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The Wonderful World of Online Learning

Maths Inspire Workshop

We proudly showed off our marvellous mathematical thinking and super subitising this week when our parents joined us in school.  We love welcoming our families into school and spending some quality time learning together.  Thank you to everyone that was able to join us. 

We’ve been learning about ice

Black Hole Planetarium Visit

We loved welcoming Mr Allen and his mobile planetarium into school this week. We were fascinated by his description of the Apollo 11 mission that resulted in men walking on the moon. 

We also learnt about the night sky, the phases of the moon  and some of the stories behind the names of the constellations. 


Our visit from the West Mercia Safer Neighbourhood Team

We really enjoyed meeting PCSO Katie and Constable Steve from West Mercia Safer Neighbourhood Teams for Wythall and Alvechurch.  Katie reminded us of the number to call if we needed the help of an emergency service such as the Police. We all remembered that we should dial 999 and some of us were able to say our address too.  This is such an important skill in the event of an emergency at home.  Keep practising Moss Class! 


During our time outside, we were able to sit in the 'cage' & try on some uniform.  We also had an opportunity to press lots of the buttons on the dashboard, illuminating the beacons, search torches and sounding the sirens. 


We had some fantastic questions and really embraced our inquisitiveness!  

We were incredibly resilient this week during our 'Bikeability Balance' sessions, not being put off by the cold and wet conditions!  We learnt to identify and name the parts of our balance bike including saddle, frame and brake.  We learnt why it was important to mount and dismount our bikes on the left side and we practised skills such as push and glide, steering and braking.  

We are AMBITIOUS learners!

Percy the Park Keeper's One Snowy Night

Nick Butterworth


We have really enjoyed reading One Snowy Night this week.  It has helped to learn a new skill in our writing lessons and we are all more confident in using a word card to support our spelling now. 

Seasonal Changes


This half term we have been learning about 'Seasons' as part of Knowledge and Understanding of the World curriculum.  Each day we have recorded the weather outside our classroom in our weather journal.  We have described the weather with fantastic vocabulary such as 'blustery', 'chilly' and 'torrential'.  


We have also been watching the leaves on the trees change colour and finally fall as autumn draws in.  This week we have been sketching autumn leaves. 

The Pants Rules

Can you remind your family of the PANTS rules?


Swipe across to reveal them....

We've been enjoying learning our Assembly songs in class this term.  Mr Irving noticed how impressive our singing was in assembly last week!  Below are some of our favourite songs!


Settling In

We have made a fantastic start to school over the last few weeks.  We have been busy learning each others' names and finding our way around our new school.  


We followed a map around the school finding out which teachers are in each classroom & found Mrs Brown in her office.  She was very excited to see us all in our smart new uniforms! 


We have been showing how respectful we are by learning to play in our classroom alongside each other, making sure that we are all part of 'tidying up' time.  

Well-Being Week - NSPCC PANTS

Well-Being Week - Ramble

Computing - Using a touchpad

How many times can you catch a ball in 1 minute?

Outdoor Learning - Rain

The Girl with the Bird's Nest Hair

Past and Present Photos

Outdoor learning - ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ and ‘Comparing and Ordering Length’

Zoom in, zoom out

U.S. Embassy Story Hour: Wes Stange reads Planet in a Pickle Jar by Martin Stanev - Apr 2022

An Artist Study:  Eric Carle

This afternoon we began our learning about Eric Carle.  We looked at pictures from his different books and noticed that they were made from lots of different patterns.  Mrs Bartlett showed us some photos of how Eric Carle achieved these patterns using layers of tissue. We tried creating our own patterns using layers of paint, stamps and stencils.  


In maths this week we have been sorting.  Mrs Bartlett challenged us to use all of the things we've been learning this week to sort a random group of shapes.  Some of us chose to sort them by shape, others by colour and some by size.  There was lots of fantastic mathematical vocabulary including some excellent recall of the names of 2D shapes.  

This morning all of the new starters at Beoley First School blew me away with their positivity and eagerness to begin their school journey. Throughout the day all of the children have maintained that positive spirit and can-do attitude as they have learnt to share their new classroom with their peers and experienced their first day of a new routine.  


I am so proud of every child today - well done children!


History; Toys from the past.

This week we have been all been wowed and amazed by the 'magical' old toys that were brought into school for us to explore- thank you Mrs C Brown and Mrs C Taylor. Our story stimulus is Lost in the Museum and it inspired the children to ask you at home what you used to play with as children, thank you all for your contributions to our discussions!!

We have listened to each others discussions and use of language to compare our toys now and the difference between the old ones we looked at. They found the worn fur, mended seams, delicate material of the horse all added up to it being very old and windup toys very intriguing.

Old toys

We’ve been in the dressing up box this morning!

Outdoor Learning

We had so much fun in the woodland on Friday morning.  The damp weather brought out lots of mini-beasts and we loved observing them in their natural habitats.  A garden snail made quite an impression on us, and enjoyed mooching around our learning environment all morning showing off how far he could stretch his tentacles to have a good look at our fantastic learning.  


We enjoyed spending money in Mrs Taylor's Garden Centre, we're becoming very confident at identifying bronze coins and making amounts with them.  We loved trying to find out which watering can or jug generated the fastest pour whilst we were racing boats and ducks from on tuff spot to another and this week in the kitchen we made mud pies!  We definitely have a few budding 'Master Chefs' in Moss Class! 


