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Welcome to Moss Class!


Safer Internet Day 2020

Today we learned about how to stay safe when using technology. We shared the different ways we use the internet which included watching TV, online gaming and watching influencers on YouTube. 
 Together we created our ‘golden rules’ for using technology:


Never tell someone your personal details: name, age, school or home address 


If you see something that makes you uncertain and uncomfortable turn the screen over/off and tell a grown up. 

Respect technology; always sit down when using a tablet and never leave it lying on the floor. 

Children’s Mental Health Week


To acknowledge Children’s Mental Health Week we read ‘The Bad Mood and the Stick’.  The children shared situations where they had been in a bad mood and things that made them happy. 

We learned about mindful breathing and created good mood sticks to help us when we are feeling sad, angry or frustrated. 

What a fantastic Spring term the children in Moss Class are having!  Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Taylor have been amazed by the resilience that the children have shown upon returning to school after the Christmas break, and they are setting their aspirations high! 


We have been reading Otto the Book Bear by Katie Cleminson this term.

Earlier in the term we received an e-mail from Otto, letting us know about some Book Bears that needed a new home.  We replied to his e-mail asking him if we could help.  Some of the things the children were offering included:


  • a warm place to stay,
  • a calm place to stay,
  • a quiet place to stay,
  • children to read them stories, 
  • children to play games with, 
  • children to tell them jokes and make them happy, 
  • and children who will cuddle the Book Bears. 


To our amazement, the following morning we had a basket of tiny Book Bears arrive in our classroom! 

The bears have been wreaking a little bit of havoc this week, as they de-camped from the classroom in search of an adventure!  We designed and made caves for our Book Bears to sleep in, and fortunately this tempted them back! 


Be sure to ask the Moss children for a Book Bear update! 

In Maths this term we have been learning how to form the numerals 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 correctly.  We have also been exploring the concept of 'Part, Part, Whole'.  Some of us have even had a go at creating our own bar models using Unifix!  

We’ve been applying our knowledge of numerals in the construction area

We’ve been partitioning 5

We’ve been practising our tricky word spellings!

Our Busy Feet adventure into the Jungle

Today we explored different fruits using our senses!

Rainbow challenge: Marble Run

2D shapes & repeating patterns

Books we have read! 


Each morning in Moss Class, the children have a choice of two story books to vote for.  Every child is read the blurb and has an opportunity to look at the front cover of the story before making their choice.  Once all of the children have made their choice, we count the votes for each book.  The book with the most votes is read as our 'end of the day' story and the other is put back into the selection for the following day.  


Below are the books that the children have already chosen.  

Our 'Value of the Month' for September is trust


Today, Mrs Bartlett read us the story of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'.  We discussed how the boy, Peter, and the villagers were feeling throughout the story and what had caused them to feel that way.  We spoke about the importance of telling the truth, and how if we are recognised to always tell the truth, then people, parents, teachers and friends, will trust what we are saying. 

Our Listening Walk

This morning we went on our first listening walk. First, we listened to 'The Listening Walk', then we talked about what we need to do to make us good listeners.


We decided that to be a good listener we need to be:

quiet and still. 


Click below to listen to 'The Listening Walk' being read.  Perhaps, you could go on your own listening walk?  What will you hear?

On our listening walk this morning we heard:

  • aeroplanes
  • cars
  • children playing
  • banging
  • children talking
  • a Wood Pigeon
  • other birds
  • leaves rustling. 


Mrs Bartlett was very impressed with our listening. 


Our Morning Activities

Children in Moss Class have settled in to school life wonderfully.  They have been very busy this week, making new friends and exploring their new school environment.  It has been a great start to the year for all of the children - well done!