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Home Learning 2021

Staff have been reviewing the huge range of online resources currently available to assist you with home learning. You will find a selection of our recommended ones in the 'Websites' section of the class page.

Links to websites relevant to weekly planning will be available on each weekly learning sheet in order that they can be easily accessed.

Responsible Internet Use and Esafety

As children may now be accessing the Internet and online activities more frequently, please take the opportunity to share the 'acceptable use' rules we follow in school. These can be found below. Please read and discuss them with your children and explain what they should do if they come across something that makes them feel sad or angry. The children have taken part in Internet Safety Day. Parental guidance, documents and links are available on the website under 'Esafety'. 

Hello Holt Class

Well what a great week! I had some lovely discussions with many of you and your parents. It’s fantastic to hear so many of you are accessing our home learning and are using Edshed and Numbots. I am very proud of you all for giving things ago and adapting to learning at home. This week we are going to look at wolves. In all our storybooks the wolf is the bad character. I would like you to research wolves and find out if they really are terrible animals. You can be creative in your presentation designing a poster, creating a book or go crazy on the computer. 
I have also put some science experiments on the website. The theme is ice! With plenty of snow outside you might be able to try and experiment with snow! I’m not sure about you but we have loved going out this weekend walking and building snowmen. I really hope you have all managed to get out and spend some time with your family.

This week we are going to try and create our classroom online. We shall be sending a link and instructions to parents this week. All being well we will be able to see each virtually on Wednesday. If you have any work to show have it ready, Mrs Hickin and I are really looking forward to seeing it and of course, you! 
Keep up the hard work and if you need any help call us at school.



Home Learning Overview 25.01.21

Practical Maths

All your maths can be completed practically at home without printing.

You can compare numbers using the compare and equal symbols on paper. Ask a grown up to write some down for you.

Division can be completed using bricks, counters or pasta shapes. Work out the sum online practically and record your answers.

Hello Holt Class!

Another week has gone by as we are getting use to home learning again. I hope you have all found some time to do some learning. I know it is tricky but try and do a little maths and writing each day. I am still checking edshed and congratulate Matthew and Freya for being our top users this week. Oak National Academy are creating an online library you can access so have a look and remember, we can also sort you some new reading books from school. 
If you need any help give me a call at school. I can talk you through things, print off work for you to collect or have a chat. I so miss hearing all your news.

This week I have been trying to finish off the Christmas goodies before a family health kick. I have got the recipe books out ready to experiment. Have you cooked anything new? Cooking is good for your reading and measuring.

On our home learning I have put a link to the Big Garden Birdwatch. We have ordered a pack for school and one for home. We shall be making feeders to put out this week. Why not get involved at home?

Mrs Hickin and I miss you all lots and look forward to a catch up soon.

Home Learning Overview 18.01.21

This week our maths is focusing on divide. You have completed similar calculations in school. Remember to do them practically first. If you need any help, please let me know and get in touch at school. 

Don't forget to have a go at the number games in the resource section as a warm up. 

Hello Holt Class!

I hope you all have a good Christmas and enjoyed the time with your family. At the Halliwell house, we have all eaten too much and enjoyed watching some great films. Thank you for your film recommendations. 

This week we have all had to rethink our day. Mr Halliwell is working from home and Zach has had to get use to home learning with Teams. Mrs Hickin and the family have also had to adapt. It has meant that we have all had to find a space to work but also think about working differently. You will need to do the same. I have put lots of ideas and work on the website for you to have a go at. Try and do a little every day and continue to read. You can still access your spellings on Edshed and keep up Numbots and TTRS. Do what you can, remember our internet safety rules and to enjoy your activities. Our history activity will interest you. It’s based on music and you may recognise a few songs, it made me think of our music appreciation.

It is also important to stay fit and active so try and get outside or go for a walk. We are walking along the canal most days. The cold weather this week even froze the canal! Mrs Hickin has been taking her dog for lots of walks, even in the snow!


Watch this space for exciting news next week!

Home Learning Overview 11.01.21

The activities for White Rose Maths can be done practically using pasta, counters or pencils. The children are familiar with with this and an example can be found on our class page. Remember the activities are a guide and therefore if you need to go back a step or set a challenge with larger numbers you can. I have also added a blank bar model for those who wish to use it. Again children are familiar with this topic and the resource.

Home Learning 11.01.21

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