware, all the cards have been randomly matched with a card from a ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ set. So please do not be offended if your scores are not as good as Mr Genders’. You could always play the game where the lowest value wins. Just ensure that you agree to this before you begin the game.

Have fun 'Trumping'.

Thank you for being such a resilient, creative and lovely class.


Mr Genders and Mrs Allen

The Beoley First School Virtual Sports Day!

11th and 12th July 2020

Get training ready to participate at the weekend! Choose some activities from the bingo sheet and off you go! Encourage family members to take part and send us photos of what you've done! Email photos (you only) to with SEAFIELD SPORTS in the subject box. Look out for your photos on the website!

Once you've taken part, download the certificate below to celebrate your achievements!

Have fun!

Week beginning: 6th July 2020

Hi Seafielders,

Mrs Allen is still working at the 'Couch to 5k' with Chloe. They are on week 5 and are going on longer runs now, and she was really pleased to see Noah J. during one of her runs. The fitness continues with dance classes with Katie too.

All the exercise makes them hungry though so it's a perfect excuse to bake again, this week's treats were raspberry and white chocolate blondies. They didn't last long.

Mrs Allen was able to pick and eat lots of her lettuces again and is winning the 'readathon' competition as she's finished three books in four weeks. The whole family enjoyed a different walk at Umberslade Farm Estate and Mrs Allen tried her hand at the 5-minute sculpture a day from Arts Week.

Meanwhile, Mr Genders has been busy finishing off some commissions and getting then all safely packaged to be posted out. A job that he didn't think would take so long.

Mr Genders' friend has created a virtual 'Sock Challenge' video for the children at his High School but he wondered if Seafield Class would also like to attempt any of them. We have included the video below. You could even create your own sock activities and compete against family or friends?


We hope you enjoy this week's home learning suggestions? Take care, keep safe and keep smiling.

Sock Challenge

Still image for this video

Week beginning: 29th June 2020

Hi Seafielders,

This week Mr Genders has enjoyed watching 'The Glastonbury Experience' on BBC iPlayer and reminiscing about all the gigs and festivals he has been to over the years. He particularly enjoyed the sets by Primal Scream, The Cure, Bloc Party, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys.

He's also been going on lots of walks with his family. Bertie is enjoying reciting the story of 'The Gruffalo' whenever they're in some woods and will insist on everyone being "very, very quiet" in case he see's one.

Bertie has also had Mr Genders creating a cardboard cutout of Shaun the Sheep. Although, it is very much a work in progress as he abandoned it for a water fight.

And of course, with the return of Premier League football, Mr Genders has been cheering on Aston Villa at every opportunity (although the Duplo has been more entertaining at times). UP THE VILLA!


Meanwhile, Mrs Allen has had fun finding ways to keep cool with Chloe and Katie in the sun. They created a new throw and catch game with water filled balloons, you've guessed it, the person who missed got soaked! The hose pipe proved much better for soaking Chloe and Katie though.

The vegetables are growing rapidly and The Allens have eaten the lettuce and three courgettes from their vegetable patch now.

They all went for a drive around the Safari Park on Wednesday and came up very close to someone quite scary. Luckily he didn't seem very hungry!


It's the beginning of 'Children's Art Week' this week and we have set you some work that we'd love to see.

Week beginning: 22nd June 2020

Hi Seafielders,

Mrs Allen has been taking care of her garden vegetables, with a helping hand from the rain, she hasn't had to water them as much! The lettuces and courgettes are doing well and a bean plant, from Willow in Holt Class, has gone crazy!

The whole family spent the rainy days this week rediscovering their love of monopoly and other games, Katie won EVERY time!

More baking was also involved preparing treats for Fathers Day.

Meanwhile, Mrs Chapman has been busy with her embroidery. Can you name the bird she has created?

This week Mr Genders was delighted to find out that Bertie's portrait of Michael Jordan (from last week's home learning) was featured on episode 11 of Olaf Falafel's Art Club.

Also, the 2nd round of Mr Genders and Mr Veness' '30-Day Music Challenge' came to a close, and after 120 different songs and artists they ended with songs by Bill Murray and Justin Timberlake (and your're right... Mr Genders did not pick Justin Timberlake).


We can't wait to see all of the Year 4's work for the end of year project. Don't forget we need everything by Monday 29th June.


Enjoy the sunshiiiiiiiine!

Week beginning: 15th June 2020

Hi Seafielders,

Unsurprisingly, it's been another art-packed week in the Genders household.

