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Home Learning 2020

As children may be accessing the Internet and online activities more frequently, take the opportunity to share the acceptable use rules we follow in school. Read and discuss them with your child and what they should do if they come across or see something that makes them sad or feel angry. Internet safety day occurred last month and all children took part. Parent guidance, documents and links are on the website under Esafety and documents listed below.
The staff have scoured the world wide web to find some of their favourite activities as well as including some of their favourite home learning ideas.

Thursday July 16th is Reading Together Day!

Follow the links below to find out about Reading Together Day. There is a schedule of online

activities for the day, along with a reading treasure hunt and some ideas to support learning at home. Have fun!

Congratulations to those of you who took part in the Beoley Virtual Sports Day! 

Have a look at pictures of your friends below. Please remember to email us your photos so that we can add to the slideshow. Don't forget to print off your certificate! Well done everybody! 

The Beoley First School Virtual Sports Day!

11th and 12th July 2020

Get training ready to participate at the weekend! Choose some activities from the bingo sheet and off you go! Encourage family members to take part and send us photos of what you've done! Email photos (you only) to with HOLT SPORTS in the subject box. Look out for your photos on the website!

Once you've taken part, download the certificate below to celebrate your achievements!

Have fun!

Have a great summer!

It's the last week!

Well we have made it to the official summer holidays! I am so glad it is here as like you, I could do with a rest. You have all had to work in very different ways over the last 4 months and this week I would like you to reflect on those months and our time together in Autumn and Spring.

I would like you to create a 'Year Book'. I have attached a document you can print off and fill in or you can create your own. You must include memories, friendships, pictures, achievements, goals and think about your rewards towards our school values. If you need me to print a copy for you to collect please let me or the office know. I don't know about you but I have lots of family pictures and memories which I have wrote down or kept about this year, this book will add to it.

I am super proud of you all and I look forward to seeing your books when we can be together. 

Enjoy the sunshine Holt class and take it easy on the ice cream! 

Hello Holt Class

Another week of receiving some lovely emails and messages from you all. It's really strange having year 1 children in the class but I have been busy with a Pirate themed topic. The moles have created LOTS of hills across our field which makes finding buried treasure very difficult. 

This week a lot of our home learning is linked to our Beoley Virtual Sports Day. Don't forget to send in your pictures and email any work to add to our class page.


W/B 06/07/20

Hello Holt Class

I hope you have all enjoyed the hot weather and took the opportunity to get the paddling pools back out and eat ice cream. I have had some more lovely work sent in from you including a few pictures of sunflowers. I have also been nurturing my sunflowers but they don't match Billy's. If you have been growing anything send me in a picture to post on our page.

It was also great to hear that some of you are meeting up in parks. It is still not like we would usually be but seeing a friendly face, sharing a conversation and experience is good for you. If you get the chance do it! I have met a friend in the park this weekend and it was fantastic. It seems such a long time ago that I saw her, we both left the park feeling very happy. 


I have added some science experiments to this weeks home learning which you can do at home. I have linked the reading, writing and art to comics. Have you got a comic you can read? 

Remember to keep up with your home learning, even a little will help you when we get back into school.


WB 29.06.20

Hello Holt Class

Well I'm not sure how many of you have been singing this week but the rain!laugh Luckily most of the thunder storms were in the evening and I was safely home. We all watched the lightening which at times, was very scary. 

I have been doing quite a lot of reminiscing this week about all the fun times we have had and the topics we have covered. My favourite and one which you all excelled in was on our topic 'Victorians'. This weeks history task is linked to just that, I have asked you to design a fact poster on Queen Victoria. I know you will be able to remember lots of information but have added a link just in case. You will notice I am adding your work to our home learning page, if you send in pictures to school I shall try and add them to next week. I have also added a few other pictures including one of Billy who has mastered his bike, Mason helping his parents and Thomas at the rock line. Just a few pictures to show how Holt class show an understanding of our school values.

Resilient, Ambition, Creative and Inquisitive. I hope to have more pictures next week.

I have also been informed that First News will be available to you all digitally soon. I have added last weeks paper for you to look through. On the newsletter was a link to 5-a-day! Remember the pirate dance? Well I have been doing it in school with some of the children! Have a go this week!

Don't forget, if you need extra reading books to let me know by emailing 

Enjoy the sunshine this week.

Mrs Halliwell

Hello Holt Class.

Another week has flown by and I have been busy in school. This week the class received a letter from Mrs Sweeney to let them know how proud she was of her children in Cherry class. It was lovely to read and think that actually we are ALL very proud of our Beoley community. You all should be proud of each other and yourselves. I have had the opportunity to speak to members of the school and in our meeting this week, Mrs Sweeney told us that she had also spoken to many parents ALL expressing how proud they are of the children within our school. You have shown many of our school values,





If I could award stamps, you would all be on the way to a gold award.

I have added some example of work that I have been sent and achievements made over the period we have been apart. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL! 



WB 15.06.20

Hello Holt Class!

