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Welcome to Robin Class

Our final artist of the year is Kandinsky. Born in Russia he first trained as a law teacher before at 30 he changed career to become an artist. Originally influenced by impressionist, his focus become colour and shape. Kandinsky felt that he could express feelings through colours and shapes in his paintings. He bcame a leading abstract artist. 

Robin class have had a creative morning looking at Kandinsky's work and colour and shape representation. We have created work inspired by Kandinsky.

Kandinsky inspired art work

Beoley Bee Musical

This week we went to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford Upon Avon. The trip was to end our topic on mini beasts. We have spent time learning about bees and the importance of them for pollination helping us to grow many crops used in our foods. We have linked this in to our whole school performance. All the children in the school took part and are still singing the songs.

The children have worked extremely hard to classify animal into invertebrates and vertebrates, from this they looked at the many types of invertebrates from insects to molluscs to crustaceans. 

Plastics in the Ocean

Plastics in the Ocean 1

Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Somebody Swallowed Stanley 1

'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts is the most amazing book to open up the discussion about plastic in our oceans and the harm it is causing to the environment.

The following have been taken from our book reviews.

'Stanley gets mistaken for a jellyfish. Join him on his adventure to become a kite' William.

'I would like to reccomend it so no one will throw plastic in the ocean' Lewis.

'I like the book as Stanley the bag gets turned into a kite' Sonney.


This book has raised questions about our recycling and keeping our planet clean and animals safe.

We created power points to display our research on sea creatures.


Finally, we made kites from recycled bags. 

Let's go fly a kite!

Let's go fly a kite! 1
Let's go fly a kite! 2
Let's go fly a kite! 3
Let's go fly a kite! 4
Let's go fly a kite! 5
Let's go fly a kite! 6
Let's go fly a kite! 7
Let's go fly a kite! 8
Let's go fly a kite! 9
Let's go fly a kite! 10



Wow! What a fantastic morning looking at the school science projects.

The children have arrived back at school ready to learn. It has been lovely to hear about their holiday news and how we inspired so many to visit castles after our topic.

Ths term our topic is Traditional Tales. We have spent the week peer reading, creating puppets and retelling stories. We have also been busy writing descriptions as well as recapping number. 

First week back!

Well done Robin class, an amazing assembly!

Today is Internet Safety Day and at Beoley we have focused on consent.

we had an assembly which opened up discussion about how we access the Internet and what we do on the Internet. It is interesting how many ways you can access the Internet from computers to phones to Nintendo to Alexa. Our aim is to be able to use the Internet but to be aware of the rules around being safe online.

We watched a short PowerPoint and film to demonstrate how seeking consent/permission is important at all times and to be aware of what our personal information is and how to keep it safe.

Back in class we completed a short activity about what the Internet looks like. First we had to draw an apple, all our apples looked the same. Next we had to draw a dog, most of them were the same if not, very similar. Finally we had to draw the Internet. Our views or ideas of what the Internet looked like varied from Google to a satellite.

We then looked around the classroom for tools to access the Internet, discussed passwords and personal information. 

A great afternoon which sparked several conversations. 

What does the Internet look like?

What does the Internet look like? 1

Questions to open discussion.


Is it okay to take a photo of someone without asking?

Is it okay to borrow your parents' phone without asking?

Is it okay to play an online game after you've done all your homework?

Is it okay to play online games with your friends?

Is it okay to play online games with someone you don't know?

Is it okay to use the school computer/tablet without checking with a teacher?


Kung Hei Fat Choi

Today we have been celebrating Chinese New Year with Yin Yee. Her family have sent in prawn crackers for snack and red chocolates for good luck.

Yin Yee has also been teaching us some words in Chinese.

Happy celebrations.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 1

This week we have started to read the story 'Hector and the Big Bad Knight' by Alex T Smith.

The children have been thinking of adjectives which they have used in their character descriptions.

We have also been designing alternatate front covers and characters for the deep, dingy moat.