Bertie and Mr Genders recently took part in Sky Arts' live 'Portrait Artist of the Week', creating a chalk portrait on a garden slab. It was far from perfect, but Mr Genders really enjoyed just drawing for fun and getting to do it with his son. Although, every time Mr Genders would try and work on some of the finer detail, Berts would come in with some heavy handed mark making.


They've also created a collaborative collage piece inspired by the work of American artist, Kehinde Wiley. Bertie coloured in a picture of Michael Jordan (his favourite person in the world), made marks on green card, cut out shapes from coloured paper and decided where they should be stuck. Whlist Mr Genders cut out the Michael Jordan figure, stuck it down and helped apply the glue to the coloured shapes. The idea for this was taken from episode 10 of Olaf Falafel's weekly online 'Art Club'. You'll see that it has been included in this week's home learning suggestions.

Mrs Allen has been looking after the birds in her garden. She had to rescue a magpie with a broken wing and feed it until it could fly again, and with Katie's help encouraged a baby blue tit to find it's mum and nest again so it was safe.

On a sportier note she is now into week three of the couch to 5k with Chloe but is struggling with running up hills.

Finally, continuing the creative theme, Mrs Allen and Katie dug out Katie's sewing machine and made a new top for Katie as well as baking coconut macaroons and a chocolate Oreo cake. Needless to say, Mrs Allen didn't have any trouble eating the cakes!


We hope you are keeping as busy as Mrs Allen and Mr Genders and that you are well and safe. We have attached the home learning suggestions below as well as with the end of year project for Year 4, which you should have already received by email.


Have fun.

Week beginning: 8th June 2020

Hi Seafielders,

Mrs Allen has been getting creative this week. She helped, Disney mad, Chloe transform a giant pack of cards into Disney character cards, upcycled Katie's old t-shirts to make "new" tie-dyed ones, and painted some more stones after being inspired by the rocks of positivity.

There was also a surprise delivered to her door! It was a raised planter and vegetable plants. Mrs Allen perfected her assembly skills (aided by Mr Allen and a drill) to create her first vegetable patch.

The beetroot, carrots and lettuce are all planted and so far Mrs Allen has remembered to water them!

Mummified tomato update:

The tomato is now totally dried out and less than half the weight it was at the start. It now weighs 18g. Can you work out why?

This week Mr Genders has watched Space Jam with his son for about the millionth time... Although they're still enjoying it. They have also been painting, reading lots and working hard on potty training (Bertie, not Mr Genders).

Also, over the last few months, Mr Genders has also had more time to try out some new recipes and rediscover some long forgotten meals. He's particularly enjoyed making Lebanese chicken, Jamaican pea and rice, eggs benedict, fresh pasta, scones and hot cross bun & butter pudding.


This week Mrs Allen has created lots of home learning activities based on oceans. However, please also visit, where there are even more fun resources to help engage your learning.


Week beginning: 1st June 2020

Hi Seafielders,

Primarily inspired by his son's new found love of Space Jam (which Mr Genders thoroughly approves of) and following a morning "sorting" out the loft, Mr Genders has found himself engrossed with lots of 80's and 90's nostalgia. He's been grooving to Quad City DJ's in the kitchen, rediscovering his love of Sensible Soccer and NBA Jam (BOOMSHAKALAKA!), practising some basketball dunks in the garden, dusting down his beloved cassette tape collection (he thought some of you might particularly enjoy the one that he has included in the photos below) as well as playing The A-Team and Mr. T board games in the evening (with his slightly reluctant wife). Why not find out what kind of things your parents read, watched, listened to and played when they were your age?

Meanwhile, the Allens have been continuing their food theme and creating different salad concoctions for the hot weather. Mrs Allen and Katie walked to the Redditch rocks of positivity, they found it amazing and very inspirational. They are now working on new designs.

Katie, Chloe and Mrs Allen have been having a "Read a Chapter a Day" challenge, to see who can read the most books. At the moment Mrs Allen is in the lead.


Mr Veness and Mr Genders are now fourteen days into the second round of their 30 day music challenge, with strict rules that they are not allowed to repeat any artists that were selected during the first 30 days. They have devised a little game for you, attached as a PDf. Can you guess which teacher selected which artist?


Stay safe and have fun in the sun!

Week beginning Monday 25th May 2020

We have put together a 'Creative Bingo' sheet to give you ideas for some interesting half term activities. Don't forget the 'Beoley Reading Bingo' and certificate. Have fun! You will find some links to help you below.