I hope you are all well. What has happened to the weather? It is just typical that the weather changes as my new sun loungers arrive although I didn't get chance to try them out as Zach got there first!

I have been very busy in school this week which feels very different. With those in school we took some time to reflect on our feelings and shared The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas. It is a lovely book and really made us think of happy times. I have added the link below so you can have a look. You may even want to make your own colour jars with your family.


Monday 8th June is World Oceans Day so this week most of your challenges are related to the ocean. A favourite book from last years class was Somebody Swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts. A link to Sarah reading her book is on the World Ocean Website and definitely worth a listen.


A big thank you to Evie D who sent me a wonderful picture from her Rob Biddulph draw a long last week. 

If you would like to share a photo of your poster or craft activity please send it in to school.

Take care all of you and no singing, I need the sun to shine again!laugh

W/B 08/06/20

Hello Holt Class! I hope you have all had a rest over the last week and enjoyed the sunshine. It has been lovely to go on a few more walks this week and go out on our bikes. I have been cooking on the BBQ and eating ice pops all week so no cakes! For all those who wrote or emailed me I have sent you a note card or emailed you back, I hope you have received them.


I am sure many of you have had the paddling pools out or the water guns, we have which has meant the garden is well watered.


I have updated all your edshed challenges and checked out your trendy avatars! Don't forget the more you attempt the more coins to restyle your avatar. Keep up the hard work!

W/B 01/06/20

Week beginning Monday 25th May 2020

We have put together a 'Creative Bingo' sheet to give you ideas for some interesting half term activities. Don't forget the 'Beoley Reading Bingo' and certificate. Have fun! You will find some links to help you below.

Hello Holt Class!

I have had a lovely week this week as I have been getting your letters and finding out what you have been up to! It's so lovely to hear you are having fun and creating memories with your family, I'm very pleased that you are also attempting your home learning. It makes me very proud to hear you are trying hard and I can see from Purple Mash and Edshed you are keeping your mind active. I shall be replying to all those who have sent a letter this week so it's not to late to let me know what you have been doing.


This week I have been in the garden keeping on top of my fruit and vegetables. The radishes and rhubarb have gone crazy! I am leaving some for my family and neighbours but also using my rhubarb to make a summer drink. A local bakery delivered some extremely yummy cakes this week, our favourite were the salted caramel s’mores! 

I have also had the sewing machine out and been for our walks. I am hoping to get to see Lauren Mernagh's 'Redditch Positivity Rock Line' next week and hopefully add a couple of stones to it. Have you seen it? Why not create your own stone to add to it.


Mrs Hickin has been on a fitness week with her boys and set themselves a 5K run challenge! Good luck to the Hickin House.


I have also noticed the amount of insects in the garden which ties in with 'World Bee Day' on 20th May. You can find lots of information and fun creative things to do on the Usborne Website below.


Mr Genders has also produced a certificate for all those who have completed their reading challenge. I have had a few recommendations for next term. If you have completed it, check with a parent and print of the certificate below.

Well done for all your hard work and keep it up!

Hello Holt Class!

I hope you have enjoyed the lovely sunshine this weekend, I certainly have. We have been very lucky to have some wonderful neighbours in our cul-de-sac and this weekend we sensibly celebrated VE Day. We decorated our homes and baked treat then played music whilst sitting on our own drives sharing stories and catching up on how people were. It was lovely to talk to different people which really helped our well being but also remember all those in and affected by WW2. 

I have also been baking, again, and in the garden discovered caterpillars eating my plants. We also have starlings nesting near our roof which make a terrible noise. We have added some more items to our memory box including footage of our dance moves. We will definitely laugh at those in a few years time. Have you created a memory box?

I feel you know lots about what I am doing so this week I would like to know what you are doing. Write me a letter or send an email to school it would be fantastic to hear from you all.

Keep up with the home learning and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Halliwell

WB 11/05/20

 We hope you are all enjoying using the physical activity challenges created by the All Active Academy.

Don’t forget if you have any photos or videos of you taking part in the challenges and would like to share them on social media you can do this using #Stay In Work Out

Via Facebook- @allactiveacademy

Or Twitter-@all_cic

Remember to ask an adult to do this for you.

 Each month the school with the most posts by the end of the month will win equipment vouchers for their school, 


I hope you are all well. I can see that some of you have been on purple mash to do your homework which is brilliant. It is very important to keep up with your school work and you are enjoying the activities I have set. To keep your reading exciting I have attached the 'Beoley Reading Bingo' which Mr Genders created, I can't wait to hear your recommendations.

Remember, if you get stuck with any part of your work you can always ring school and one of the teachers can help.

I too have been working, on algebra! Zach's maths is getting tricky and it took me a few minutes to remember how to do the questions. Even adults need to keep their minds active otherwise we forget things. 


This weekend was Mr Halliwell's birthday, Zach made him a cake with a little help from me. It was delicious. We also had to do a little online shopping for gifts one of them was a Tommy Soldier figurine. As you know from our topic last year, both Mr Halliwell's grandfathers were in WW2. A perfect gift to remember them by and others who have served to keep our country safe over the years.  It is also in time for the VE celebrations on Friday. Are you having a celebration? 