Great work Robin class.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

The children have been enjoying Hit the Button this term. Children have been focusing on number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

If you screen shot your score and send then to the school email we can add them to our Wall of Fame.

As part of our community we have produced snowdrop pictures to support our local church of St Leonard's.

On February 16th & 17th they will welcome visitors to their annual Snowdrop weekend, when a beautiful carpet of snowdrops appear all over the church yard, graves, and surrounding grounds.


Snowdrop pictures

Wow! A mammoth tusk!

Wow! A mammoth tusk!  1

We had a the opportunity to see a woolly mammoth tusk this week.

A relative has been able to lend us the precious artefact to look at in school. We couldn't believe our eyes. 

The tusk was one of many finds unearthed by a construction team in Cambridge working on the A 14 improvements. 

The tusk is thought to be about 130,000 years old. It sparked many questions both from children and parents. A great lead into our class text this term 'Ice Monster' by David Walliams.



Mr Veness had a fantastic PE lesson this week with Robin class. The children had to create towers, dungeons and moats with their friends. Great movements and wonderful teamwork.

Castles in PE

We have had an amazing trip to Tamworth Castle. We were able to meet the character Lady Ferrers who we helped to sort the dining room for lunch. We had to sort the tableware deciding which would be used for the Lord and Lady, or the servants. It was very interesting and the children asked lots of questions.

We then moved to another part of the castle where we learnt all about the role of the squire. Boys as young as 8 had to train to help and support the Knights. We were able to handle the armour and then take part in some training. It was very cold so training was brief!

After lunch we toured the castle and even went up to the battlements.

it was a great day and the children behaved wonderfully asking some very interesting questions.

A huge thank you to the staff at Tamworth Castle and to those who supported us.

Happy New Year!

Today we welcomed back children with a new topic. This term we shall be learning about Castles.

We have a trip to Tamworth Castle planned, fact finding and castle hunting around Great Britain and some fantastic stories.


Tamworth Castle


Today we recalled the four countries that make Great Britain and the capital cities within each country. We used google maps to help us see what each capital city looks like. We than looked at different significant castles in each county. Can you identify the castles below?.


Castles 1
Castles 2
Castles 3
Castles 4
Castles 5
Castles 6

Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts 1
Christmas crafts 2
Christmas crafts 3
Christmas crafts 4
Christmas crafts 5
Christmas crafts 6

Countdown to Christmas.

We have been learning about the Christian faith and the story of the Nativity.


We have been writing the story of The First Christmas and creating our own nativity scenes.


Crazy Christmas Hair Day 2018

Crazy Christmas Hair Day 2018 1
Crazy Christmas Hair Day 2018 2
Crazy Christmas Hair Day 2018 3

This week we created a whole class version of Van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'.

This week in Robin class we have been learning about the Jewish faith. Hanakkh is a Jewish celebration at this time of year. We read the story of the Miracle Oil and compared this to other festivals. 

Children have retold the story and made their own 'Star of David'. 

To finish off the celebrations we made potato latkes, a traditional savoury dish eaten over Hanukkah.



Van Gogh's Poppy Fields

Van Gogh's Poppy Fields 1
Van Gogh's Poppy Fields 2
Van Gogh's Poppy Fields 3
Van Gogh's Poppy Fields 4
This week we have begun to look at different festivals. We have been learning about the Hindu faith and the celebrated festival of Diwali 'Festival of Lights'.

Rangoli patterns

Rangoli patterns 1
Rangoli patterns 2
Rangoli patterns 3
Rangoli patterns 4
As part of our discussions on recycling and waste, we went on a litter pick around our school. The amount of rubbish we collected shocked us. It made us think about what we do with our rubbish and whether some of the items we just place in the bin could actually be recycled.
Today we carried out a survey of the traffic around our school. We thought that very little passed our school but we were surprised be the results.


We have been reading the story 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish' by Michael Foreman. It has sparked discussion about our environment, the waste we create and how we, at Beoley, hope to make a difference.