This week we listened to Mrs Bartlett read Fiery Fox and learnt all about how to stay safe around fire.  Mrs Bartlett then lit the fire and we used fantastic descriptive language to describe how the flames were burning and flickering.  Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Taylor were so impressed by our patience, that next week we will be cooking 'smores' on the fire!  Yum yum!! 

We visited Compton Verney

Value of the Month Homework - Participation

Lots of the children in Moss Class participated in our 'Value of the Month' homework for April.  We really enjoyed taking part in a whole school exhibition last week and felt a great sense of pride in our work.  Thank you to all of our Moss Class families for your continuing support with learning at home. 

Look who came to visit!

During our outdoor learning session this week we were cooking up a feast in the Gruffalo Cafe, working our upper body in the dig zone and learning more about minibeasts using information books and small world models.  We planted some grass seed to use in our outdoor classroom and are looking forward to seeing it grow.  

PE - pre-training for Mission X

This term children in Moss Class are taking part in the UK Space Agency's 'Train like an Astronaut - Mission X'.  It requires balance, agility, co-ordination and critical thinking.  Watch this space to see our progress! 

Windy days; The children wanted to have a go at making their own kites and found things in the classroom to create their ideas. Then they tested them and had so much fun in the big playground, running and watching their kites fly, fall and dive away. Their language was wonderful and they had so much fun, remaking and fixing the issues they had. Great spontaneous learning.

Windy Days

Exploring plants; this week we have learnt about roots, leaves, stems and flowers. We went to the greenhouse to look at the plants growing there and talked about what plants need to live and thrive. Then we found some weeds and held the little plant in our hand find to look at the parts.

Exploring plants

We loved writing about our costumes! 

Everyone had a go at writing a simple sentence, using their own phonic knowledge and their robot arms to segment and blend, to then decide what letter/grapheme match they needed to write. 

World Book Day

The Great Fire of London in 1666

We have been learning all about this event and have found it fascinating. Here are some photographs of our display and work. Thank you for your contributions from home too.

The Great Fire of London

Phonics in class

Look at what we are learning to do... this week we have been learning new graphemes digraphs and trigraphs- and looking at the letter groups that make the same sounds as other letter groups. This means, for example, ch sounds the same as tch and x has the same sound as tch.

Some of the children had a go today at reading, making and writing the words with some of these choices in. WOW

Balance Bike

This half term we are looking at People who Help Us. We have been finding out about emergency services and using our costumes, equipment and hats to dress up as doctors, nurses and vets. The children are loving the change and are enjoying the non-fiction books about these people.

People who Help Us

Phonics Support 

Congratulations xx

All the children are learning their weekly letter sounds, which we learn each day, using our Floppy Phonics scheme.

With your support at home they are becoming confident to say the sounds we have learnt, all 22!! 

This link below is for you to hear the way each sound is said.

We have just started the Phase 3 sounds, which mainly comprise of 2 letters making one sound called digraphs, for example, ch, sh, ai - and 3 letters called trigraphs, such as igh, ear, air.

If you need any help with this just let me know.

Friendship Cards

The children have all finished making their card of friendship with you at home.

I have to tell you that they are all wonderful and made with love and care.

The children gave their card to the friend and everyone was very excited to receive such kind messages as we read what was written inside.

Thank you all for helping you child to create a lovely gift.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we have started a new story and been learning through ideas.  So, I asked the children to work out, problem solve, how to make a chair that someone could sit on. Alot of the children have had a go, worked as a team, selected by themselves to create and try out whether or not their team chair would be successful... or not?

Here are some photo examples of what they have built so far.

more chairs



They have been learning how to use a problem solving programme and a painting programme, using our Ipads. To do this we needed to explore how it worked, how to follow instructions and how to build on our ideas.


Our PE lessons

We had a go at making bread together. Everyone took part and mixed and made bread to eat, it was great fun and everyone was so helpful towards each other. This was the final activity for our Little Red Hen story topic.

Bread making

Here are some of the counting and subitising activities we have tried. We like explaining things to each other so we needed to prove which collection had more; the pumpkins, runner beans or the pine cones that we had found in our outside classroom. Our other activity shows us finding matching amounts that we can subitise- say the amount on sight without counting each time. Also, behind us, you can see we have been using the interactive whiteboard to access learning games.

Harvest Festival

We had a very interesting time at the church...lots of questions and wonderment. The children were fascinated on the walk there and back as to what we saw and heard, looking at the outside and inside if the building too. They were all very well behaved as we listened to our friends talk and we sang our Harvest songs so well.

During healthy eating week we tried tasting unusual fruits; were they sweet, sour, felt funny in our mouth and which was the most liked taste - unbelievably it was the lemon!!

Our morning writing activities

Another wonderful week of exploring! It has taken two weeks of creation and we have done a fabulous job. Firstly, we looked in the mirror and thought about the shape of our face and where to start painting on the paper, then this week we looked at which colour to use for the detail we needed to add. We are so impressed with the creativity and reflection all the children have used!

Welcome to Moss Class!

Our first few days as Moss class have been truly wonderful. The children are trying lots of different ways to learn, making friends, having fun and being brave. I am so proud of them all and they are all settling into the new routines and new adventures and getting to know each other. Well done everyone x

Welcome to Moss class 2021-2022