Week beginning: 18th May 2020

Hi Seafielders,

This week in the Allen household, Mrs Allen and Katie have been creating origami. They even made a lockdown fortune teller with activities for the whole family.

Dassy the guinea pig has had more creative ways of getting her food, and the whole family have continued with their daily walks. Can you name the flowers that Mrs Allen has spotted?

Mrs Allen has also been trying to impress Mrs Marshall with her gardening skills but has had to rely on Mr Allen for watering in case she forgets.

MUMMIFIED TOMATO UPDATE: It looks like the process is working as the tomato hasn't rotted but has dried out and the skin is hard and knobbly. Check out the photos. Its is now sealed back in salt and bicarbonate for another two weeks, more updates will follow.

Mrs Allen also enjoyed taking part in the Beoley Music Challenge. You can find her choices in a PDF below.

Meanwhile in the Genders household they have spent lots of time; painting, outside in their garden, listening to music, making cardboard ramps and playing with Bertie's brand new Mike, Sulley and Boo toy figures.

Mr Genders has being inundated with drawing requests from Bertie. Whether it's a colouring sheet of Bertie and his friend as Hulk and Spider-Man (check it out below) or a more surreal drawing of Bertie in Jurassic Park with Andy from Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, and Daddy as a T-Rex (he's still drawing this).

Mr Veness and Mr Genders' 30-day music challenge came to an end this week. They decided that Mr Genders had picked the best collection, as Mr Veness had selected a couple of iffy songs, including a track by Newton Faulkner.

Mr Genders has also been reading lots of books with Bertie, and have now completed the Beoley Reading Bingo challenge. If you have also completed it, there is a certificate that you can download below.

We hope you are all safe and well and enjoy this week's home learning ideas.

Week beginning: 11th May 2020

Hi Seafielders,

We hope you are all well, happy and safe and are using the home-learning sheets as a guide for some fun learning at home.

This week the Genders household have immersed themselves in lots of pop culture, as they have all been joining in with Bertie's passion for role play. There has been lots of superhero games, monster roaring, Ghostbuster hunts and Jurassic Park races. However, their favourite activity has been pretending to go on one of Andy's Dinosaur Adventures, they even made Berts his own time-traveling clock. Mr Genders is now a master of a T.rex impression, so much so he's confident that (if he gets the right acting agent) he might be able to get a role as a supporting dinosaur in the upcoming Jurassic World film.

In the Allen house they have been using their creative skills to make bunting for the VE Day garden celebrations, and yet more food for a VE picnic.

Mrs Allen continues to compete with Katie and Chloe for the best TikTok dance performer and has also competed in a virtual quiz and a music challenge where she had to play the recorder! Eeeek!


Mrs Sweeney suggested that you might like to have a go at the music challenge that Mr Genders and Mr Veness have been doing. So they have created an alternative version and hope that it'll give you the opportunity to discover something new, spark some interesting conversations and maybe encourage a bit of dancing, singing and air guitar. Mrs Allen and Mr Genders have suggested how the game can also be linked to a lot of your home learning this week. Have fun!

We hope you are all enjoying using the physical activity challenges created by the All Active Academy. Don’t forget if you have any photos or videos of you taking part in the challenges and would like to share them on social media you can do this using #StayInWorkOut via

Facebook: @allactiveacademy or Twitter: @all_cic Remember to ask an adult to do this for you.

Each month the school with the most posts by the end of the month will win equipment vouchers for their school.

Week beginning: 4th May 2020

Hi Seafielders,

We hope you have been keeping as busy as Mrs Allen and Mrs Genders.

In the Allen house, they have been trying to be as active as possible after all those cakes and pizzas from last week. Mrs Allen has been doing virtual gym classes and the whole family had a competitive basketball challenge. Mrs Allen was delighted to be the top scorer.

The mummified tomato is going well - although, no real changes as of yet. They have also been getting creative, painting some stones. What do you think to them?

Mr Genders celebrated his Birthday this week. He had a lovely day with his wife and son, received some very thoughtful gifts and was very surprised when one of his favourite singers sang him 'Happy Birthday' (easily one of the coolest thing that has ever happened to him).

Away from the birthday shenanigans, and inspired by this week's 'Beoley Reading Bingo', he's also been sharing lots of books with his family. They have particularly enjoyed; Octopants, Dracula Spectacular and Dinosaurs Don't Draw. They are looking forward to trying to complete the challenge over the next few weeks. We hope you enjoy having a go at it too.