Mrs Hickin has finished decorating Max's bedroom and has been spotting birds on her daily walk. She misses you all lots.


I have also added a spotter sheet for your walk. Each picture has a number of points allocated to it. Keep a note while your out and total up the points when you get home. A good way to keep you busy whilst on your daily exercise.


Take care, missing you all

Mrs Halliwell

WB 04/05/20

Daily walk spotter sheet

Hello Holt Class!

Another lovely sunny week, I hope you all got to enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise in the garden. Yet again I have been in my garden pulling up weeds and looking after the plants in the green house. The plants I planted before the summer holidays are growing well and so are the others. I have ordered some seeds to be delivered to hopefully fill the garden with flowers for the summer months. 

As well as making sure Zach is doing his homework we have been playing swing ball and having a throwing competition. How may times can you through a ball and catch it before you drop it? 

This weeks cooking has also gone down well Zach made chocolate chip cookies and a rhubarb crumble. We have lots of fast growing rhubarb so it needs to be used. I have been talking to Mrs Taylor and Mrs Allen and we have been exchanging lots of recipes to feed the family, all of which have been very healthy.

This week we are expecting the weather to be cooler and a few showers so I shall go back to my challenge of learning to crochet. I also have a jigsaw to complete. I am trying to limit our TV time.

I hope you are all well and keeping busy.

Mrs Halliwell

WB 27/04/20

Hello Holt Class!

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed an Easter egg or two! I have taken full advantage of the sunshine and been busy in the garden, painting the decking and looking after the plants. It is lovely to see all the vegetables and plants I planted a few weeks ago growing so well. I have also continued to bake and cook with chocolate brownies being a Halliwell House favourite. I have managed to cook extra and safely deliver then to friends and family before Zach eats them.


Mrs Hickin has also been baking cookies which look delicious! She has been busy decorating her house.


In our house we are making a list of things we can do or places we can visit when the time comes. Although with so many virtual tours available its amazing what you can see and visit from your own front room. I have been lucky to visit Paris and view the amazing art galleries. I have posted a link to Museé d'Osray in Paris for your art activity, it's fantastic. I even looked inside a tomb uncovered in Egypt. I have attached both links to our website page.


Well keep safe and enjoy this weeks learning.

Mrs Halliwell

WB 20.04.20

Staff have been reviewing the huge range of online resources currently available to assist you with home learning. You will find a selection of our recommended ones in the 'Websites' section of the class page.

Links to websites relevant to weekly planning will be posted underneath each weekly learning sheet in order that they can be easily accessed.

Weekly Active Challenges

The All Active Academy who provide all of our festivals and competitions, are launching a 

"Stay in, work out at home" campaign with activities for each day of the week ,as well as competitions for families to enter via Facebook and Twitter.

Below is a full explanation and the activity grid for this week.

A new grid will be added each week. Enjoy!

PE 20.04.20

Online Reading Books

As you may be running out of reading books and alternative text at home, we would like to inform you that Purple Mash have allowed access to Serial Mash, an online library of fiction books for 5- 11 years. The texts are graded and in some cases in chapters. Each text or chapter has an online quiz and an activity which can be completed. 


Oxford Owl is also available and can be accessed at home.


If you have any queries regarding access or children's log ins to Purple Mash, please contact us at school.

Department for Education's free online learning resources

Website suggestions to support learning at home

Year 2 pack

Year 3 pack

Coronavirus - A Book for Children

Here is a free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler.

6th April 2020 - Easter Ideas

The staff at Beoley have put together some ideas that you might like to try over Easter. Remember, do any craft and baking ideas safely and with the supervision of an adult. The next home learning sheet will be added on Monday 20th April. Have a wonderful Easter.


I hope you are all well and are keeping yourselves both mentally and physically fit. This week I have been busy following Joe Wicks PE lesson whilst in school and at home with Zach. I have been helping Zach with his homework and thinking of some cracking ideas for your eggcellent Easter challenges. I have also kept myself busy planting the seeds which I had been saving for class and working in the garden. 

The challenge you set me to keep up with my joined handwriting continues. I shall post my attempts next week. I have also added the formation to our page. Have a go at home.

In this weeks suggestions I have added a link to purplemash. If you do any work and want to share it with me and the class, use the 'share' link. Once I have checked it, I shall add it to the sharing page so your friends can see. 

Mrs Hickin and her children have been painting rainbows for the windows. On their walks they have been spotting new ones. Have you put one up? The Hickin household have also been busy baking and sorting the garden. Louis has been following a workout which Mrs Hickin has joined in with. It's good to see that we are all keeping our fitness up.

Have a good week Holt Class.




Holt Home Learning W.B 23.02.20

Joe Wicks Has released a daily P.E. lesson which he will stream live each morning and will remain on his YouTube channel. I have completed it for the last 2 days and can fully recommend it! Great fun for all the family.