Finally, Mr Genders and Mr Veness' music challenge has continued to escalate and has prompted lots of air guitar in their respective kitchens. One has included songs by Pulp, Jimmy Nail and Roachford, while the other has gone for the likes of David Bowie, Toploader and Rusted Root. They are having lots of fun rediscovering songs that they love.

Below are this week's home learning suggestions. Remember to adapt and be creative with all these ideas.

Week beginning: 27th April 2020

Hi Seafielders,

We hope you are all well and still having fun in the sun, as well as enjoying your home learning and all of the wonderful online resources that are being shared.

Mr Genders has been busy creating lots of artwork with his beloved electrical tape; some for charity, some for planned exhibitions and some just for fun with his son. He is now busy working on an exciting commission for a famous illustrator.

Away from the tape, the Genders household have been enjoying Olaf Falafel's hilariously surreal online art club. They particularly enjoyed creating sausage-birds and a pair of Bridget Riley's disco pants. Check it out here:

Finally, Mr Genders' daily music challenge with Mr Veness is still going strong, they reckon they might be able to release a pretty good double compilation album soon. 'Now That's What I Call Beoley Music'!

This week, in the Allen household they have been trying to help Katie with her school work, and creating scientific kite diagrams on the computer with Chloe (we think she was actually teaching Mrs Allen!)

Also, it’s been all about food as they've made their own pizza dough and pizzas with some VERY wacky combinations. Mrs Allen has also mummified a tomato as our experiment in school went very sweaty. She will keep you posted with the results. (After all that pizza she think's she'll need to do Joe Wicks’ workout or this week's #StayInWorkOut activities.)

Enjoy this weeks home learning, and remember; it's just a guide. Adapt the ideas to fit your situation and interests.

Stay safe,

Mr Genders and Mrs Allen

Week beginning: 20th April 2020

Hi Seafielders,

We hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sun over Easter. We know that some of you have had your birthdays, so we hope you had fun.

In the Allen household, they have been discovering different animals on their daily walks and designing Easter eggs for a trail around the roads where they live.

They've also had a surprise while working in the garden, as you can see in the final picture. Mrs Allen quickly moved away so that their parents could feed them.

The Genders household has also been a hive of activity. Mr Genders has taught his wife how to play chess, he's still been doing lots of drawing outside and is now being forced to watch lots of episodes of 'Andy's Dinosaur Adventures' on BBC iPlayer (it inspired him and his son to film some scenes from Jurassic Park in the garden). He's also been playing a 30-day music challenge with Mr Veness. They both already agree that Mr Genders definitely has better taste in music.

Below are the latest suggestions for this week's home learning. Enjoy!

Weekly Active Challenges

The All Active Academy who provide all of our festivals and competitions, are launching a "Stay in, work out at home" campaign with activities for each day of the week, as well as competitions for families to enter via Facebook and Twitter. Below is a full explanation and the activity grid for this week. A new grid will be added each week. Enjoy!

Week beginning: 6th April 2020 - Easter Ideas

The staff at Beoley have put together some ideas that you might like to try over Easter. Remember, do any craft and baking ideas safely and with the supervision of an adult. The next home learning sheet will be added on Monday 20th April. Have a wonderful Easter.

Week beginning: Monday 30th March 2020

Hi Seafielders, we hope you have had a safe and productive first week of home learning. Mr Genders has enjoyed drawing outside with his son every day. They used some of the great online draw-a-longs to help (some are in the links below). Then, on Sunday they hosed all the pictures away ready to create more drawings this week.

Meanwhile in the Allen household, Katie has been setting up dance challenges and they've been making alternative rock cake recipes. Mrs Allen's favourite were the chocolate ones... OBVIOUSLY!

Below you can find the suggestions for this week's home learning, next week expect to see some egg-citing Easter activities instead.

Week beginning: Monday 23rd March 2020

Hi Seafielders, welcome to the first week of home learning. Please note that these are purely suggestions and there is definitely no expectations to complete everything. Also, feel free to adapt the ideas to best suit you and your interests.

As we have talked about previously; reading, spellings and times tables practise little and often is the best. Mr Genders and his son are still frantically recording their book reads as part of World Book Day's 'Share a Million Stories'.

Joe Wicks is also streaming live PE lessons at 9am each morning. A great way to get moving while at home.

It may be helpful to put a timetable in place, but this needs to work for your family's situation.

Be safe and sensible,

Mr Genders and Mrs Allen